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Malcolm Turnbull, Paedophilia & Pornography: 8 Disturbing Connections


Australia’s current Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has a long history of disturbing activities and associations with regard to sexual morality. As a result of a sympathetic left-wing media, this is something the broader Australian public knows nothing about.

1. Supporting Naked Child Photographer, Bill Henson

In May 2008, following complaints from the public, NSW Police raided a so-called “art exhibition” in the Sydney suburb of Paddington, and confiscated about 20 photographs of naked children. The so-called “artist” responsible for the photos is Bill Henson, a well-known photographer. It was later discovered that Henson had travelled to primary schools to hunt down potential “models” for his “art”.

If you can stomach it, click here to see two examples of Henson’s “work”.

Liberal Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson said the photographs violate Australian values, and Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd described them as “revolting”. On the other hand, the then Shadow Treasurer, Malcolm Turnbull, vigorously defended Bill Henson andattacked the police. He said the police should stay out of art galleries, and suggested that naked photos of children should be accepted as part of “artistic freedom”.

2. Defending Pro-Paedophile Organisations

The Spycatcher case was a 1980s legal case in Australia concerning the publication of a book by former MI5 intelligence officer, Peter Wright.

spycatcher-the-candid-autobiography-of-a-senior-intelligence-officer-peter-wright-viking-0670820555The British Conservative government of Margaret Thatcher argued that the book threatened national security, and shouldn’t be published.

Wright’s publishers hired Turnbull as their lawyer, and in pushing the case for the book’s publication, Turnbull tried to argue that MI5 was illegally surveilling innocent organisations, and suppressing whistle-blowers like Wright. He cited the surveillance of, among others, theNational Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL).

NCCL was involved in supporting the paedophile liberation movement, and was officially affiliated with British pro-paedophile organisations like the ‘Paedophile Information Exchange‘ and ‘Paedophile Action for Liberation‘.

Turnbull though defended NCCL, characterising them as a harmless “civil libertarian” organisation, saying they:

“…could not, on the wildest and most paranoid view, be regarded as dangerous subversives menacing the Constitution.”1

Turnbull suggested MI5 were trying to suppress legitimate political dissent, and particularly fretted about NCCL General-Secretary Patricia Hewitt being surveiled by MI5. Hewitt, during her time with the NCCL, had called for the age-of-consent for sexual intercourse to be lowered to as young as 10 years old, and for incest to be decriminalised.

3. Bringing Porno Magazines to Australia

In 1978, acting for his client, Australian Consolidated Press, Turnbull travels to the US to organise a deal to produce an Australian version of the American pornographic magazine, Playboy.

Having long defended pornography as a young journalist, including a major pro-porn, anti-Liberal 1975 article for the Nation Review,8Turnbull was no doubt considered the appropriate person for the job.

He meets Playboy Enterprises vice-president Christie Hefner, daughter of Hugh, at the original Playboy mansion in Chicago, and a deal is successfully negotiated.

turnbull_playboyThis was at a time when Playboy was regularly producing sickening material, including simulated child pornography, promotions of films containing child pornography and paedophilia scenarios, as well as cartoons depicting paedophilia, rape, incest and bestiality, among other things.

The research of Dr. Judith Reisman meticulously documents Playboy‘s nefarious material from the 1950s to the 1980s, and is a disturbing read. Dr. Reisman showed that, between 1953 and 1982, Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler magazines published a combined total of approximately 9,000 images containing sexual scenarios involving children as sexual objects. This amounted to an average of about 8 images per issue, and Reisman concludes that these cartoons are used for conditioning people to accept paedophilia and adult-child sexual relations.

There were even cases of Playboy publishing true child pornography.

One case involved nude, sexualised photos of 10-year-old child actress Brooke Shields, appearing in a 1976 Playboy-published photo-book titled “Sugar and Spice” (pictured).

sugar_spice2In another case, the October 1976 Italian Edition of Playboy featured nude, sexualised photos of 11 year-old French child actress, Eva Ionesco. Eva later sued her mother for allowing Playboy to publish the photos.

But it gets worse.

Playboy actually published editorial material promoting the idea that children are capable of sexual activity from birth. For instance, in the October 1976 American edition, under the title “Kid Stuff”,Playboy promoted Floyd Martinson, a charlatan academic who promoted adult-child sex. Playboy said the following:

“…the big news is that there is a lot more direct eroticism flowing through a small child’s body than most adults are willing to acknowledge. According to Martinson, girl babies can achieve vaginal lubrication and boy babies can have erections virtually from birth. Furthermore, he points out that the potential for erotic sensuality is present when the child is in the womb. And here’s the real startler to make you have second thoughts about your wasted youth: Some boys have been observed enjoying the indescribable pleasure of orgasm as early as their first birthday.”

Another example was a book review in the June 1978 edition of Playboy. The book being reviewed was titled “Sex Without Shame: Encouraging the Child’s Healthy Sexual Development” by Alayne Yates M.D., another pseudo-scholar. The review says:

“Yates…makes a telling point in the first few paragraphs: Children come into the world fully equipped to enjoy sex. Most male babies are born with erections. Female babies lubricate vaginally in the first four to six hours of life. Masturbation culminating in climax may occur as early as the first month of life. Children are sensuous beings (it is no mistake that Cupid – the god of love – is depicted as a child)…If enough people read this book, we might actually make the world safe for eroticism.”

Further, adjacent to the article there is an image of a children’s alphabet block with a naked women’s torso on one side, with the horrifying caption “Sex Without Shame: never too young“. I’ve scanned the relevant page, which you can view by clicking here (SFW).

4. Porn & Paedophilia on SBS: Turnbull Did Nothing

As Communications Minister, Malcolm Turnbull was responsible for the public broadcaster, SBS. Despite this, he did absolutely nothing about the continuous stream of pornographic filth that appears on this taxpayer-funded network.

Some of the films & programs appearing on SBS in the past two years include:

(WARNING: I’ve linked to explicit screenshots from these programs so you can clearly see what your tax dollars are funding.)

  • Strippers Vs Werewolves – It sounds like a joke but it isn’t. It’s a real film, and your tax dollars are funding it.
  • Lesbian Vampire Killers – As above.
  • Masters of Sex – A drama series promoting “sexologist” quackery, that is little more than an excuse to show explicit sex and nudity.
  • Sex In The World’s Cities – A series so obscene I could barely watch a single episode, which included a repulsive mocking of nuns.
  • Sex with Sunny Megatron – Another obscene series that includes segments on “water sports”, “anal play” and “tranny sex”.
  • The Feed – A show with segments on “vaginal knitting“, “fetish fitness” and many other vile topics.
  • 101 Reykjavík – A film about a man who has incestuous fantasies about his lesbian mother, and then impregnates her lover.
  • The Night Porter – A film about a holocaust survivor who meets her Nazi captor later in life & renews their sadomasochistic relationship.

sbs-pornMore disturbing are the number of SBS films depicting paedophilia and teen sex. I’ve listed a few here, again with accompanying screen grabs:

  • Cold Showers – About teens who have a threesome in the school gym. Contains explicit sex, full frontal nudity, and a scene of a girl wiping semen from her leg.
  • Lila Says – About a foul-mouthed 16-year-old nymphomaniac.
  • Fish Tank – About a 15-year-old girl who has a sexual relationship with her mother’s boyfriend (who was otherwise married with children). Includes scene of girl urinating on a lounge room floor.

Perhaps the most disturbing film of all on SBS, is a Mexican film calledMemories of my Melancholy Whores. It is the film adaptation of a book in which the protagonist, a 90-year-old man, has an ongoing sexual relationship with a 14-year-old girl.

melancholy-whoresIn the book, published in 2004, it is explicitly stated that the girl is 14-years-old, but her age in the 2011 film adaptation is left unstated (although a character is one scene guesses she is 15). This change appears to have been a response to protests against the film by Mexican anti-paedophilia campaigners during filming.

Furthermore, SBS actually deceives potential critics by stating in theirdescription of the movie that the girl is 20 years old, when this appears nowhere in the film.

All of aforementioned films and programs continue to appear on the SBS website, and when you further consider that Turnbull allowed SBS to:

  • Show advertisements for the adultery-promoting website Ashley Madison
  • Block advertisements by anyone opposing so-called “gay marriage
  • Pay comedians to write endless satire articles attacking conservatives

…a very disturbing picture emerges.

5. Sydney Homosexual Mardi Gras Attendee

Turnbull is an attendee at the annual Sydney Mardi Gras, an event that harbors and celebrates some very disturbing groups and individuals.

Turnbull with lesbian ABC presenter Fran Kelly @ the 2015 Sydney Mardi Gras.

Peter Tatchell, for instance, is a veteran British/Australian homosexual activist and UK Greens Party member, who told The Guardian newspaper in June, 1997 that:

“The positive nature of some child-adult sexual relationships is not confined to non-Western cultures. Several of my friends – gay and straight, male and female – had sex with adults from the age of 9 to 13. None feel they were abused. All say it was their conscious choice and gave them great joy. Whilst it may be impossible to condone paedophilia, it is time society acknowledged the truth that not all sex involving children is unwanted abusive and harmful.”

This was in the context of defending a book called “Dares to Speak: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Boy-love“, which was edited by Joseph Geraci, an editor of the pro-paedophilia journal, Paidika.

Tatchell has also campaigned to lower the age-of-consent in Britain; suggested that school children should be taught fellatio andcunnilingus; and even wrote a chapter for a book by a former Vice President of the Paedophile Information Exchange, a British pro-paedophile organisation.

The 2011 Sydney Mardi Gras officially celebrated Tatchell as a heroof the homosexual movement.

Left: Sydney Mardi Gras honours Peter Tatchell. Right: Tatchell’s letter in the Guardian newspaper.

Another disturbing participant in the Sydney Mardi Gras is the Sydney Leather Pride Association. This organisation’s website contained a guide on how to inexplicitly signal your willingness to engage in pederasty (sex between a man and an adolescent boy) and bestiality.

There are also floats promoting polyamory, but despite his attendance, Turnbull claims these people don’t exist. He says:

“There is no demand, no lobby, no support, no constituency for legalising polygamy under the Marriage Act.”

Perhaps Turnbull missed the explicitly pro-polyamory floats that have featured in numerous Sydney Mardi Gras, including 2011, 2012, 2014 and2015.

6. Sex Jokes in Front of Children

In April of this year, Turnbull attended an obscene homosexual/transvestite party at the Birdsville Hotel in remote western Queensland, where he made filthy jokes alongside a drag queen comedian named ‘Sofia’.

Among other things, the drag queen asks the audience to “show us your tits and i’ll show you mine” and uses a meowing cat figurine to make double entendre jokes about “pussies” that “moan back”.

turnbull_drag-queenTurnbull performs his own routine, with a double entendre about the “good member” for Maranoa, Bruce Scott, as he is kissed by men in leather outfits.

All of this takes place in front of children.

Click here to see the video.

7. Turnbull’s Comrades: Keneally, Kirby & Kinsey

Malcolm Turnbull associates himself with some disturbing people. Author Thomas Keneally, for instance, is a very close associate of Turnbull’s, and a fellow Australian Republican Movement co-founder. Turnbull calls him “beaming and brilliant“, and in 2011 launched one of his books.

Thomas Keneally.

In 2006 Keneally was a member of the Advertising Standards Board that approved an obscene “Lolita-style” jeans advertisement for public dissemination, including large billboards. The photographer was Terry Richardson, who has a long history of producing obscenity, and has been accused of sexual assault by multiple women.

Herald Sun columnist Andrew Bolt called the board members “barbarians” and said the approval was “a gift to pedophiles”.

More disturbing though are the activities of the man Turnbull describes as one of his mentors,2 the radical homosexual Australian High CourtJustice Michael Kirby.

Michael Kirby.

In 2000, whilst still a High Court Justice, Kirby joined the ‘Board of Governors’ of the Kinsey Institute, a so-called “sex research” organisation in the United States that has been accused of co-operating with paedophiles and child sexual abusers for “research” on child sexuality.

The institute was founded in 1947 by American ‘sex researcher’ Alfred Kinsey (1894-1956) with funding from the Rockefeller Foundation and support from Indiana University. Its original name was simply the “Institute for Sex Research” (ISR), but it was renamed in 1981 to honour its founder.

Kinsey is widely considered to be one of the primary initiators of the ‘sexual revolution’ (i.e. the normalisation of sexual immorality), which largely came to fruition in the 1960s and 70s, and continues unabated.

The work of Prof. James H. Jones, a Pulitzer Prize nominated author, and Dr. Judith Reisman, a meticulous American researcher, has exposed Alfred Kinsey as a sado-masochistic homosexual who was involved in pseudo-scientific sexual experiments on children.3 It is also said that Kinsey:

  • Had an “open marriage” with his wife Clara, so he could indulge in homosexual activities.4
  • Had sexual relationships with his male students and colleagues at Indiana University.
  • Had a fetish for tying rope around his scrotum and sticking objects in his urethra, for example: toothbrushes, drinking straws and pipe cleaners. He would then tug on the rope.5
  • Was addicted to masturbation, impotent and had serious orchitis.5
  • Was a misogynist who viewed women as “parasites”.6
  • Circumcised himself, without anaesthesia, using a pocket knife.7

Turnbull’s mentor, Michael Kirby, has openly praised Dr. Alfred Kinsey, and says he was “honoured” to serve on the board of the “sex research” institute he founded. We should also note that Kirby has previously been accused of picking up underage male prostitutes byLiberal Senator Bill Heffernan, but Heffernan couldn’t produce enough evidence and was ordered to apologise.

Dr. Reisman has written six books on the subject of the sexual revolution, two of which specifically focus on Kinsey. If you want further information, I highly recommend these books. There are also four documentaries on the disturbing activities of Kinsey and his associates:

Dr. Alfred Kinsey.

8. Support for Islam

Malcolm Turnbull is infamous for his contributions on Islam. He says Islam is an “ancient religion of great scholarship” and that we should embrace Muslim immigration. This is perhaps unsurprising when you consider some of the issues on which Islam is in agreement with leftist-‘progressives’.

Islam, of course, permits sexual activity between adults and prepubescent children. Indeed the Islamic “prophet” himself, whose life is considered the gold standard for piety, had vaginal intercourse with one of his “wives” when she was only 9 years of age.9

In Islam, it is possible for an adult man to “marry” a female from herbirth, and certain sexual activities are allowed from birth, although vaginal penetration is usually delayed until at least 9 years of age.

In an Islamic treatise titled Tahrir al Wasilah [volume 2, pg. 343], the former Supreme Leader of Iran, Grand Ayatollah Khomeini, states that:

“It is not permissible to have sexual intercourse (with one’s wife) before she reaches 9 years in age, be it in Nikaah (permanent marriage) or Mut’a (temporary marriage). As for all other pleasures such as lustful touch, embracing, and thighing (i.e. rubbing penis between the thighs), there is no problem in it, even if she is a suckling baby. If he does have sexual intercourse before nine years of age and does not penetrate, there is no penalty, but he has committed a sin. If he does penetrate causing the vagina and urethra openings to be one, she will become forever haram for him…”

Ayatollah Khomeini
The late Grand Ayatollah Khomeini.

This view is shared by other prominent Islamic scholars, including Grand Ayatollah al-Sistani, who, in Minhaaj al-Saaliheen[volume 3, pg. 10] makes a near identical statement:

“It is not permissible to have sexual intercourse (with one’s wife) before she reaches 9 years in age, be it in Nikaah (permanent marriage) or Mut’a (temporary marriage). As for all other pleasures such as lustful touch, kissing, embracing, and thighing, there is no problem in it…”

Ayatollahs al-Sistani (left) and al-Khoi.

This contrasts starkly with Christianity, where prepubescent marriage and sexual activity of any kind were always dogmatically forbidden. This is because the fundamental purpose of Christian marriage is the procreation and nurturing of children, rather than male sexual gratification, as in Islam.

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