Karl Stefanovic Can Give It But He Can’t Take It

Karl Stefanovic Took Some Time Out During His Propaganda Infused Today Program To Call Out The Media Rats & Liars At The Daily Mail.  Stefanovic Rants About Their Terrible Abuse Of Not Only Himself But His Colleagues & How The Online Paper Abuses Woman. This, Of Course, Is All True As What Else Would One Expect From A Greasy, Gossip Driven Train Wreck Like The Daily Mail Online. It Seems That Karl Likes To Give It In Spades But Cries Wolf When He Gets A Little Back. I Am Positive That Anyone Who Follows Crazz Files Will Remember The Disgusting, Rude, Vile & Totally Uncalled for Behaviour Stefanovic Dished Out To David Icke On The Today Show During His Tour Of Australia A Few Months Back. If You Missed It Then Please Watch The Video Below To See Stefanovic’s Clown Like & Insulting Behaviour Towards David.

This is NOT about David Icke. This is about the Despicable, Disgusting, Disrespectful, Abhorrent TODAY SHOW Media Whores led by Karl Stefanovic & Lisa Wilkinson.


3 thoughts on “Karl Stefanovic Can Give It But He Can’t Take It

  1. This is a –
    Promotional Stunt –
    Karl’s lost his GLITZ & they are trying to make him look “young & sexy” – they – The Daily Mail – main stream media are inferring that he & the bit of young flesh shacked up for the night to bolster his image.
    He is no Spring Chicken any more despite the cosmetic makeup of TV stardom –
    He is also carrying a few extra & well distributed sandbags on his person.
    The TV world still believe that old myth that “SEX SELLS – REGARDLESS” & “A MAN AGES GRACEFULLY”

  2. What, he was photographed with lots of rum, so what? Why is he ranting and raving, is he saying it wasn’t him with the rum and a young woman? Yeah he is a twit, Karl Stefan who?

  3. Maybe Karl’s ego has evolved more than his brain.
    Developed ego is a tremendous asset to media and TV potentials so Karl must have plenty of that.

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