December 1, 2023

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NO JAB-NO CHOICE: New WA vaccination laws reject doctor’s note

Letters from doctors excusing children from immunisation will be rejected under new No Jab No Play rules.

Note: The No Jab-No Choice fear & propaganda machine just keeps rolling on with the criminal police state of WA standing up to be counted. The Australian government & their Big Pharma overlords are going to take this all the way to the bank while healthy unvaccinated Aussie families are quickly running out of places to hide. Are we going to start seeing Government mandated kidnapping of unvaccinated children from their families for neglect? This is a horrible question but all Australian’s who care about health freedom need to face the possibility of such an ugly reality & act now. No Jab will roll onto all adults & will slowly take over our everyday lives making surviving nearly impossible without the jab. Work, travel, driving, taxes, medical, family & many other simple activities that we take for granted will slowly become poisoned by the No Jab beast, you have been warned. 

Parents will be prevented from “doctor shopping” for exemptions to vaccine shots for their kindy-aged children under new No Jab No Play laws set to be introduced in WA.

Letters from doctors excusing children from immunisation will be rejected under the new rules.

Instead, childcare and early education centres will only accept immunisation history statements from the Australian Immunisation Register as proof of any medical exemption.

Exemptions would only apply to children with proven natural immunity or a medical contraindication to a vaccine, such as a life-threatening allergic reaction or an impaired immune system.

Rather than banishing kids from early education care services, Health Minister Roger Cook said families would be “supported to seek vaccinations” during a grace period.

“Vaccine objection or conscientious objection will not be a valid reason for exemption,” Mr Cook said.

“But vaccine objection is not the only reason for children failing to be immunised. Parents have to juggle many competing demands and sometimes immunisation may be missed.

“The new policy will provide another reminder for parents to ensure their children are up to date with their vaccinations prior to enrolling in childcare.

“Mandatory immunisations will be of benefit to our children, their families and a healthier community. I want to ensure that every WA child is appropriately protected from vaccine-preventable illnesses.”

The latest Australian Immunisation Register data shows 91.8 per cent of five year olds in WA were fully vaccinated.

Mr Cook said finalisation of a nationwide No Jab No Play policy was expected at a meeting of the country’s health ministers in coming weeks.

Individual States would then introduce their own legislation.

WA has been lagging behind other States in introducing the hardline policy because former premier Colin Barnett was against it.

Mr Cook said regulations were also being drafted to tighten up immunisation records for school-aged children.

He said immunisation records at school entry was “variable” and a more “systematic approach” to follow up on children not fully vaccinated was needed.

It is expected these regulations would help to identify any unvaccinated children who did not attend early childhood centres.

A total of 3500 WA children were granted “contentious objections” from vaccinations in December 2015. This equated to 1.45 per cent of all WA children.


4 thoughts on “NO JAB-NO CHOICE: New WA vaccination laws reject doctor’s note

  1. This is the best thing that could happen.
    Reality is setting in.
    I find it astonishing that the politicians of Australia believe that they are INVINCIBLE.

    Please know that many parents will forfeit the money.
    Rather than to be forced to vaccinate their children.

    The state & federal politicians of Australian must be tingling with glee at the thought of all THOSE LOVELY MILLIONS OF DOLLARS THAT SUPPORT THE CHILD CARE SYSTEMS – which they will get to claw back.
    Is the catch cry.

  2. It is for sure that there are several child care centers, ready to close their door at a moments notice.

    The 2008 GFC saw the ABC Learning Centers go belly up & what a mess that became.

    “For hapless ABC Learning Centers insiders, the question was – how could they not make money”
    “This is a business subsidised by the government – how can it be unprofitable?”

    It is the Australian Governments that heavily subsidises the child care system – BIG MONEY –
    Which they now want to take back.
    The child care system will collapse & women will be forced to QUIT THEIR JOBS.
    Wait & see.

  3. I put my bin out Monday night – I need my walker to do this – I get it to the street & have to sit & rest – I get it to the edge of the footpath & have to sit & rest – I come back in & try to make it inside without a rest – I then sit & have a big rest to recover.
    The big vehicle next door blocked the arbo’s vision & he did not empty my bin.
    I now have to get a grip on it & fetch the bin in again.

  4. I took receipt of the electric wheelchair – I took it out for a spin – In Bell St – I was on the road trying to get up over the ridge to get on the footpath – I reversed & tried several times – this nice young man was standing at the bus stop at High St – watching – he was going to offer to help just as I got the contraption onto the footpath -“It’s new” I told him – “I was going to come help you” he replied “Thank you” I said.

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