New form of light promises boost for photonic computing

Anthony Peake

August 8 at 12:14pm · London, United Kingdom ·

 In my new book I suggest that “reality” is an “hallucination” created by a former of super-simulation program running on a very advanced quantum computer. In the last chapter of “Opening The Doors of Perception” I discuss in detail how a virtual reality simulation working directly with the sensory areas of our consciousness could create a virtual reality so real that we would be totally emersed in it and we would believe it was totally real. Indeed I suggest that there is no objective “reality” outside the simulation in the same way that there is no “objective time” nor any “luminiferous ether” whereby an ultimate objective reference frame for speed exists… everything is relative to each subjective frame of reference. Could it be that “perception” is similarly relative and each perceptual reference frame is similarly “real”? For this to work their must be a process of quantum computing that will allow the processing power to run such a simulation. This has been the major criticism of the “simulation argument.” However latest discoveries regarding a new form of electromagnetic energy may allow hypothetical quantum computing to have the processing power needed to run such a universe-sized
VR program … check out this article:



Colin Jeffrey  August 5, 2016

“The results of this research will have a huge impact on the way we conceive light” (Credit: Colin Jeffrey/New Atlas)

The fascinating properties of light and its electromagnetic partner electricity have been the focus for a great deal of physics research over the centuries. So, with all these years of study, it could be expected that there may not be much left to learn about these two phenomena. But now researchers at Imperial College London have surprised everyone with research suggesting that binding light to a single electron could result in a new type of light that boasts the properties of both.

The research involves the use of topological insulators, which are materials that act as electrical insulators internally, but are conductive externally, and allow electrons only to move along their surface, such as that used in the recent creation ofplexcitons. Imperial College researchers claim that it could be possible for a single electron to be coupled to photons so that, as the electron followed the surface of a topological insulator, so too would the light.

In other words, the light could, for example, be forced to follow the curvature of the surface via the movement of its attached electron, so that a form of physical energy itself would influence its travel. This would mean that light could be controlleddirectly by electricity to make it follow a circuit, or move in a direction that it normally would not follow.

“The results of this research will have a huge impact on the way we conceive light,” says Imperial’s Dr Vincenzo Giannini. “Topological insulators were only discovered in the last decade, but are already providing us with new phenomena to study and new ways to explore important concepts in physics.”

Using existing studies by Imperial researchers on nanoparticle topilogical insulator spheres less than 10 nanometers (about half the width of a human hair) in diameter, the researchers created models that not only showed that light would take on some of the properties of an electron orbiting the nanoparticle, but that the electron would similarly adopt many of the aspects of the light with which it was integrated.

As such, where electrons may normally stop flowing in a circuit when confronted with a conductor defect, the team realized that the light connection would help the electron flow past the imperfection in a way never before thought possible. The potential of this behavior could be exploited in the likes of future photonic computers, which could be made much more reliable, less vulnerable to disruption, and largely inured to physical defects in their circuits.

At present, any evidence of this phenomenon working would be unobservable in any practical way due to the quantum-scale realm in which it occurs. However, Dr Giannini and his team are collaborating with experimental physicists to help produce a practical demonstration of their model, and believe that the actions that would help to create this new form of light could be brought up to a scale where they may be scrutinized at room temperature.

Combined with other recent research into new forms of light, this work may help make one more step forward to realizing practical photonic-based quantum computers created from light-based electronic circuits.

The results of the research will be published today in the journal Nature Communications.

Source: Imperial College London

2 thoughts on “New form of light promises boost for photonic computing

  1. We / they have discovered …. that a single ecectron affects the behavior of several thousands of atoms.
    Where previously they did not believe that a sinle electron could do it.
    We have moved a step foward in our knowledge base.
    Of course we / they expected the there was not much more to learn in the scheme of things … so we know it all, but a few bits & pieces … for the arrogant, ignorant, closed minded, primatives that the scientific geneii on planet earth are.

    Quantum – meaning – a discrete quantity of energy, proportional in magnitude to the frequency of the radiation it represents.

    ” virtual reality simulation working directly with the sensory area of our consciousness could create a virtual reality so real that we would be totally emersed in it & we would believe it was totally real” writes Anthony Peake.

    The Universe Never Forgets ….
    The hard drive of a super computer that holds everything that has ever been / and everything that could & or might be – because of the probabilities aspect / potential of a knowledge base to predict = possible future events.
    (& yet science geneii still denounce future) … Amazing Guys..
    We are artificial intellence – ‘THE’ artificial intellegence that everyone is going on about –
    An enhanced robot is no good, it will realise that it is the baby that creates the poo, to cause the nappy to be changed, realise that the problem is the existenc of the baby & as a matter of efficience it will throw the baby away with the soiled nappy – problem solved.
    We the people of planet earth are plugged into & indeed are the tenticles of the tenticles of the super quantum computer & why could tangable reality not also exist – it does.

    We the incredibly ignorant of planet earth, believe the WE are ‘ALL THAT’ … & we are but for some strange reason we don’t get it.
    The joke is on us, we have created the circumstance where, soon, there will be no children of man.
    Uranium is so powerful, it has a shelf life of milions of years, has it occurred to anyone else but me, that maybe only a teaspoon full could power planet earth for as long the life span of the uranium ?

  2. James Corbet – video – OIL ( it is a great video ) … talks of the Industrious, Industrialists as if they were men of vision, yes they were, they saw how fat their backsides would grow socially when they made money.
    Not how beneficial their efforts could make the whole world & it’s population … but how well they would guzzle the French Champagne to dead drunk status …
    What these successful men achieved is mammoth.
    The have killed us.
    The planet & even the universe will replenish itself.
    But the legacy that the likes of Rockefeller have delivered to us, is extinction of mankind on planet earth.

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