September 29, 2023

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Merkel accused of RUINING Germany as New Year sex-crimes confirmed in 12 of 16 states


As the number of complaints of sexual assault and robbery hit 821 in Cologne alone, dozens more were reported elsewhere.

In Hamburg the number of complaints has hit 200, in Hesse 31, in Bavaria, 27, in Baden-Wuerttemberg 25, in Bremen 11, and in Berlin six.

Aside from the complaints in Cologne, which sits in North Rhinbe-Westphalia, there were dozens of other assaults recorded across the state.

Gangs of foreign young men, many of them asylum seekers, were responsible, according to police.

The Sueddeutsche newspaper which published the breakdown of figures from the Federal Criminal Office said: “The phenomenon of sexual violence, in part linked with robberies, is much greater than we previously thought.”

One case of sexual assault was reported was reported in the states of Lower-Saxony, Brandeburg, Saxony, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland.

The scandal has polarised society in Germany as Chancellor Merkel’s ‘open door’ policy towards the refugees threatens both her legacy – and her position as leader.

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5 thoughts on “Merkel accused of RUINING Germany as New Year sex-crimes confirmed in 12 of 16 states

  1. It is also possible that under the umbrella of … FOREIGNER / ASSYLUM SEEKER INVADERS that the usual run of the mill INDIGENOUS RAPISTS and BURGLERS decides to SEIZE THE MOMENT and PROFIT.
    # But, our mindset is so loyal to the mainstream spin, that we line up right behind the ESTABLISHMENT to help vilify the victims … every time … we just want to be loved by them – so we rock the boat hoping that they will notice us & give us … even a glance of disgust will do … because it’s all we are ever gunna get from them.
    ‘gangs of foreign young men – may off them asylum seekers’
    Q: gangs of foreign young men … meaning men of different ethnic origins to the indigenous population … they could tell because of their appearance – language spoken & dress …/?
    Q: many of them assylum seekers … they could tell because it was written on their foreheads in blg lettering …/?
    Unless I see it for my self, I remain skeptical.

  2. In Great Britain, the villans are just tickled pink when Queen Liz & Her Blue Blooded Mob put on a parade – the punters are all out in the streets having a gig at their “oh, so, ever so poshness, that their poop is odourless” – and … their houses & shops are empty & waiting afore to be done.

  3. Is Merkel a Jew and following the Jew Talmudic agenda that totally destroyed Germany and its people thru WW1 and WW2. I will pose that question again and again as our illustrious deceitful education system will deny it again and again.
    What’s happened as truth has only one path yet these conflicts arise.
    Some real history…….. all thru WW2 the Jew Zionist HQ remained in Germany……. as Hitler was, evidently, intent on putting all the Jews into Gas Ovens why didn’t he put this mob of Jews that worked in his political and military habitat to the same?
    All these Jew participants into the Nazi Regime bathed themselves in the psychopathic luxury of human destruction.
    Once again we must ask some questions…….. who really won WW1 and WW2………… Gus

    1. Forbes
      The guardian
      & more
      All said of her …
      The Most Powerful Woman In The World
      Angela Mutti Merkel
      Today Germany is calling for the arrest of Angela Merkel for treason
      Today Europe want Angela Merkel – the most despised woman in the world – to be thrown out of office & exiled from Europe.
      Do you think she may have gone a little overboard –

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