Metaphysics of the Singularity of Consciousness

Learn more about the 360 degree circle, and how it relates to the biggest spell set upon humanity. Also learn about free energy technology in the human body that converts acoustic vibration to electric potential, via the vagus nerve. Arno also speaks about ancient water healing technology using Quartz.

the binary code was given one and zero as to give machines the two fundamental numbers of creation, the one (1) and the whole/soul (0). When man accepted the 360 degree circle, 3+6+0 = 9 = (1 – 9) then what man accepts is that the soul zero(the circle) is built on Beginning (1) to End (9) and this also equals negative and positive, alpha to omega, which is called god! This is a spell that tricks a soul that zero = polarity, which is Energy! E=MC2! Relativity! So, we need to rectify the open circle of 360degrees to reverse this spell. You do this by closing the open circle (omega) by adding 1 degree; 361degrees ; that is : 3+6+1 = 10 = one whole = whole sum of it! The 361 degree circle is a ten (10) in numbers, and 10 is a closed OM SOUND! Soul Center, one whole! Remember, 1 comes out of Zero, and Zero is also 1. The separation of the two is what creates the basis of understanding of the material world. Also serving the divide between the source of pure potential and the one (1). By shifting this in your consciousness one takes back Soul Center (01).

This was the ultimate description about closing the circle.

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