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Measles Epidemics in New York 2019 Officials Avoid Environment

The Brooklyn Eagle, April 9, 2019

by Jim West


The measles epidemic has risen globally, up 300% for 2018-2019. This study focuses upon the three measles epidemics in New York State, Brooklyn (Williamsburg and Borough Park) and Rockland (Ramapo).

Environmental factors were avoided by officials for

  • A new power plant (coincides with epidemic start)
  • New fracking pipeline activity (coincides with epidemic start)
  • Refinery protocols may have been newly applied globally (coincides with global epidemic)
  • Power plants upwind (constant, all epicenters)
  • EPA Superfund Sites = toxic earth plumes (constant, all epicenters)
  • Indoor stove/boiler exhaust (constant, all epicenters)

Medical Drama

April 9, 2019, with many sudden illnesses in the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Williamsburg and Borough Park, Mayor Bill de Blasio pushed an emergency measles vaccine mandate , as he fronted for the New York Department of Health (DOH) and CDC. Those not vaccinated were subject to $1000 fines.

The Washington Post (4/11/2019)

New York City has had 285 cases since October 2018, virtually all of them in Brooklyn, since the outbreak began. Of those, 229 were reported this year, accounting for nearly half of the 465 cases that have been reported nationwide in 2019. 

The New York Times (4/9/2019)

For months, New York City officials have been fighting a measles outbreak in ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities in Brooklyn, knowing that the solution — the measles vaccine — was not reaching its target audience.

They tried education and outreach, working with rabbis and distributing thousands of fliers to encourage parents to vaccinate their children. They also tried harsher measures, like a ban on unvaccinated students from going to school.

But with measles cases still on the rise and an anti-vaccination movement spreading, city health officials on Tuesday took a more drastic step to stem one of the largest measles outbreaks in decades.

“If people ignore our order,” [the Mayor] added, “We will issue fines.” As part of the declaration, every unvaccinated person living in the ZIP codes 11205, 11206, 11211 and 11249 — regardless of whether they have been exposed to the infection — are required to receive the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine to stymie the outbreak.

The overwhelming problem is Williamsburg,” De Blasio said. “This is a challenge we see in Brooklyn. In other boroughs we’ve seen no cases. It’s much more a Williamsburg problem than a Borough Park problem.”

Environment Avoided

Centuries of industrial dumping near the main epicenter of Williamsburg has resulted in four EPA Superfund Sites.

Brooklyn Navy Yard (BNY)

ScoredCard placed BNY in the category of “Worst in the U.S.”

BNY during WWII (

Recent Aerial Photo with 2019 Measles Epicenter outlined:


Toxic Earth Plumes

BNY area has been polluted since the 1600s, through the great wars. VOCs, halogenated compounds, PCBs, cadmium, mercury, lead, arsenic, etc. continue to poison the earth and air via earth plumes.

Four centuries of toxic waste were dumped into the earth before EPA even existed. This is likely the primary environmental hazard contributing to the routine epidemics occurring near BNY.

President John Adams first commissioned the Brooklyn Navy Yard in 1801, but activity at Wallabout Basin [now BNY] actually dates back to before then. In fact, long before then: The deed for the sale of Wallabout Basin dates back to 1637. The Dutch and the British used the shipyard for mercantile shipping. [Secrets of New York]

BNY shipwork became private in 1966 and was halted in 1979, as BNY went dormant for a few decades when New York City bought it anticipating its use as a business area.

Earth plumes continue migrating deep and outward thousands of feet; if mixed with water, then miles.

Toxic earth plumes vaporize 24/7. They are a permanent effect. Wind dilutes airborne vapors. Vapors concentrate in the air during slow or dead winds.

In 1995, NYDEC classed BNY as a Superfund site for environmental cleanup. Toxic soil was replaced and water was tested for PCBs and declared safe. EPA removed BNY from Superfund Status, claiming to have remediated the site.

Earth plume vapors concentrate during slow winds. Plume vapors flow out of the earth more rapidly during low air pressure conditions (low barometric pressure).

Toxic plume vapors effect are depicted in three apartment scenarios (determined from decades of personal experience in New York):

Basement apartments are illegal in New York City.

Occupants of illegal basement and cellar apartments face potential dangers such as carbon monoxide poisoning, inadequate light and ventilation, and inadequate egress in the event of a fire.

Not mentioned above — Earth plumes from centuries of solvents, gasoline, toluene, chlorinated chemicals, paint thinners, etc, dumped into the ground.

The EPA claims “remediation” of earth plumes at Superfund sites. Having reviewed other instances of plume/disease correlations and remediation, it is clear that remediation is difficult if not impossible to complete in the common sense of the word. Remediation itself is a toxic process, driving vapors out of the ground into the atmosphere using high-pressure fans over a long period.

Remediation can mean merely replacing topsoil, when plumes can be miles long and hundreds of feet deep.

Remediation is political. It can placate the public when real estate profit is at issue. This is New York City real estate.

Most of the Superfund Sites mentioned in this article have been remediated or otherwise removed from Superfund status.

Examples of EPA/DEC misrepresentation

During my studies of air pollution and “West Nile virus” bird deaths, DEC modified all their air pollution maps, greatly diminishing disease correlations. I visited and spoke to the Chief of the EPA regional headquarters and was told such modifications were “impossible”. A few weeks later I was emailed an apology. DEC had indeed massively modified the maps, using EPA data. I respect personnel at EPA and DEC, but they are within a framework of political influence.

After 911, EPA declared The World Trade Center site safe, though later EPA admitted having misrepresented air quality to keep business and cleanup crews operational. Cancer and death resulted.

The NY Times (1995) lends suspicion to BNY’s removal from Superfund status:

…officials with the environmental department and the State Health Department played down the threat to the public. They said the contamination at the Navy Yard was limited to an unused courtyard protected from public use where two electric transformers once operated.

Other Superfund Sites are near the two Brooklyn measles epicenters, according to Brownstoner Daily. An example is a manufactured gas plant which had operated for 80 years in Williamsburg from 1850 to 1930. It’s plumes emit cyanide gas, etc. There is “a massive, 30-million-gallon [petroleum] spill” into the creek north of Williamsburg, the site of former refineries, designated a Superfund Site in 2010.

The measles vaccine drama is another “playing down the threat to the public”.

A population study of measles and air pollution, Chen (2017), found a causative association and advises,

Effective policies to reduce air pollution may reduce measles incidence.

Two Brooklyn Epicenters

December 7th, 2018, New York Department of Health (DOH) banned unvaccinated children from school in the two epicenters. The ban failed to halt the epidemics.

Zip codes for recent vaccine mandates:

Williamsburg: 11205, 11206, 11211, 11249

Borough Park: 11204, 11218, 11219, 11220, 11230.

South Williamsburg is the primary epicenter with six times more cases than Borough Park.

Power Plants

All Brooklyn power plants are depicted below, and one Manhattan power plant.

All of these power plants are near, upwind, or central to the epidemics.

Evidently, earth plumes and power plants are more hazardous than power plants alone.

Compare the two epicenters.

Williamsburg. Many cases in the vicinity of two power plants, one upwind power plant, and Superfund Sites (earth plumes).

Borough Park. Less cases, but a distinct pattern of cases downwind from two power plants and one Superfund Sit in the Gowanus Bay.

The Fracking Factor

Most of the power plants had already converted to “natural gas” fuel and thus were prepared to accept fracking gas years ago, and fracking gas is probably already standard (confirming…).

Plant stack exhaust can appear clean (transparent), but it is extremely poisonous, carrying carbon monoxide, nitrogen compounds, formaldehyde, poly-aromatic-hydrocarbons, mercury, volatile aromatic compounds (VOC) and other toxic compounds.

Fracking gas when burned as a fuel produces an exhaust that is poisonous and more so due to the nature of its acquirement (solvents etc). With burned by power plants, boilers and kitchen stoves, the population is brought closer to disease thresholds.

Williamsburg (Epicenter #1)

Three Power Plants impinge on Williamsburg.

A) Upwind

Con Edison power plant, 14th Street, Manhattan (in service 2005)

The four low stacks of the 14th Street Con Edison electric power plant (Manhattan) are across the East River and directly upwind from the Williamsburg epicenter. A few parts-per-million (ppm) chronic exposure to its exhaust components, such as NOx, can cause a wide variety of debilitating symptoms and death. Data and photo from Wikipedia.

Invisible Toxic Exhaust, Marked by Steam Vapor


Children are most vulnerable because they are still developing their immune systems… I was told by DOH officials that inspectors will NOT approve commercial day care permits near this power plant because it would be considered “co-located” and therefore “a condition that may expose children to environmental hazards” -Juan Pagán, Assembly Candidate

Permits denied. Disease epidemics near power plants would make environmental causation just too obvious, too much work to cover up.

Aerial view

Four stacks of toxic exhaust from a plant rated at 736 megawatts. This approximates 85,000 automobiles cruising at 40 mph.


South Williamsburg, Main Epicenter

The following map shows the main epicenter to the right circled (zip codes 11249, 11211), and a lesser epicenter to the left circled (zip code 11205), both Williamsburg zip codes, where emergency vaccines and fines are mandated. Power plant areas are squares:


Dead Wind

Wind speed and direction were optimal for the accumulation of high concentrations of power plant exhaust within the Williamsburg epidemic area, especially during the final three days before the emergency mandate declaration. See weather history.

The direction arrows point south and southeast, into the epicenter. This is also the prevailing wind direction, and thus the long history of measles and influenza in Williamsburg.

Wind speed averaged as low as 1 mph, wavering without direction.

Low speed means pollution is accumulating (indoor and outdoor types), concentrating, not blowing away. Normal wind speed averages 8.3 mph for this area.


In 2002, negotiations re Con Edison 14th Street Power Plant resulted in

$500,000 that will most likely go toward increasing the height of the plant’s stacks... [NY Times 3/16/2002]

That never happened; the stacks remain short.


…the number of stacks the company agreed to equip with a filtration device. It was one, not all four.

With these environmental deficiencies, how is illness diagnosed in the area?

“Con-Ed Disease”? “Air Pollution Syndrome”?

None of the above.

“Measles”, “Influenza”, and “Asthma”, are the correct answers.

Technocracy is cast agleam, its failures hidden by Medicine.

B) Within

The Brooklyn Navy Yard Cogeneration Plant (in service 1996)

This plant is near the south border of Williamsburg. This is less exhaust output compared to the 14th Street power plant, two stacks instead of four, generating 312 megawatts instead of 736 megawatts.

DOH Map, Annotated


The Hudson Avenue Power Plant

This plant is near the Brooklyn Navy Yard plant, in service by 1970.

Street view




Borough Park (Epicenter #2)

One sixth of the epidemic cases in New York are in Borough Park.

This contains one of the highest population of Jews outside of Israel, many unvaccinated.

Thus the high incidence of unvaccinated Jews with “measles” symptoms.

Borough Park consists of zip code areas 11204, 11218, 11219, 11230.

Hypothesis threatened

I was surprised to see zip code 11232 not listed by the DOH — 11232 has two power plants on its shore.

11232 is the neighborhood of Green-wood Heights, where in the past, dead birds have often been found and their “Miners’ Canary” deaths blamed on West Nile virus, but that is a separate area of criticism.

Googling in satellite view, finds that 11232 mostly consists of the huge Green-wood Cemetery.

Breakdown: 50% cemetery, 40% industry, 10% residential. 24 hour/day exposure to power plant emissions is unlikely.

Hidden Power Plants with No Stacks

Two large power plants are hidden near and upwind of Borough Park.

These are difficult to locate. Their addresses are generally unavailable. Their names are missing from Google Maps, perhaps because they are technically boats. Only in aerial view can map scanning find them.

The plants are run by Eastern Generation. A sign on the fence bans entry and photographs, but Google took most of the photos.

The plants are a newer generation concept, big white boxes, no windows, hidden in plain sight, placed on barges. They have no stacks. The steam is condensed into water and recycled. Turbines or outputs are pointed upward.

“Gowanus” Plant (in service 1971)

This is the more northern plant. It generates 811 megawatts, as stated by the Wikipedia list. The photo is from the Eastern Generation website.

Street view, facing Manhattan across the river
Aerial view
8 sections with 2 turbines per section.
Close top view
Turbines with steam condensers. No stacks.
Turbines or their outputs are vertical, to direct exhaust upward and above the population, but this doesn’t seem likely with buildings being higher than the outputs.
Exhaust is invisible because steam and/or water vapor is not exhausted, but routed to condensers where the resulting liquid water is recycled to the boilers.
Exhaust height depends on output velocity upward. But the greater this velocity, the less efficient would be energy production, as the output velocity energy is a loss.There is an engineering and economic conflict of interest against human health.


“Narrows” Plant (in service 1972)

The lower plant on the map, generates 380 megawatts, as derived from the Wikipedia list.

This plant is half the size of the Gowanus plant, using the same technology.

Aerial view



Routine Déjà Vu

Measles epidemics are routine for decades in Williamsburg and Borough Park. The following story, written in 2009, mirrors today’s medical journalism.

Measles – Tablet Magazine (7/8/2009)

Last year’s outbreak [2007], New York’s largest in 15 years [1992], produced more than two dozen victims. A handful of visitors from Israel, which was in the midst of a months-long outbreak that sickened more than 1,000 people, brought the disease with them and passed it on, mainly to unvaccinated toddlers. The rash of infections was concentrated in Borough Park, but the scare spread to a Long Island mall and to a wedding hall in Rockland County, north of New York City.

The “infectious” epidemics are claimed to be the result of an infected traveler from Israel but the epidemics are unable to extend even small distances in Brooklyn.

These epidemics only occur downstream from heavy industrial effluents.

During the great H1N1 (“bird flu “) epidemics of 2009, eleven Brooklyn schools were closed by the DOH. Eight of these schools were in or near Williamsburg. Most of the toxic air pollution chemicals (carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, NOx, etc) can cause “flu” symptoms. Power plant and motor vehicle, gas stove, and boiler exhaust all emit similar chemicals causing “flu” symptoms. Measles initially appears to be flu, before the rash appears.

These environmental hazards are a constant in Williamsburg and Borough Park, contributing to annual epidemics.

Thesis Contradiction

EAST of BNY: The measles main epicenter is EAST of the power plants and BNY, and it has the BQE running through. The epidemic is substantially unvaccinated ultra-Orthodox Jews in this area, zip code 11211 and 11249.


SOUTH AND WEST of BNY: The same hazards apply to SOUTH AND WEST of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, which is on the DOH list of affected zip code areas, however, the EAST area is more intense.

Comparing the Two

The two areas are similar. Many high apartment buildings. Higher buildings are not susceptible to earth plumes, except their ground floor apartments..

There are also many lower buildings with less floors, which are susceptible to earth plumes.

There is presently no DOH data available for me to confirm measles cases in low level apartments, nor to confirm cases for this neighborhood immediately adjacent BNY.

Nevertheless, the lower apartment buildings in South Williamsburg are nearest, of all area apartments, to the BNY’s apparent historical earth plumes.

The Unvaccinated

The epidemic confirms the importance of being unvaccinated.

Disease symptoms are normal, healthy, cathartic, and warn of present pollution, pointing to pollution sources.

Cases consist primarily of the unvaccinated.

Those in the EAST are more likely to be unvaccinated, as it is their religious belief.

Symptom, as essential data, are suppressed by government/industry. Vaccine emergencies, demonize those with symptoms.

Indoor Pollution

Measles epidemics correlate with closed windows, that is, the correlate with cold weather, as indoor pollution is contained. Epidemics were first noticed in cool late September 2018, and should diminish by warmer spring when windows are open — unless exposure throughout winter has established extraordinary chemical sensitivities in the population.

Ultra-Orthodox children are more likely to be at home. Moms are stay-at-home moms. Dads prefer religious studies to work. Home schooling is common.

Earth plumes will affect lower floors with closed windows.

Ultra-Orthodox mothers are traditional, perhaps more likely to be cooking with gas stoves at home, likely unventilated (as is standard in New York).

Fact: Stove exhaust is “often misdiagnosed” as virus-flu.[Dolan 1985]

Measles is fundamentally a flu-like disease (flu with rashes).

Gas stoves are extremely toxic. 30% of stove exhaust is from old-model pilot lights, because they burn 24/7. The newer stoves use electric spark ignition and have no pilot light.

Generally, stove exhaust explains why during early evening, after dinner, hospitals are most busy.

Generally, stove and boiler exhaust explains why “flu” and heart attacks tend to occur in the early morning, after a long night sleeping in a toxic apartment (following dinner cooking) and a blast of stove exhaust during breakfast cooking.

Unventilated stoves are illegal in many states, but not New York.

Mayors do not issue warnings about stove exhaust or earth plumes.

Mayors punish the population with medical fear and $1000 fines — when the population exhibits symptoms (epidemics) to stove exhaust and earth plumes, etc.

Mayors order symptoms to be neutralized through toxic vaccination programs.

NY Times (5/5/2019) issued, during this measles epidemic, an unusual yet timely warning about gas stoves, describing greenhouse gases and a brief reference to asthma.

“Your Gas Stove Is Bad for You and the Planet”

NY Times represents the polluting industries. See its board of directors. I suspect the article may be motivated in part by fracking gas stove hazards being too obvious, contributing to epidemics additional to asthma.

Rockland County Epidemic


Fracking Pipeline Headquarters

The epicenter is East Ramapo, an area with decades of pollution, polluted water and soil, official corruption… and… prior measles epidemics.

Pipeline Crux: A fracking pipeline corporation is headquartered in Ramapo. Major fracking gas connections are in Ramapo. Pipelines route fracking gas to the CPV plant, and new pipelines are being connected outward from this area. Compressors that power the pipelines operate with much exhaust.

The new CPV power plant is 30 miles northwest.

October 1, 2018 — Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) today announced that the 680-megawatt (MW) CPV Valley Energy Center in Wawayanda, NY achieved commercial operation on natural gas and is now supplying enough electricity to power more than 600,000 average homes.

This is a fracking gas fueled plant:

…power plant, will use natural gas from Millennium Pipeline’s 7.8-mile Valley Lateral Pipeline carrying natural gas from the Marcellus Shale…

October 2018 is also the approximate start date for Brooklyn epidemics.

August 15, 2018a judge in Albany took one day to override DEC objections and allow the CPV plant to run in “test” mode. The only obstacle was CPV’s willingness to negotiate DEC’s “threat” of a fine for not having a permit, though DEC said resolution would be expedited.

Vaccine Contradictions

The epidemic in Rockland is heavily polluted like the Brooklyn epidemics. It is located in East Ramapo, between two Superfund Sites (one uphill) and a major fracking pipeline crux is within Ramapo. The epidemic timelines are similar to the Brooklyn timelines.

The Rockland epicenter occurred within a thoroughly vaccinated population.

Every day, inspectors remove the unvaccinated from schools.

Rockland health officials… do daily checks… to ensure that non-immunized children are not attending schools… Rockland has a 94 percent vaccination rate… Lohud (11/13/2018)

However, the unvaccinated ultra-Orthodox Jews appear again as the afflicted,

80.5% [of recent measles epidemic cases] have had 0 MMRs [Rockland DOH, 4/24/2019]

Symptoms Reviewed

The symptoms are inflammation and catharsis.

  • Fever
  • Dry cough
  • Runny nose
  • Sore throat
  • Inflamed eyes (conjunctivitis)
  • Rash


The Natural View

Obviously, these are air pollution symptoms — dry cough, runny nose, sore throat and inflamed eyes are basic inflammatory symptoms. Fever represents the immune system working harder, and rash represents catharsis as the body expels debris, toxins and fluids out through the skin.

Clinicians, knowingly or unknowingly, are misdiagnosing air pollution symptoms as virus-caused measles, and that serves to protect industry.

Clinicians would defend themselves: “We have sophisticated blood tests for measles which we run in a laboratory with modern shiny electronic equipment. This is expensive, lots of LED lights, digital readouts, software automation, and Internet-ready!”

However, the results of blood tests are simply blood-related pollution symptoms.

Clinicians could present a microbiological defense, yet the same critique applies. Whatever they find would just be the micro-symptoms of poisoning (mutated DNA, deranged cell structure, etc).

Virologist Stefan Lanka has long argued for environmental causation and noted the lack of evidence for a measles virus.

In general, any virus causation can be argued. Examples: 1) The famous early claims of polio virus isolation are blatantly false. 2) It is admitted that no study can be cited that demonstrates HIV isolation.

Experts declare that without isolation of a virus, there can be no proper identification and characterization of the virus (then they proceed to fake virus isolation). How else can I interpret the fine work of ThePerthGroup?

Medicine generally avoids the role of pollution. Toxicity is rarely considered in the rush to declare infectious disease. The good example of misrepresented medical toxicity is fetal ultrasound.

What’s New in 2019?

Measles outbreaks annually repeat in the same epicenters, so what made 2019 more intense?

Contaminated Fuel

Rockland epicenter: Fracking industry, in terms of pipelines and compressors, increased activity in the already ground-polluted area, Ramapo.

National or world-wide modifications of refinery protocols: Fuel formulations can be changed at refineries by “discretionary letter” (email), increasing toxicity, similar to the MTBE debacle revealed in July 27, 1999, when EPA initiated an MTBE ban. That ban coincides with massive bird mortality with declarations of West Nile (WNV, a flu-like disease) epidemics in the U.S. Nicholas Regush of ABC News, presented my WNV research which had been published earlier in Townsend Letter.

Standards for the cleaning of fracking gas could have been relaxed globally, or some other protocol could have been changed. In 2018-2019, severe measles epidemics are nation-wide and world-wide.

EPA’s Air Pollution Maps

EPA maps do not account for earth plumes. EPA’s air pollution index (“AQI”) evaluates five common outdoor air pollutants at ground level — for example, not above the 10th floor.

It doesn’t measure inside buildings, where people usually reside. It doesn’t estimate the likelihood of indoor pollutants concentrating during slow wind: Earth plumes, fired devices and construction vapors.

EPA is political. The greatest polluters (power plants) are invisible to the EPA. Here is PlaceILive’s map of EPA data — at the measles epicenter — entirely “green”.

Go to the source map and you’ll also find JFK International Airport “green”.

EPA approaches pollution like New York City approaches loud noise. Loud noises are illegal, unless they can damage the ears (ambulances, subways, Harleys unofficially, etc).

The harvoa Air Pollution Index (HAPI)

The HAPI is apolitical. It uses weather data to indicate changing air pollution concentrations in known polluting regions.

Given: Slow winds concentrate air pollution in industrial areas. High speed winds dilute air pollution. Low barometric pressures suck plume vapors out of the earth. High barometric pressures push into the earth, reducing plume emissions.

Pollution Index = 1/(WindSpeed*BarometricPressure)

This index can be adjusted for various exposure scenarios. Pressure can be proportioned experimentally. The pressure factor won’t make sense if there are no earth plumes. Yet if it does work and there are no earth plumes, one might have revealed hidden earth plumes. It’s a tool.

WindSpeed or BaroPressure or WindDirection can be used alone or together to reveal pollution sources — as I have done with the present measles epidemic.

Here is an air pollution index timeline compared against reported cases, for the present measles epidemic in Brooklyn. 14 out 17 movements make sense. Sudden changes in natural gas standards as noted in the graph, are posited, not confirmed.



Looking at measles nationally and globally, the ultra-Orthodox are not a factor. Pollution is the factor. I challenge anyone to find a measles epidemic in an unpolluted area.

More data always benefits environmental theories. Medicine controls and interprets data.

As environmental factors are avoided, virus causation must be MOOT (i.e., unresolved, debatable). The need for emergency vaccination is therefore moot. Air pollution must be addressed.

If the DOH were to release a list of cases with locations (anonymized)…

I would expect cases in basement and first floor apartments, near to the BNY, because of earth plumes.

I would expect cases in the upper floor apartments. Parallel: This was true for the SARS “virus” epidemic in Hong Kong, of which I had published research postulating that epidemic as due to China’s high strata stack pollution. SARS cases were mostly above the 10th floor. Six months after publication of my work, UCLA published a study confirming air pollution correlations with SARS. The SARS drama disappeared, with an epidemiologist in Toronto declaring, “Bullshit”. Research published by The Weston A. Price Foundation.

I would expect cases near the BQE and the bridge, as I found in the 2009 St. Francis School flu outbreak. More on this published work, later.

My prior research into the West Nile epidemics of 1999, describes dead birds to be first found near expressways and bridges. West Nile and measles are both begin as flu-like diseases.

DOH press releases are not providing detail, as they have in the past. Dates and locations are not precise, just general descriptions. Data might point clearly to BNY, etc.

I continue to gather data and should better support this hypothesis in the future.

The DOH and CDC has an impossible burden of proof for all claims related to a virus and vaccines. The immutable fact that obvious environmental factors were omitted makes their claims MOOT.

Generally, the mainstream strongly controls and interprets data, so commonsense conversation among citizens an option. So talk it up.

Prior Medical Disinfo, Examples


London 1952

The British government, tried to pass off  The Great London Smog of 1952, as an INFLUENZA epidemic, calling it “The Great London Fog”. They tried hard but coal smog was overwhelmingly obvious. The government eventually admitted it was misrepresenting.

6,000 Londoners died and 25,000 later qualified for benefits related to illnesses and disabilities.

Devra Davis has researched and written an excellent article in History Today.

New York 2009, H1N1 Influenza

New York DOH and CDC routinely avoid environmental factors. I researched many school epidemics during the H1N1 “virus” epidemics of 2009.

I reviewed scores of school epidemics, but mainly I focused on St. Francis Middle School in Queens, located next to the Long Island Expressway. This epidemic was huge and sudden, attacking many children within 30 minutes.

Obviously, this was not a virus, as the DOH had declared. Environmental factors were avoided by use of virus drama.

A detailed article was published in The Townsend Letter, June 2010

The following is a brief summary.

12 hours of polluted air flowed unwavering, directly into the school from the expressway, before the morning the school opened. As the children began entered the school they began vomiting within 30 minutes.

A DOH team arrived in the afternoon and declared a virus emergency without toxicological tests (according to personnel interviews). The DOH online forum, dedicated to answering the public questions re this epidemic, closed immediately following my gentle inquiry regarding environmental tests.

The following aerial photo shows St. Francis adjacent The Long Island Expressway, waiting for epidemic conditions.

Aerial Photo



Unwavering Slow Wind for 12 Hours

The following is the same photo with computer-generated wind vectors representing wind speed and direction data. This shows very uncommon wind patterns focused upon the school, arriving from expressway after flowing down through the lanes, accumulating exhaust.

This research also found a school epidemic apparently the caused by earth plumes, as it was situated near defunct military defense plants, without any substantial nearby vehicle traffic or other sources of air pollution.

* * *

Disclaimer: The author’s work consists of critical hypotheses from an environmental perspective. For medical advice see a trusted medical professional without delay.

More stunning research:

Copyright 2019 Jim West / harvoa, All rights reserved.


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