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Minister Hennessy’s Ministry Of Truth: No Jab, No Play Laws Shut The Door On Rogue Doctors

Welcome To Minister Hennessy’s Ministry Of Truth Where You Will Shut Up & Do What You Are Told.

Rogue medical practitioners will no longer be able to make false statements about a child’s ability to be immunised thanks to new laws which passed Parliament today.

The new laws will mean that letters and other documents produced by GPs or other immunisation providers will no longer be accepted as proof of immunisation.

From now on, only Immunisation History Statements from the Australian Immunisation Register will be accepted as evidence of immunisation or of medical exemption to vaccination when a child is enrolled.

The Labor Government is shutting the door on dodgy, anti-vax doctors who write up false vaccination exemptions and put our kids at risk of deadly, vaccine-preventable diseases.

The new laws simplify the process of enrolling kids in early childhood for parents and services alike.

Victorian kids are now better protected against vaccine-preventable diseases, with the state hitting the ambitious herd immunity target of 95 per cent – its best immunisation coverage in history.

The latest figures from the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register show that 95.3 per cent of five-year-olds are now fully immunised in Victoria.

From November, parents will be required to provide Immunisation History Statements to early childhood services at regular intervals – and not just upon enrolment – ensuring children’s immunisations are up to date.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Health Jill Hennessy

“We’ve taken action to slam the door shut on rogue doctors who peddle lies about vaccinations and put our kids in danger. There’s no two ways about it: Immunisations save lives.”

“People who tout misinformation about the health and safety of Victorian kids have to be stopped in their tracks – and that’s exactly what we’ve done.”

Quotes attributable to Minister for Families and Children Jenny Mikakos

“Our No Jab No Play laws are non-negotiable and they’re here to stay, because we want as many children as possible immunised and protected from life-threatening illnesses.”

“Immunising your child not only protects you and your family, but other children in the community. The science is crystal clear.”





7 thoughts on “Minister Hennessy’s Ministry Of Truth: No Jab, No Play Laws Shut The Door On Rogue Doctors

  1. I put it to you that there are no –




    producing false or otherwise – letters & other documents as false proof of vaccination.

    So What’s Really Going On – ?
    Why Has The Daniel Andrews Labor Government Decided To Make This Law.


    Where letters & other documents written by GP’s – will not be accepted as proof of vaccination.
    Why Has The Daniel Andrews Government Decided To Make This Law.

    Documentation from the AUSTRALIAN IMMUNISATION REGISTER is the only form of proof acceptable.

    WHY – ?

    Australian parents can no longer offer CASH BRIBES to their local GP’s in exchange for FAKE LETTERS of Vaccination proof.

    It is said –
    * that some GP’s require a CASH PAYMENT from the patient to fill out the quarterly CENTRELINK STATEMENT OF HEALTH & CAPACITY TO WORK DUE TO ILLNESS FORM.
    * that some GP’s require a CASH PAYMENT to fill in the APPLICATION FOR DISABILITY PARKING FORM to the local council for their patient.
    * that some GP’s require a CASH PAYMENT to fill in the 1/2 price taxi for the elderly form for their patient.
    * that some GP’s require a CASH PAYMENT to provide a certificate of illness for absence at work to their patient.
    * that some GP’s require a CASH PAYMENT to write a referral to a specialist for their ill patient.

    Well folks – it looks like SOME GP’s are raking in a hell of a lot of TAX FREE CASH IN HAND.
    Isn’t is a better idea if those CASH BRIBES & INCENTIVES are paid to persons running the AUSTRALIAN IMMUNISATION REGISTER ?

    Never look a gift horse in the mouth – isn’t that how the saying goes.

  2. Money is the root of all bullshit.

    Why is Daniel Andrews hiding behind his female Health Minister ?
    Come out
    Come out
    Wherever you are.

  3. Elderly persons set upon by their GP’s for CASH PAYMENT monies of any nature
    They have lawyers as well as all manner of councilors 7 other persons most eager to help stamp out ABUSE OF THE ELDERLY.
    They are a friendly & powerful force – working on behalf of seniors in our community.

  4. True Story:
    Sydney Rd Coburg – 10 year ago aprox.
    I was in the waiting room, 2 women walked in, a senior woman & a middle aged woman, mother & daughter – Greek.
    I visited with the GP & left.
    I was in the entrance of the fruit shop, as the mother & daughter walked past.
    The mother was hysterical & crying out in Greek – (I speak Greek) “Why does he not want to fill it in for us?” “Why does he not want to do it for us?” Her daughter was trying to calm her down – the mother keep on, “We need it,” “We have to give it to them,” “Why won’t he do this – it is his job – who else can do it for us.” & it went on.
    The daughter took her mother through the mall to the car & after calming her mother down, left here there & went back to the GP to try to get the required forms filled in- he as her treating GP after all.
    I was now in the mall as the mother, in tears & again hysterical, was calling out for her daughter as she walked to the surgery.

    The whole street heard & knew what had happened.

    1. Do you want me to tell you how I waited in the pharmacy for 1 & 3/4 hours waiting to be served?
      Only that every time it was my turn – “one of their people” – came in & I had to wait.

  5. Jill Hennessy is a liar and has deceived the Australian public.
    Hennessy is not only a liar but is not qualified to state that vaccines are 100 percent safe and has no science to support her statement.
    Hennessy is a lawyer not a scientist nor Immunologist so she is crossing very important moral boundaries by misleading the Australian public on such an important issue as Vaccine safety.
    Hennessy has followed her Judas Goat and it could be her demise.

  6. Where are all our Intellectuals?
    Surely on the evidence that Hennessy as Health Minister intently deceived the Public would warrant an investigation by the appropriate authorities…… where are they?
    Where’s the Media who are always scavenging for scapegoats….. this would have to be real news for a change….. Headline…… “Hennessy stood down pending enquiry!”
    Why do we tolerate these double think lying politicians who constantly breach moral codes of conduct yet keep their lucrative positions of power all paid from the Tax purse.
    Just like the average Joe’s they should be accountable for their actions!

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