Muslims whip and cut themselves in front of their children during bloody ceremony in Greece


The images you are about to see do not come from Yemen or Islamabad, nor from Syria nor from Afghanistan.

These photos were taken in Piraeus, Greece, where dozens of Shiite Muslims gathered in order to celebrate “Ashura”.

Ashura is one of the most important celebrations of Muslims, celebrated worldwide for the anniversary of the death of Hussein Ibn Ali, grandfather of the prophet Muhammad, by the caliph Yazid in the battle of Karbala in 680 AD.

Part of the celebrations is the gathering of all Shiite males, which whip themselves in order to simulate the torture of Hussein Ibn Ali.

The ceremony, known as “Muhammad’s Lament”, takes place on a road between warehouses.

In the meantime, women are separated from men, as it is forbidden for them to watch the ceremony.

The abominable images of grown men whipping themselves in public, in front of their children, in 2018 Europe, is indicative of the situation to which multiculturalism has led us, year by year, and reveals that this culture is incompatible with Western civilisation.

Modern Europe is facing a multi-layered crisis in the economy, immigration, culture and demographics. Beyond that, certainly, Europe will soon face the most important battle of her history, the battle of her own existence, as we know it.


11 thoughts on “Muslims whip and cut themselves in front of their children during bloody ceremony in Greece

  1. Karl Marx said that religions were the opiate of the people maybe he should have stated that self mutilation was the opiate.
    After all it seems that we humans have a inbuilt demand to be slaves or to be controlled and persecuted just as the Jews do in their ‘we are the chosen separist persecuted mode’.
    Some scholars claim that it dates back to when we were originally created by ET beings who designed us as slaves to assist their endeavours on earth.
    Tall story indeed but looking at the facts the human race are mashochistic in that they maintain drama on themselves and refuse to accept otherwise.
    For example, we tolerate a State and it’s government that is not in our interests yet we keep voting in the same devil types that we voted out. Crazy? Freud should reply on that but we are rather crazy in context of how we see ourselves.
    We Voted in Gay Marriage and were warned that the LGBD group would capitalise and seek to promote their agenda via our Christian Institutions. That is now happening in our schools so we shot our foot again and was it for pleasure or pain?
    We seem to love pain and suffering so maybe some of our scholars were on the money and we didn’t listen, as usual!
    We will allow our State to bring more of these Mashochistic Islamics into Aus as it suits our prepared psyche to self mutilation.
    They will flock in as they have done in Europe and we will become second hand citizen mashochists which will suit our deep psyche of slaves to the State– enjoy your captivity and slavery! it will get worse! Luv, Gus

  2. “Some scholars claim we were created by ETto be their slaves”
    Really !!
    Their expectations of a slave were very low –
    & / Or
    They had little to no knowledge of creation technology –
    And they created us –
    A motley crew if there ever was one.

    1. Read Michael Tsarion’s book on Atlantis and he offers other authors to slake any thirst for mans origins on this planet. Also read Ralf Ellis as he has some credible writings about our history. If you believe in Jesus then leave Ralf alone as he will rock your belief system boat.
      Man is a slave to lies by his ruling elite who could not exist without torturing the truth.
      Don’t ask questions, just believe and all is OK!
      Religions gave us sin so that we must repent for being human, so the flogging, repentance to some God for some unknown sin. They call it original sin, it’s original alright! but controls the masses guilt! Guilt by insinuation not by cause. Marx was wrong, religion is not an opiate but a brainwashed guilt complex! Nothing heady about that!

      1. Never was a truer word spoken !! ;-D
        I’ll have to look up these 2 jokers you have mentioned – lets see if Ralf Allis can blow my sox of like U say.

        1. Ralph Ellis – The origin of the old & new testament – youtube
          This is just an introduction – bare bones.
          That they were all kings of Egypt in the beginning ???

          In fact they believed themselves to be GODS – supernatural beings …
          A good example is The Man Who Would Be King – movie starring Sean Connery & Michael Caine = the natives believed Alexander the Great to be a GOD & not mortal.

          In them days we were not the smart arses we are today before reading & writing came to the masses & now sophisticated global communications – “Hey ma, look at us now.”

          And there is no mention of the demonic faith & the supernatural & shamanistic practice here = the kings witch whom he keeps down in the dungeon.
          Ever interested however I shall look further –

          1. And remember Rasputin was a nobody who raised himself up to momentous status with his magic tricks & a lot of hypnotic suggestion or was it real.
            I’m sure that if I were to gaze into my wonky crystal ball & “get a few things right” I could do well / profit from it.

          2. The movie The princess Bride – the king kept his witch chained in the dungeon &&& he had a torture chamber also – this looney tune had it all.

      2. Gus 🙂
        I am an ordinary person, nothing special about me at all.
        I wanted to make my son Joseph’s funeral something to remember him by, the last happy memory of Joe that would stay with us, a warm feeling.
        I thought about it & thought about it.
        Jesse Duplantis:- it has been said that at some of his revival meetings, the air was so thick & that lightning was known to strike.
        This is due to the collective energy of the congregation.
        The card with Joe’s picture on it & a poem.

        Somewhere over the rainbow
        Way up high
        There’s a land that I heard of once in a lullaby
        Someday I’ll wish upon a star
        and wake up where the
        clouds are far behind me
        Where troubles melt like lemon drops
        Way above the chimney tops
        That’s where you’ll find me.

        Many of the people who attended the funeral have since told us that when they see a rainbow they look for Joseph.
        They all know that the angels came to mourn his passing & to take him to heaven & that he was a special guy / a prince = Ecce Gratum to lower the coffin.
        This was conjured with the music I chose & the poem.

        MAGIC ??
        Did I do magic or was this suggestion.
        I chose the right music & words to create the right mood.

  3. Isn’t this the same server corporal mortification practiced by The Albino – Silas in the Da Vinci Code – he is seen using a metal cilice & flogging himself – by – The Albino – ??

    Mortification of the flesh is an act by which individuals or groups seek to put to death their sinful nature as part of sanctification. In Christianity the practice of the day included fasting, abstinence as well as pious kneeling.

  4. Cashed up Europeans are migrating in droves.
    Professional Europeans – whole families are leaving Europe & they are bringing their education & money with them.
    Australia is in for a phenomenal makeover.

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