October 2, 2023

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4 thoughts on “Mr Meana – Cannabis Kills Cancer

  1. Thank you for this – Joe has just today discovered that one of his friends has bladder cancer.

  2. Cannabis The Evil Weed – video –
    “while for others it seems to be something that unravels the mind & empties their lives.
    Psychosis:- a severe mental disorder in which thoughts & emotions are so impared that contact is lost with external reality.
    30 seconds into the video .”a voice sometimes tells me to kill myself”
    Schizophrenia is a complex brain disorder bla bla bla…………
    Could it be that receptors in the brain are / havebeen stimulated to a point where the subject / sufferer …….
    * is hearing other people thinking
    * picking up on the emotional ups & downs of others
    * the mechanism which was in place to keep other noises out has been opened ?
    Therefore these people are not mentally ill – but mentally inhansed instead.

    And I am pleased to say that there are ‘real peopel’ seriously seeking answers to these possibilities. – this condition became a “mental Illness” when man was afraid of his own shadow.

  3. Cannabis Medicine – deep in the British country side, is a Top Secret facility which grows cannabis to manufacture into medicine.
    Interesting fact –
    “each and every cannabis plant is an exact clone and therefore the exact properties and consistantcy of each plant are known”
    Did you know that this happens with cloned plants –
    Isn’t it marvellous –
    Only that it is the biggest load of rubbish –
    The BBC is one big lie manufacturing facility.

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