October 1, 2023

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“Jim West” Flu outbreak closes Brisbane’s Middle Park State School, 8/2/2018.

Jim West
New York, NY www.harvoa.org

Flu outbreak closes school after 182 children fall ill

I’ve studied many school “flu”epidemics. Often they are near an expressway and the slow wind conditions and disease correlate (from the expressway). Sometimes they are built over prior toxic earth, plumes.

However, I do not see industry or expressways near this Brisbane school.

For good reason, I would suspect that this state school was built over a prior industry which was dumping solvents etc., as what the usual practice thru the earlier 1900s.  A big park is also adjacent, and parks are also used to cover the poisoned earth. The park is east of the school, uphill, because the river (low elevation) is west of the school. Toxic plumes would flow underground from park area under school towards the river. Plumes travel thousands of feet over time.

I’d suspect the earth is toxic with VOC plumes, chlorinated solvents etc.

Gov/industry figures that a school is only occupied 5 days a week, with people rarely in school more than 8 hours/day. Better to build schools and parks (rather than residential housing) over toxic earth.

Only when the wind would become very slow for sustained time periods would flu symptoms appear. 182 children were sent home on 8/2, and the wind was dead on 8/1, 8/2.

The weather scenario (slow wind) indicates toxic causation:

— Symptoms point to toxic causation —


“Fifteen teachers and 182 children were sick on Thursday due to an extraordinary outbreak of Influenza A and B.” Note that, so many people getting sick suddenly at the same time, must be environmental, toxic cause.
A supposed infection would be a slow build, like popping popcorn.

— Similar cases where parents correctly suspect toxic earth —

Parents are then misled into thinking “radon in the earth” (a natural poisoning), rather than looking at the prior industry, and earth plumes. Radon, I suspect, is mainly a scapegoat. Like ozone. Like “virus”. Old industrial plumes are common, but not in the news. That’s why you don’t want to live in a basement or first-floor apartment if it is built over an earth plume.

A similar “plume” case.

An example is Stuyvesant Apartment Complex in Manhattan, 11,000 apartments built over a prior manufactured gas plant, an environmental disaster, toxic earth, but EPA and DEC gave it a pass, and refused to consider environmental challenges, per my experience at a local meeting on the issue where the DEC showed up to “explain” environmental concerns away.

Jim West
New York, NY www.harvoa.org

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  1. I have found I can get flu-like symptoms from exposure to chemicals such as varnish. I have rid my life of cleaning and personal chemicals including make-up, air fresheners, etc., and use enjo and water for cleaning. I haven’t had a flu or cold for many years. I suspect this relationship between flu outbreaks and environmental toxins is very strong.

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