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Lawyer Serene Teffaha explains the Law re: Bio-security act – forced medical measures & procedures

Jace Ventura

Draconian measures undertaken by Australian Government are unlawful. Website:…

The main source of law at the Federal level is the Biosecurity Act 2015.

No law can allow you to be vaccinated, detained, tested unless under strick circumstances. Section 60 and 61. Print it carry it with you. Record the conversation. Be polite. Know your rights. Only if you have signs and symptoms and only an authorized officer can take action. If they can prove by contract tracing you come into contact with somebody and show symptoms. Innocent until proven guilty not the other way around. This is the women who fought the mandatory vax for aged in Victoria and won. Worth her weight in Gold


13 thoughts on “Lawyer Serene Teffaha explains the Law re: Bio-security act – forced medical measures & procedures

  1. We have not as yet achieved the status of Communist China and thanks to Serene we do have laws that protect us from tyranny.
    Many Politicians have Law degrees and one would ponder why they bother to get one as most politicians work against the Laws that they most assiduously study. They Lie constantly to distort the peoples potential to offer dissent. Suggesting Mandatory vaccines is just one example. They cannot mandate Vaccines over a total population and it’s about time we rose up and let these people know that the Law is paramount.
    The politicians along with the practicing lawyers make the law difficult to understand so keeping it to themselves as professional guardians of the Law the average Joe finds it difficult to understand. The Law has its own dictionary and connotations of what words mean so that is understandable they work on that to separate the people from the Law.
    I will download a copy of the Bio-security Act to study will take a recorder wherever I go as this CoVid is being promoted full time and I will not accept a vaccine when I am not sick and hope that many others feel the same.
    What I have seen from the Police is a bullying tactic with no consideration that they are breaking the Law and therefore should be charged for that crime.
    The CoVid was built and maintained on Media bullshit and it is they that should be charged with treason against the Australian people.

    1. It’s not the media that built this Covid BS. They’re only the presstitutes for those in charge. Read Kevin Galalae’s paper available for download, “Turning Nature Against Man” to get a glimpse of what’s going on.

  2. Re The Covid hoax
    People like Serene and/or others with the skill and knowledge –
    We need you to step up and form the equivalent to a Cease and Desist action against the governments, with appropriate legal remedies available.

  3. @Adam I would like to purchase your anti-vaxx card, however I’m hesitant to do so b/c what if the authorities override it? I understand what you said in your writeup about it, but the polies have even gone against their own legislative laws and are making the laws up as they go along?

    1. Hi, they can’t override it and cannot force vaccinate you, ever but they can draw up incredible amounts of legislation to convince you to vaccinate or make our lives impossible. If you are in a situation where you could be jabbed the card will help to assert your rights and if you do not assert your rights you lose them. Certain people want those cards so it just depends on your situation really.

  4. Years ago in South Australia they swapped over from finger-printing you to collecting your DNA if you committed a crime. The side of the check testing has nothing to do with detecting you for COVID19 and EVERYTHING to do with collecting your DNA. But the media wont tell you that. Not even SkyNewsAu.

  5. Today is 26th Aug 2020 Just to let you know that Serene’s web page is not able to be accessed. Tried different ways to get in, just keep getting a 404 cannot be found signal.Would someone let her know, as I don’t have a mobile to text her with on the number she provides. Thanks.

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