Microscopic Video Proves COVID Vax Contains Nanoparticles That Colonize In The Human Body


Mike Adams and Harrison Smith examine strange rubberband-like tissue removed from suddenly deceased cadavers that appear to be engineered to grow inside the body.

2 thoughts on “Microscopic Video Proves COVID Vax Contains Nanoparticles That Colonize In The Human Body

  1. It is now clear that the criminals behind the takeover, mass murder (depopulation by “vaccination”), the crimes committed since March 2020 and since much longer will not be brought to justice by the institutions they control.

    Billionaires psychopaths like bill gates, Soros, Blackrock, vanguard, or Rothschild own your puppet governments , they own entire swaths of parliaments, they own media, institutions, corporations, they even own intelligence services, the police and armies since they control politicians in power.

    These monsters are trying to force on the world their sick agenda of a one global dictatorship managed by them, it includes the planned extermination of billions (through ‘vaccination’ with bio weapons like the covid mRNA gene therapy, famine, wars, manufactured economic crisis, food & energy shortages, anything that can harm us and make them more powerful and richer).

    Their end game is to control everything on earth, every resource, our food, our money, our governments, our resources, even our bodies and minds. They are trying to implement the Chinese social credit system as we speak while destroying our economies since 2020 and accelerating in 2022 to force on us digital currency 100% controlled by their banks.

    They use the puppets they placed in governments such as most of the “leaders”, Biden, trudeau, rutte, macron, modi, scholz/merkel, etc…

    There is no other solution to stop their evil project than to stop them and to do so, we must kill them, their families so there will be no heirs (killing scumbag Soros won’t help if his son still lives, same for rothschild and rockefeller who purposely merged into other families to become less visible).

    The first to be killed must be bill gates. He is one of the main perpetrators in the most recent crimes of coivd-19 plandemic and subsequent genocide by lockdowns and vaccines, the current manufactured food crisis and the assault of farmers the world over.

    Here is where he lives most of the time, an easy spot for a decent shooter to clean the planet of this piece of shit:

    1835 73rd Ave NE, Medina (WA)
    Street views here: https://virtualglobetrotting.com/map/bill-gates-house/view/google

    Along with bill gates, any leader or major scumbag of the world economic forum must be eliminated, starting by klaus schwab as a symbol (his death will scare the others but he has zero importance in reality).

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