jewish TV Show Incites Anti-White Violence with “How to Find a Nazi”


In this video clip, we see jewish actor Josh Radnor with a Black child actress read out “ways to find a Nazi in everyday life,” and one method was given twice, and emphasized by a pretended “correction” — and that was to simply find White people. In the context of this alleged “drama,” “finding a Nazi” essentially means finding someone to hunt and kill.

This is from Amazon’s television series Hunters, created by David Weil, who is also Jewish. David Ellender, another Jew, heads the production company for the series. This is pure and blatant incitement to kill White men and women disguised as “entertainment.”

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One thought on “jewish TV Show Incites Anti-White Violence with “How to Find a Nazi”

  1. The modern Jew is Ashkenazi, a mongol breed that took over the Jewish Talmudic dogma in Europe and now known as Zionist Jews.
    We need only to read some history on the attack of Europe by the Mongolian hordes of primitives who eventually were defeated by the strength and character of the White Nordic Races in Europe.
    It seems that the hatred of the White Nordic Race has prevailed in this Mongol race that today we call Ashkenazi Jews or Judaic Mongol Jews.
    This may be wrong as the Jew has always harboured a Talmudic hatred against the White people (Goyan=Cattle) and their Christian Religion so whatever is the root cause of this Jew hatred it is a problem for the White Race that we must address otherwise we may face annihilation.
    The Jews were the orchestrators of the Russian Revolution where some millions of White people were destroyed and were strongly involved in the two world wars at high political levels. These world wars were actually Civil race wars as it was White against White. The cost to the White race was astronomical as millions of their youth were destroyed and in any race this is kin to extermination.
    The Zionist Jewish Bankers made billions on this destruction so as it has been said…… Look for who benefits.

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