Melbourne in Lockdown? Canberra the GLOBAL Headquarters of The Cabal?!

Why is Melbourne REALLY being shut down for 6 weeks? Is this FINALLY evidence of the ‘swamp being drained’ in Australia? The start of GESARA/ NESARA?!

The evidence all around us is certainly looking that way!

Thank GOD ‘They’ haven’t forgotten us Down under!!!


Since ‘The Pandemic’ started, have you heard explosions and been seeing an unusual amount of aircraft in your local area? I sure did!

I live on the South Coast in NSW, about an hour south of Sydney. There are so many tunnels under where I live. Plus, it is a very strategic place complete with a helipad that was in constant use. Black helicopters with military doing what looked to be training exercises before ‘The Pandemic’ even started. What were they preparing for…??

The once military tunnels, then ‘mushroom tunnels’ for years that had a mesh gate were all blocked off a couple of years ago. Bricks replacing the metal gate.

Securing the entrances of many tunnels in the area.

Is the timing a coincidence?

We heard explosions, sirens and saw emergency vehicles in weird places… I heard reports of people hearing ‘supersonic’ booms….

Many helicopters of all shapes and sizes. Many of them military. That is until a few weeks ago…it is incredibly quiet here now. Not even a chemtrail in site for months now! Just beautiful blue skies…

Where has all the action gone?!!

We have already established there is a huge D.U.M.B Tunnel in the Northern Territory. Owned by U.S corporation which surprise, surprise is the same U.S corporation that our ‘fake government’ is registered with. The Cabal.

Of all the places to send U.S Troops for training…just up the road from Pine Gap…

…Since 2012 Obama and his crew have been sending Marine troops to Darwin for ‘training.’

Sending 200 in 2012 and last year 1587 troops are sent in. Then our ‘government’ first says they can’t come to training because of C-19 and then change their minds because we need their best troops to help defend us against China?

I’m sure by now that many of us have opened their eyes to Trump taking control. Piece by piece of that U.S corporation and bringing back the real constitutional government in the states also known rightly as the U.S.A.

Trump sends 1200 troops to Australia. Where did they land?! Darwin?! Maybe a coincidence?

Then the troops were in quarantine for 2 weeks. Or were they? Or is it just another coincidence they just so happen to land right near the large D.U.M.B tunnel – Pine Gap?

Then according to mainstream news, they go into quarantine..?? Hmmmmm….a bit hard to tell otherwise with such an off limits and secluded location…

Next, the U.S Troops are out of quarantine and the next thing we know Melbourne gets locked down for 6 weeks??!!!

Why Melbourne you may ask? Great question!

It all makes sense when you look at the whole picture…let’s start with our nation’s capital and then travel down the road to Melbourne…

Canberra is Australia’s Capital City & GLOBAL HEADQUARTERS of the ILLUMINATI ?!!

Just 626 Km’s north of Melbourne we have Canberra. Australia’s Capital City. The symbolism in Canberra is much more modern than Melbourne but just as plentiful nonetheless.

The whole area was designed as a huge pyramid.

This picture from google maps doesn’t look all that disturbing. Until you understand what you are looking at…

Now, for the sake of one blog, it is very hard to go into detail about symbolism with all the facts laid out. I have done my research and will assume that you have and/ or will too. Here goes…

Who named the locations at each point of the triangle?

Meet Charles Robert Serivener – Australian Surveyor

Born 1855 in Windsor, NSW & died 1923 in Killara, NSW

Now not only did Charles name all the sites, he was also responsible for locating the perfect place for the Australian Capital Territory.

Quite an interesting chap considering the significant knowledge involved to create this little masterpiece….

Now let’s start at the bottom left of the triangle at

‘The Defense Headquarters at Russell’

Russell is a suburb of Canberra but more interestingly, it is the name of one of the top 13 Illuminati bloodlines.

The 13 Illuminati top bloodlines

Google maps view of the Australian Depart of Defence Headquarters.


Just like the U.S Pentagon Department of Defence…??

Now this could be a coincidence right??

Let’s also take note that it’s well known that Pentagons are used as one of the most symbolic shapes used in black magic/ satanic worship…

Now to the bottom right of the triangle

(I’m saving the best until last. Guaranteed to blow your mind)

‘City Hall’

Is built in the shape of a Hexagon.

The hexagon meaning is the same as the square.

Basically, this relates to the Planet Saturn AKA – Satan.

Stay with me… this is a high level overview. To thoroughly explain the Saturn connection is an entire Blog on it’s own…

There are these same squares spread in other parts of the world. They also have other symolyms near them….fancy finding one in Canberra. Squares are frequently found in freemason symbolism…

There are squares everywhere in Parliament House Canberra…

Designed with Freemason symbolism at top of mind…

Hidden in plain sight everywhere…

Now to the top of the triangle. Drum roll…


Now. Parliament House was not always located at the top of the triangle. It was originally located further down. The new Parliament house was moved to the top of the triangle and opened in 1988. Why was it moved you might ask? Great question!

To understand this you must first understand the significance of this, one must understand the importance of the ‘The Eye of Province’ or ‘All seeing Eye.’

The Eye of Province was appropriated by the Freemasons around the same time that the Illuminati infiltrated them. Which happened around 1797.

New Parliament House was moved to the top of the triangle. Exactly in the middle of ‘The Eye of Providence.’ Why? Well, to send a message to the rest of the world that the Illuminati Headquarters was now in Australia!

Too far fetched? Keep reading…

If this pyramid at the top of Parliament house isn’t enough to make you feel uneasy….

Let’s take a look inside and under this pyramid….

Now everyone has heard of the Twin Towers – 911. September 11, 2001

And this is the square fountain under the pyramid in Canberra…

That looks disturbingly similar to the one in Manhattan, New York…The memorial fountain for 911….built in 1988 BEFORE 911 in 2001…UMMM….WTF?!

If your not familiar with GESARA/ NESARA and how that relates to the Twin Towers;

Basically, when Clinton was in Presidency the U.S the military held a gun to his head to sign an ACT that was to essentially bring the power and money back to the people. He signed it and all the evidence of this documentation was located in the tower/s. Hence the Cabal using ‘A Terrorist Attack’ cover story to destroy the evidence. I have attached the GESARA document on the Downloands of my website. You can see the full story here.

And just what do we have here? For good measure on the wall adjacent wall to all this…???


There’s much more to see on this on this subject but you get the point by now I expect…

Melbourne gets first place for Illuminati symbolism Globally!

Symbolism is on every street. You just need to know what is hidden right there in plain site. Here’s a few examples:

We all know that famous Royal family name! A long line of Illuminati bloodlines our darling Queen Elizabeth comes from…Queen Lizard this little ol’ lady is…

EVIDENCE the Queen is not as she seems:

A naked child climbing out of the window of buckingham palace.

Real footage by a real person:

Why does this footage not make it to mainstream….would have thought reporters would be lining up to interview the guy that filmed this…

This family name, ‘CAVENDISH’ is not so famous BUT Katherline Cavedish married into the Kennedy family to become Katherline Kennedy!

Another name in the top 13 of the Illuminati bloodlines…

Fritz Springmeier is the Author of ‘Bloodlines of The illuminati.’ He has certainly done his research on this subject if you want some light reading….

And if more Pyramids aren’t enough…

Collins is another name in the top 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati.

There is also a street called Collins street which is right near all the main symbolism…ironic isn’t it?

And get this for irony!

This statue is ironically placed right out the front of The House of Parliament Melbourne…

What your looking at is a statue of half serpent and half humans.’ This work of art has been complimented with NAKED CHILDREN nonetheless.

FYI – The meaning of Snake symbolism is NEVER good

Canberra is close to Melbourne and close to New Zealand. New Zealand, known as one of the main suppliers of Adrenochrome in the world… Very clever with their selected locations now aren’t they….

If the ‘head of the snake’ is located right here in Australia. One cannot help to think there are to many dots connecting this to be correct. Who would have thought to look way down under in Australia??!!

***All information and pictures for the symbolym, was obtained from Edge of Wonder T.V. They have a heap of free videos in Edge of Wonder but if you want to see the Edge of Wonder T.V videos like – Australian Symbolysm you will need to subscribe.-

Military Intelligence has Tasmania highlighted as a key D.U.MB tunnel?! The other D.U.M.B Tunnel on that map of Australia?! Located just across Bass Strait, just across from Melbourne?

Now we know from my previous Blog on tunnels that Gene Decode – Military Intelligence Officer that there were tunnels all over the world. Now, I have seen in his information somewhere that there was a tunnel going from Melbourne to Tasmania. I cannot find it now so you will just have to take my word on this. And look at the evidence of how this is possible…

Notice Australia here. We know about the D.U.M.B at Pine Gap in the Northern Territory. Seems we have another very relevant tunnel in Tasmania too.

How could there possibly be an underground tunnel connecting Melbourne to Tasmania you might ask?? Well that’s easy with this type of ‘hidden’ technology. Not so easy with the technology we use ‘above ground’ in our society.

This is an engineered drawing of this technology and how they build these tunnels under the ocean.

Complete with magnetic trains that can travel at exceptionally fast speeds…used to transport ‘the elite.’

Pretty much the same tunnel and technology as this tunnel under Manhattan. The only main difference is the ‘Anchor Tether’ that is required to secure the tunnel to the ocean floor…

Looks like there is more going on in this part of Australia than we realised!

I wonder what is really happening right now…Is ‘The Pandemic’ just a cover to keep all of Victoria away and at home whilst the swamp is being drained here???

We know there is 1500 K/ms of complex underground tunnels under Melbourne. The buildings are really old! They have illuminati symbolism everywhere…The Australian Capital Territory was designed to make a statement as the Global HQ of The Cabal.

Melbourne has Illuminati symbolism on just about every street. There is a massive tunnel system under this symbolism. Canberra was designed with symbolism in mind and at Parliament house it is everywhere! What’s the bet there is a tunnel system under Canberra too??

Now, normally I don’t like to make a statement without having evidence to show. This is an another exception though. It’s important to this topic and quite frankly it is stuck in my head as an important piece of this puzzle!!

So here goes;

Several months ago whilst trudging through research information, I read someone’s comment that they were involved in the building of the new Parliament house. They were stating that there were tunnels under it. It was explained to him as being tunnels for moving furniture and for catering purposes…I wish I had saved it but again you will just have to take my word for it. It resonated with me and maybe it will or maybe it won’t with you. With all the research I have done and magnitude of the tunnel system evidence outside Australia. I would go one step further and think it is highly likely and probable that there is a tunnel linking The ACT and Melbourne also. It wouldn’t be a stretch that there would be one linking Australia’s mainland to New Zealand either…just a thought but it makes sense to me…

And wait a minute!

As I write this Blog a dear friend sends me evidence that tunnels are being blown up right now in Melbourne. From a Melbourne local on Twitter;

And another friend sends this through. This guy is paid to be a Melbourne’C-19′ victim/ survivor;

As always I encourage you to do your own research.

Love, Light & Peace, Lynda

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One thought on “Melbourne in Lockdown? Canberra the GLOBAL Headquarters of The Cabal?!

  1. \’This statue is ironically placed right out the front of The House of Parliament Melbourne…\’

    Just wanted to let you know that the fountain is actually not in front of the House of Parliament Melbourne. It is alongside the Royal Exhibition Building in the Carlton Gardens, which forms part of the northern border of the Melbourne CBD. Parliament House is located in Spring Street, on the eastern side of the CBD, at the end of Collins Street. Just wanted to clear that up. Otherwise, great info. I have a ton of pictures I have taken of the occult symbolism strewn about the Melbourne CBD and surrounding area from my time working and living close to it (I worked across from the war memorial – that\’s worth a blog entry in itself!), and would hate for this otherwise-accurate information to be dismissed over such a small oversight.

    Additionally, I think Victoria may be targeted for the harshest lockdowns in the country because we are a state known for rebellion; think Eureka Stockade. Gotta knock the wind out of the rebellious ones first, right? Make an example of them.

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