December 7, 2023

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Child Abuse: Mom Videos, Laughs At Daughter’s Fear Of Vaccine Shots


Maybe the girl is on to something? All the same, it is sad to think that a child would endure public scrutiny because she’s afraid of multiple vaccine shots.

One comment, “The harder she fights SHE STILL GONNA GET DAT SHOT DEAL WITH IT,” really stood out to me. That’s the core attitude of the pro vax community. The vaccines are the child’s “right of passage.” The fears are humorous due to the child being a pawn in the system of vaccines.

The mandatory vaccine movement has taken a hit since President Donald Trump came into power. Hillary Clinton being elected would have nearly solidified mandatory vaccination around the country. It would seem we are on the precipice of reversing our course back to parental choice.

It would be an interesting follow-up to one day find out if this little girl forces her children to get vaccine shots…


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