Join The Class Action Against Victoria Police


RDA will help facilitate a Class Action against Victorian Police for their misuse of force against the innocent protestors in Melbourne Saturday 21st August 2021. Police became agitators and used tear gas, pepper spray and fired rubber bullets indiscriminately onto their own citizens.


RDA is calling for all those affected by this event to come forward. Whether you were physically assaulted or saw others being assaulted, please tell us your experience below. The more witnesses and statements we have, the better.

We will find out who gave the order and who fired the shots and we will make them accountable.

Without justice… there can be no peace! We deserve JUSTICE.

We’re also running a campaign to reach out to as many Police Officers as possible. Please take part in this important campaign. Surely we can make them see that this has gone too far.


One thought on “Join The Class Action Against Victoria Police

  1. The suffering over all of this is for the older Australians who many of them lost family in the Great Wars to prevent this happening; the Liberal National party have encouraged this brutal Police attack on civilians and denied these older Australians the sacrifices they had to pay.
    Australia lost the cream of it’s youth in these horrific wars that were effected to compliment the monetary bottom line of the International wealthy Families and Bankers.
    Morrison and his coterie of political cowards and yes men must be removed from the block otherwise the souls of our dead youth will not rest.

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