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Little Known Fact: Police Drug Kits Test Positive With Just About Anything


By Joshua Krause

If you’ve ever found yourself on the wrong side of the law, there’s a good chance that you’ve encountered a field drug test before. It’s what the police use to test any suspicious looking substances you might have in your possession to see if they’re illegal drugs. And they are of course admissible in a court of law. What the cops won’t tell you, however, is that these drug test kits are incredibly fallible, and there are plenty of innocent substances that can cause them to produce a false positive.

Several years ago the U.S. Marijuana Policy Project did a demonstration with the kits that the police use to put people in jail. The results were both enlightening and horrifying.


1 thought on “Little Known Fact: Police Drug Kits Test Positive With Just About Anything

  1. More taxpayer dollars waisted on rubbish.
    When the dollars are free, it is so easy to spend them.
    These test kits cost –
    The police in persuit of offenders cost –
    The arrest costs.
    Your day in court costs.
    Incarceration costs … the say that the establishment makes money from incarceration … it is a lie.
    No one makes money … from the building of the prisons to the keeping of these prisons … it is such an expensive lie.
    The poor Taxpayer is slugged & slugged & slugged.

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