September 25, 2023

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Mia, left paralyzed from the neck down after suffering a reaction to the HPV vaccine

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Mia, left paralyzed from the neck down after suffering a reaction to the HPV vaccine, has no feeling in her arms or legs and is unable to lift her head. Her Mother, Gini Blesky, says the symptoms of her debilitating illness all began after being given Gardasil. Parents! Please BE INFORMED now and share this crucial information with everyone you love. Get access to this docu-series REPLAYING right now and protect your beloved children:


‘DOCS SAY IT’S IN HER HEAD’ Mum of girl, 12, who was paralyzed six months after having the HPV vaccine claims ‘jab is to blame’


4 thoughts on “Mia, left paralyzed from the neck down after suffering a reaction to the HPV vaccine

  1. I’m an average guy, father and grandfather, who has bothered to ask some questions on Vaccines and human health.
    What I have found is that Vaccines are dangerous to human biology, detract and injure the natural function of the human immune system.
    I did not need a Phd to understand this as the information is readily available and easy to understand.
    The part of all this that I cannot understand is that we have bucketloads of processed intellectuals churned out of Universities that have all sorts of credentials to hang on their walls yet rarely a murmur coming from a large portion of this intellectual bank as regards the results of chemicals induced into humans……. particularly pre and new born babies.
    Our Governments employ many of these credentialed people at high cost to taxpayers to advise them and assist in policy yet we notice that our Governments health policy is ‘mandatory vaccination without choice’.
    Y’know….. do we have a country with truckloads of overeducated dills or just cowards…… take your pick!

  2. ABC RN – The Science Show – Robin Williams The promise & challenges of quantum computing:
    Guest speakers.
    Joanna Batstone
    Hugh Barlow
    Andrew Morello
    Vikram Sharma
    Andrew White

    Joanna Batstone IBM: “Our ability to simulate a molecule – to simulate a potential target for drug design.”

    ME: The only problem with all of this bragging is that this God like quantum computing capacity is only as good as the information you feed into it.
    If the base information is incorrect – you are nowhere in a hurry.
    Sorry folks.
    The man with the latino accent – what arrogance.

  3. From where I am looking, this is a wild goose chase, you cannot get a correct answer, based on incorrect information input, the reason it is incorrect is because it is based on all the information we have today, the sciencepharma information is in its initial stages & most of it is based on wishes & hopes in pursuit of the Sacred Almighty Buck & not real fact.


    This is a con job, if I ever saw one.

  4. We are the AI, only we are capable of this kind of brilliance, fed to us from the memory of the conscious intelligence of the universe.
    Physics holds that the universe never forgets.
    But – hey………….. we never did learn to use the system, did we.
    Instead, like good little natives in fig leaves we bowed to it as the one God.

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