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Johns Hopkins Researcher Releases Shocking Report On Flu Vaccines

“Promoting influenza vaccines is one of the most visible and aggressive public health policies in the United States…Drug companies and public officials press for widespread vaccination each fall, offering vaccinations in drugstores and supermarkets. The results have been phenomenal. Only 20 years ago, 32 million doses of influenza vaccine were available in the United States on an annual basis. Today, the total has skyrocketed to 135 million doses.

In 2015, a whole new slew of flu vaccines found themselves getting approved by the Federal Drug Administration.  This isn’t an uncommon practice; most flu vaccines pass inspection every year.  It’s well known advice that has been passed down from doctor to patient that the flu vaccine is something that we all should get, but it has been quickly surfacing that what’s in the vaccines–especially those from 2015 and after–might actually be more damaging then simply rolling the dice on getting the flu.

The ingredient that is getting the most flack is called an adjuvant.  The particular one involved is called Squalene, and it has been linked to auto-immune disease side effects.  In fact, it may have been used during chemical attacks in the Gulf War.  Symptoms include chronic fatigue, muscle aches, and neurologic damage.

While it may be a contested subject, it remains that we aren’t really sure what’s going into these vaccines we’re being convinced should be used.  A scientist who has been working at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, released a report sharing his views on the subject.  And they aren’t pretty.

Here is an excerpt from that summarizes aspects of Peter Doshi’s report.  You can find the original report at the British Medical Journal’s site.  Determine for yourself if the evidence he presents is credible or not…

“Promoting influenza vaccines is one of the most visible and aggressive public health policies in the United States…Drug companies and public officials press for widespread vaccination each fall, offering vaccinations in drugstores and supermarkets. The results have been phenomenal. Only 20 years ago, 32 million doses of influenza vaccine were available in the United States on an annual basis. Today, the total has skyrocketed to 135 million doses.

The vaccine may be less beneficial and less safe than has been claimed, and the threat of influenza seems to be overstated…Mandatory vaccination polices have been enacted, often in healthcare facilities, forcing some people to take the vaccine under threat of losing their jobs…The main assertion of the CDC that fuels the push for flu vaccinations each year is that influenza comes with a risk of serious complications which can cause death, especially in senior citizens and those suffering from chronic illnesses…

When read carefully, the CDC acknowledges that studies finding any perceived reduction in death rates may be due to the “healthy-user effect” — the tendency for healthier people to be vaccinated more than less-healthy people. The only randomized trial of influenza vaccine in older people found no decrease in deaths…This means that influenza vaccines are approved for use in older people despite any clinical trials demonstrating a reduction in serious outcomes…

Even when the vaccine is closely matched to the type of influenza that’s prevalent, which doesn’t happen every year, randomized, controlled trials of healthy adults found that vaccinating between 33 and 100 people resulted in one less case of influenza…In addition, no evidence exists to show that this reduction in the risk of influenza for a specific population — here in the United States, among healthy adults, for example — extrapolates into any reduced risk of serious complications from influenza, such as hospitalizations or deaths, among seniors…

For most people, and possibly most doctors, officials need only claim that vaccines save lives, and it is assumed there must be solid research behind it…

(In) an Australian study (it was) found (that) one in every 110 children under the age of five had convulsions following vaccinations in 2009 for H1N1 influenza. Additional investigations found that the H1N1 vaccine was also associated with a spike in cases of narcolepsy among adolescents.”

Dr. Russell Blaylock, a neurosurgeon and author of “The Blaylock Wellness Report”, echoes the findings of Doshi.  Here is a continuation of the excerpt from in which he shares his own concerns of vaccines and their safety:

“Not only is the vaccine not safe, it doesn’t even work…The vaccine is completely worthless, and the government knows it…There are three reasons the government tells the elderly why they should get flu shots: secondary pneumonia, hospitalization, and death. Yet a study by the Cochrane group studied hundreds of thousands of people and found it offered zero protection for those three things in the general community. It offered people in nursing homes some immunity against the flu — at best one-third — but that was only if they picked the right vaccine…

A study released in February found that the flu shot was only 9 percent effective in protecting seniors against the 2012-2013 season’s most virulent influenza bug…

What’s even worse is that small children who are given the flu vaccine get no protection from the disease…The government also says that every baby over the age of six months should have a vaccine, and they know it contains a dose of mercury that is toxic to the brain…They also know the studies have shown that the vaccination has zero — zero — effectiveness in children under five…

For most people, flu vaccinations don’t prevent the flu but actually increase the odds of getting it. The mercury contained in flu shots is such a strong immune depressant that a flu shot suppresses immunity for several weeks…This makes people highly susceptible to catching the flu…They may even think the vaccine gave them the flu, but that’s not true — it depressed their immune system and then they caught the flu.”

Mercury overstimulates the brain for several years, and that activation is the cause of Alzheimer’s and other degenerative diseases. One study found that those who get the vaccine for three to five years increase their risk of Alzheimer’s disease 10-fold…”

Why do these vaccines get pushed so much?

“It’s all about money,” says Dr. Blaylock. “Vaccinations are a pharmaceutical company’s dream. They have a product that both the government and the media will help them sell, and since vaccinations are protected, they can’t be sued if anyone has a complication…

Here’s the bottom line, the vast number of people who get the flu vaccine aren’t going to get any benefit, but they get all of the risks and complications.”

What do you think?  Is it worth getting the vaccine or not?  Determine for yourself if it’s worth the risk and make the choice about your own health.


12 thoughts on “Johns Hopkins Researcher Releases Shocking Report On Flu Vaccines

  1. Gosh it went from 32 MILLION presenting for vaccination.
    To 135 MILLION people presenting for vaccination.

    One of the Oldest – Tricks – In – The – Book – is to convince the sucker that he is missing out & he will push his way to the front of the line to get his shots.

    But is that true – ?

  2. The Current Australian government – via Main Stream Media – we pushing the lies that most Australian parents have vaccinated their children & that only a few irresponsible skanks in Australia were holding out – putting all Australian children at risk.
    What a blatant lie that turned out to be – aprox: 73% of children in NSW are either not vaccinated at all – or not fully vaccinated.

  3. Should I think the next Australian government will not be pro-vaccine? It is us older folk that must get the flu vaccine, right? I won’t get the flu as bad if I have the vaccine, right?, or is that left logic?

    1. Hello Jagg.
      2:47AM Melbourne time & who can sleep but those with a clear conscience – I can hear Our Malcolm Turnbull & his champion at arms length – Greg Hunt down in Frankston, Vic – snoring from here.

      I had occasion to email Peter Khalil MP member for Wills regarding a letter of invitation to attend a meeting at the local RSL reg., NBN in our area – Wed 26th July 2017
      – alas that was the morning I K.O.’d in the entrance of a shop in Sydney Rd Coburg & was promptly carted off – by ambulance – to St Vinnies Hospital.

      Along with my view on Our Malcolm Turnbull’s bright idea – that Coburg & surrounding suburbs – could cope with a cheaper & sub-standard version of NBN – which could not be upgraded – & due to the ever increasing demands & sophistication of the internet – would eventually have to be pulled out & replaced with the real thing – NBN – at great cost to the Australian Tax Payer – which was a continued wastefulness that the Liberal party is famous for.

      I mentioned to Peter Khalil that I was surprised at the Labor Party’s support for COMPULSORY VACCINATION & indeed asket “What Next”

      In looking about the political arena of Australia – Bill Shorten will be “IT” next time around – it will be interesting to see if he straightens up from his bent over position to BigPharma – hey.

  4. 2:47AM – Have some respect for you liver, dear lady, if you want to be a liver and not a dier, or is that dire-er. Our liver needs those hours to rest and recreate from 11pm – 3pm. Tracy Chapman – “If you saw the face of God and love, today, would you change?” My Mama told me, a hour before midnight is worth 2 hours after. Health is real wealth, yes??

    1. Dearest Jagg
      From birth – I was never a good sleeper according to my mother.
      The peace & quiet of the wee small hours has always had a rejuvenating effect on me.
      As for the liver – Liver Detox tabs & dandelion juice fresh from the garden is brilliant.

    1. They all wear the same spotty demean – I assume that they all have the same strain of chicken buck buck pox.
      How say you ?

    1. You have obviously never been a drinks waiter in a night club.
      You are not a natural night owl.
      & Not even a possum tight rope walker.
      Gosh Jagg …..

      1. The boss used to threaten the female drink waitresses that we would have to go topless –
        The cops would have shut him down faster that the bat of an eyelid & he knew it.
        We had a head waiter – 4-6 food waiters who also helped with drinks service when the place was packed – 6-8 drink waitresses – 2-4 barmen on the weekends.
        There are such funny stories to tell.

    2. The ideal living partners would be a night owl & a day creature – they would only need one single bed – & the bed would always be warm.

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