December 8, 2023

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Jewry’s Influence Over Black Leadership (Part 1)


Note- “Jewry’s influence over Black Leadership” are series of blog posts that thoroughly & respectfully expose the anti-White influence of Jewry over Black leadership, which originates with Black freemasonry that started in 1770 and eventually splintered into 2 main factions, Black Israelites (including the Rastafarians) & Black Muslims.  Please keep the feedback in the Comment Section respectful & constructive.

Due to the current anti-White climate, this critique of Black Nationalism is necessary from our White racial vantage point.  Otherwise, the business of Blacks is not our business.  We drive in different lanes.

Note: It essential that this blog series, to be viewed in its proper context, should be read after digesting the blog series “THE GREAT JEWISH MASK (Judaism = Jewish Fiction):

Note: This is a historical & political critique, not an attempt to bash the spiritual practices, customs and beliefs of others, with the exception of the “religious” dogma of International Jewry.

Note: This blog series is sourced from Addendum R of DJ Noble Protagonist’s E-book (The Battle to preserve Western Civilization):

It must tax all their powers to be able to present themselves as ‘friends of humanity’ to the poor victims whom they (Jews) have skinned raw.” -Hitler



In 1991, the “Honorable” Minister Louis Farrakhan, national representative of the Nation of Islam (NOI),published a series of books called, “The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews”.  This was done in response to the increasingly defamatory statements made against Farrakhan by members of the Jewish community.  They claimed that he was “anti-Semitic”.

These books validate that Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam understood some of the basic underpinnings of International Jewry, and how it has worked to exploit Black people on a grand scale.  What Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam have not clarified, perhaps intentionally, is that Jews are “not” genetically, members of the White race.  Jews wear a Great Jewish Mask!  Thus, Blacks are not exploited by “White Supremacy”; they are victims of “Jewish Supremacy”. 

The white man is our mortal enemy and we cannot accept him. I will fight to see that vicious beast go down into the lake of fire prepared for him from the beginning; that he never rise again to give any innocent black man, woman or child the hell that he has delighted in pouring on us for 400 years.” -Louis Farrakhan

Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam have also failed, for the most part, to expose the Jewish “Holohoax”, and they repeat Jewish talking points that vilify National Socialist Germany.

The Jews have been so bad at politics they lost half their population in the Holocaust. They thought they could trust in Hitler, and they helped him get the Third Reich on the road.” -Louis Farrakhan

This is more reason to suspect that they, and other similar Black Nationalist groups, are proxy operatives of International Jewry, used to fan the flames of racial division between Whites & Blacks.  This division has greatly intensified during Barack Obama’s presidency and its aftermath, and must be stopped before the damage is beyond repair.

Be forewarned: Per the founder of political Zionism, Theodor Herzl, “The Governments of all countries scourged by Anti-Semitism will be keenly interested in assisting us to obtain the sovereignty we want… The anti-Semites (Farrakhan) will become our most dependable friends, the anti-Semitic countries our allies.”


JEWS & BLACK LABOR (post-slavery)

I know of no other troublesome pest within the state than this (Jewish) race, which impoverished the people by their fraud, usury and money-lending, and commits all deeds which an honorable man despises.” -Mark Twain

Jews were at the very center of the trans-Atlantic slave trade as merchants, financiers, shippers and insurers.  They were also among the leading international marketers of products created by African slave labor.

During the Reconstruction Era, Jewish merchants settled where the Black populations were the heaviest and targeted Black cotton sharecroppers, growing extremely wealthy in the process.  Many notable Jewish families & institutions, including the Lehman Brothers, Neiman Marcus, and even the infamous Rothschild family of international bankers, can trace their wealth to the cotton fields of the American South.

The American Labor Movement was determined to forcibly remove Blacks from all skilled work (divide & conquer).  Their aim was to replace Blacks with White immigrants.  A Jew, Samuel Gompers, led this movement to ethnically cleanse, through intimidation & violence, Blacks from the American workforce.  This activity stirred up racial tensions, once again, which was first stoked by Northern aggression in the South and its disastrous aftermath of putting incompetent Blacks into key legal & governmental positions.  Under Samuel’s direction & leadership of the AFL unions, Black participation in the skilled labor market was almost totally obliterated.

Black women were forced into the labor market as maids & caretakers in White homes because their Black husbands were limited to work in the lowest-paying occupations. This aided the destruction of the Black family.

Samuel Gompers & Republican Julius Kahn (Jew) both played leading roles in the oppression of Asian Americans as well.  Their attempts to have the Asians excluded from the country, was especially vicious; and many rabbis, Jewish businessmen & politicians acted on behalf of this anti-Asian campaign.



Jews dominated the retail & wholesale trade during slavery.  Stores closed on Jewish holidays, and consequently the main streets of Southern cities were described as “dead.”  Jews held a monopoly on many necessities, and their commerce fueled the plantation economy.

The Negroes are a treasure for the Jews” -Fyodor Dostoyevsky (Russian writer)

Additional, Jewish peddlers “invaded” the Deep South during the Reconstruction Era and targeted Black ex-slaves, which secured a great amount of their commercial trade.

Jewish family-owned department stores dominated retail streets in almost every small town & city”; Sakowitz’s in Houston, Godchaux’s in New Orleans, Rich’s in Atlanta, Garfinckels in Washington, D.C., Thalhimers in Virginia, Guggenheimer’s of Lynchburg, Goldsmith’s in Memphis.  Neiman-Marcus and even the largest jewelry chain, Zales, originated as tiny Jewish retailers in the Jim Crow South.

All Jewish department stores practiced Jim Crow discrimination in hiring & sales.  They had become so well known for their racist policies that the Martin Luther King and civil rights activists often targeted them with their protests.  Racial exclusion by the big Jewish retailers funneled Black trade to Jewish merchants operating in the Black sections of town.  These merchants set artificially high prices and inferior goods for their products intended for the “negro market”.

Jews had a major part in setting up the crop lien system that kept Black sharecroppers in crushing debt.  Merchants supplied critical necessities on credit but took collateral in the form of the sharecropper’s future crop.  This crop lien system of money lending was identical to that described in the Jewish Talmud.

Charges, overcharges, late fees, handling charges, service charges, supervision fees and a host of other unscrupulously imaginative fees were deducted for “taxes”, clothing, shoes, food or any other item.  They were based on the “credit prices”, which marked up the items by as much as 400 percent, and that is before the usurious interest was applied.

Jews controlled the availability of credit in the Jim Crow economy.  Jewish merchants rivaled the banks as credit agencies for planters, farmers and sharecroppers.  Jews set up an exclusive banking network throughout the South that gave them a monopoly on credit & investment.  Over & over they invested in the Jim Crow infrastructure.

The reality of southern Black life; the shack housing, unpaved roads, lack of clean water, plumbing and electricity; the substandard or nonexistent schools & health services, etc. were all problems that could have been easily managed through bank-financed infrastructure projects.  These issues were never addressed, ameliorated or improved by the thriving Jewish banking network.

Since Jewish merchants & peddlers were wearing the Great Jewish Mask, pretending to be White and blending in with White society, actual “Whites” of European genetic origin have taken the historical blame for the state of Black infrastructure, during the Jim Crow era.

The strategy of racial economic targeting had become so effective at building wealth for International Jewry in the South that it was later readily employed in the major Black population centers of the North, and remains the dominant economic model of the American inner city.



Note: As with the Great Jewish Mask, these Black freemason derivations embark on fantastic tales of Black/African achievement, regardless of the truth.  There is plenty of actual achievement that can be a source of pride & inspiration.  No need for distortion! 

Today, the majority of Black thoughts, just like the majority of White thoughts, are the artificial products of mass brainwashing by the media, academic & political system that is thoroughly in the Masonic hands of the Great Jewish Mask. 

Our thought-leaders have sold us out to International Jewry!

Similar destructive Masonic and Jewish-influenced occult elements were present in Germany, prior to the 1930’s Nationalist Socialist populist revolution.  These corruptive & corrosive elements were exposed and subsequently kicked out of Germany life, in favor of a national-spiritual revival that was rooted in the “traditional” culture & ancestral folkways of the German people.

National Socialist German is a great example of a people who, despite being physically, psychologically and financially ruined in the post-WW2 1920s & early-30s, pullled themselves up by their own bootstraps and rose from the ashes (Phoenix Rising), despite the “systemized oppression” by International Jewry.

The Jewish Freemasonry & Black Nationalism connection began with Prince Hall, who may have been born in Barbados or New England in 1735 and became a literate Black free-man by 1770.  He was an effective community leader, organizer, educator and abolitionist.  He also founded Prince Hall Masonry.

In 1775, Prince Hall and 14 other free Black men petitioned a Boston Masonic Lodge for membership and were refused.  They then successfully petitioned a military Lodge under the aegis of the Grand Lodge of Ireland.  These men then founded African Lodge No. 1, which was later issued a charter by the Grand Lodge of England as African Lodge No. 459.  Hall went on to organize Lodges in Boston, Philadelphia and Providence, RI.

Prince Hall was also vehement supporter of the Back-to-Africa Movement, Black unity and economic independence.  His emigration efforts did not pan out, which led him to concentrate his later efforts on education, abolition and Freemasonry.



Inside the Prince Hall Masonic lodges, Ethiopianist & Arabist proponents clashed repeatedly.  These clashes continue today!

Ethiopianism had roots in the missionary experience as a quasi-biblical justification for emigration.  It originated in the work of Martin Delany and then moved on to Marcus Garvey’s Back-to-Africa movement.

Though radical in style, it belonged to and constituted a theology of redemption.  Arabism, on the other hand, was a representation of Islam constructed out of fragmentary knowledge, and was discordant to the ears of churchmen.


-Martin R. Delany-

Some refer to Martin R. Delany as the first Black Nationalist.  He was an abolitionist, writer, journalist, philosopher and inventor.  Delaney was also one of the first three blacks admitted to Harvard Medical School and the first black field officer in the U.S. Army, obtaining the rank of major.

In 1853, Delaney wrote a short book entitled, “The Origin and Objects of Ancient Freemasonry: Its Introduction into the Unites States, And Legitimacy among the Colored Men.”  The book puts forward the Ethiopian origin of Freemasonry and places several Biblical events in to the text to justify his assertion.  It was an Afrocentric text.

As for emigration, Delaney had already written his first book in 1852, proposing mass emigration to the West Indies or South America.  In 1854, Delaney led the National Emigration Convention and read his “Political Destiny of the Colored Race on the American Continent”.  This work is considered to be one of the earliest texts of Black Nationalism.

Delany traveled to Liberia in 1859 to look into the possibility of settlement.  In 1877, he co-created the Liberia Exodus Joint Stock Steamship Company.  A year later the company purchased a ship, called the “Azor”, for the voyage.  Delany was president of the board that organized the voyage but he withdrew in 1880 to concentrate on supporting his family.  That was his last involvement with emigration before his death.


-Marcus Garvey-

Marcus Garvey, a Prince Hall Mason, and his Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) continued to develop plans to help African-Americans migrate to Liberia, sending a delegation there in 1923 to scope out the situation and make a survey of potential settlement areas, a project supported by the Liberian government.  Apparently Liberia was going to lease land to the UNIA for one dollar per acre.  The plan fell through, however, and the Liberian government cut a better deal with the Firestone Rubber Company.

When Garvey died in 1940, James R. Stewart was elected to head the UNIA.  In 1949 he moved to Liberia, where he became a citizen.  The Parent Body of the UNIA was located there until Stewart’s Death in 1964.  Liberian President, William Tubman, became Potentate & Supreme Commissioner of the UNIA in 1954 and was a close friend of Stewart.  Tubman was President of Liberia from 1944 to 1971, and became known as the “Father of Modern Liberia”.  He and his successor, William Tolbert, were also Prince Hall Masons.

In Jamaica today, Prince Hall Freemasonry plays a dominant role in their society.  In 2003, the Jamaica Gleaner reported, “With over 5,000 members enrolled to the fraternity, the Freemasons present at the Gleaner’s (Editors) forum said that their membership included nearly all the ‘upstanding’ men in leadership positions in medicine, the judiciary, the police force and even parliament.”



Another religious movement to grow out of Marcus Garvey’s influence is Rastafarianism.  “Rastas” teach that Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia is God and that Garvey was his prophet, his John the Baptist, much like the role the Moors claim for Garvey in relation to Noble Drew Ali.

Rastafarianism is not merely a derivation of “Garveyism”, though many Rastas, like many Moors, were “Garveyites”.  Like the Moors, the Rastas drew from diverse sources, Caribbean folklore, Western esotericism, The Rosicrucian Order and Jewish Freemasonry.

Rastafarianism was founded by Prince Hall Freemason & Communist, Leonard James Percival Howell (Gong Guru Maragh).

Prior to establishing Rastafarianism, Leonard, a Jamaican, lived In New York City during the 1920s.  While there, he was influenced by the Communist & Frankfurt School (Cultural Marxist) teachings of his friend, George Padmore, a Trinidadian involved in Comintern, the (Jewish) Bolshevik’s revolution-exporting bureau, and head of the Negro Bureau of the Communist International of Labor Unions.

Leonard was also influenced in NYC by Black Nationalist leaders & spiritualists, such as Marcus Garvey (Jamaican) & Robert Athlyi Rodgers (Anguillan).  Leonard’s “Black supremacist” influence, found in his book, “The Promise Key”, comes from the “The Royal Parchment of Black Supremacy”, by Reverand Fitz Balintine Pettersburg.

In 1930, Leonard traveled to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and attended the coronation of Haile Selassie, the emperor of the last Black-ruled territory in Africa.  Leonard chose Haile Selassie to be the Rastafarian messiah-figure.  Ironically, Selassie considered himself Semitic, not Black.

Leonard then returned to his home country, Jamaica, where he patched together the ideas that he collected in New York in order to form the basis of his new religion, Rastafarianism, targeting the lower class Blacks (Chosen People), which he summarized in “The Promise Key” (1935).  Learned preached (reasoned) biblical “cleanliness” laws and ranted against Western civilization, which was the culture that stood in the way of International Socialism.

The choice of Haile Selassie was remarkably convenient.  The Ethiopian Emperor was very popular among Western intellectual elites & bankers who supported Woodrow Wilson’s (Jewish) plans for a World Government under the League of Nations.  Selassie was looked upon as a noble African ruler standing up against Mussolini, the “fascist” who threatened banking interests, aka Jewish Usury, was highly attractive.  Selassie was paid homage with waves of complimentary press in the Anglophone West.  However, Haile Selassie was not popular in Ethiopia.  He was eventually deposed during a military coup in 1974.

The family unit was not sacred to Leonard.  He slept with his married & unmarried female followers.  Even though “The Promise Key” preached against miscegenation, his upper-class wife, Tyneth, was Jewish.  Perhaps Leonard’s hypocrisy drove her to suicide.

Leonard Percival Howell went into the drug trade and helped finance the British elite’s puppet government in Jamaica.  By 1944, he controlled a marijuana plantation where 4500 people, mostly Rastafarian women and often single mothers, worked in exchange for room & board.  Leonard lived well and was chauffeured around in his own limousine.  His “empowerment” teachings served himself very well.

The Jamaican drug trade was tolerated for some time, but in 1953, Norman Manley, leader of the opposition party in the colonial Jamaican government, was told by Winston Churchill that he needed to end to the lucrative business.

Leonard had a close collaborator, Mortimer “Mortimo” Planno.  In addition to being a gangster, he became the bridge between Leonard’s teaching and the popular modern Rasta movement.  Mortimo was the key figure in the connection between the Rastafarian sect and politically powerful circles in Jamaica and abroad.  Mortimo was Bob Marley’s manager & spiritual advisor, and he is credited with having the idea to use commercial music as a vehicle for spreading Leonard’s Rastafarian teachings.  Mortimo re-fashioned Rastafarianism as a tool of “globalism”, aka International Socialism.

Bob Marley trumpeted social change and glorified the Rastafarian lifestyle. Marley’s record promoter, the Jew, Chris Blackwell, is from a wealthy Jamaican family who founded the first Jewish synagogue on the island.  Bob Marley rejected traditional Western Culture as taught by “The Promise Key”, but the anti-White racial element was toned-down.  Marley was intentionally marketed for world-wide “universal” appeal, to appease a “diverse”(White) audience.

Bob Marley is an asset to the Jewish debt system because his songs deflect criticism from International Jewry and directs its attention towards the evil “Babylon”, aka Western Civilization.  By hiding the cause of the debt problem (usury), Bob Marley & Mortimo have done more for oppressors than the “wicked White man” could ever do.

Note: As documented in the Great Jewish Mask article, Babylon was “evil” because it was a non-Jewish civilization; one the Jews envied.

The Jewish debt system is possible because corrupt local Jamaican rulers cooperate with international (Jewish)banking interests to steal from their constituents.  The deal is sweetened for both parties by Western governments, who are also heavily indebted & controlled by International Jewry, by agreeing to make the payments or negotiate refinancing if the local rulers default.  The losers are Western and local constituents, the “poor” lower class Blacks.

International (Jewish) banks benefit most from the debt system.  They make money selling bonds based on debts that the World Bank organizes.  This is easy money with little risk of default, thanks to developed-world taxpayers.

You won’t get any of this information from the platitudes of Bob Marley’s songs.  For this reason, the World Bank loves Bob Marley.  And to show its appreciation, in 2005 a celebration called “Africa Unite” was held to commemorate what would have been Bob Marley’s 60th birthday.  The event had venues in Ethiopia & Jamaica, and was organized by the Bob & Rita Marley Foundations, the African Union, the government of Ethiopia, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), UNICEF and The World Bank.

The result of the World Bank and “globalist” system is perpetual & crushing debt.  The ex-British colonies in Africa & Jamaica are much more heavily in debt now than they were under the British Empire.  Jamaica is a typical example; since the 1960s their economy has grown by a multiple of three, but their debt has greatly increased as of 2005.  If corrected for population growth, Jamaican debt has grown seven hundred times faster than their ability to pay.

The “debt forgiveness” movement is also a boon to international (Jewish) banks.  Groups like “Jubilee”, promoted by celebrities like Bono from U2, Quincy Jones and the Pope, have spearheaded debt forgiveness campaigns, resulting in a massive write-off in 2005.  As soon as the forgiveness was implemented, bank lending to the same debtor countries started to grow again.  By getting Western governments to pay to cancel these debts, “Jubilee 2000” gave the bankers an opportunity to create & sell even more debt-bonds.

Culture and a people-centered approach are central to building the urban future we want and ensuring sustainable development. This renewed commitment by a long-standing UNESCO-World Bank partnership brings to the forefront of the global discussion the critical role that culture plays in supporting countries in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and the New Urban Agenda.” -Irina Bokova (Director-General of UNESCO)

Turning racial grievance into a religion is a great way to manipulate people.  So is lying!  The Rastafarian message which is spread by the (Jewish) international media & (Jewish) World Bank uses both tools to promote “globalism” while attacking their strongest enemy, which is the White culture of Western Civilization.

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