Normal Marriage and Raising Family Will Soon Be Impossible

(R) The Drum hosts (adapted image from the ABC)

by Tony Hayward-Ryan


Nurturing domestic violence… It would be a rare night of television viewing when I was not witnessing the slapping of a man’s face by a woman.

Although to any objective observer this is clearly an act of domestic violence, it is entirely acceptable and normal to the feminists who dominate all public discussion on this topic. According to them, it only becomes violence when perpetrated by a man.

This is the attitude which pervades almost all media, which in turn regulates all public discussion. Increasingly, this gross distortion of values governs what we are entitled to even think.

If one wants to view saturation feminist emersion in gender victimism, one need look no further than ABCTV’s programme The Drum.

On this show, one is invited to become not only a victim of gender repression, but of racism and homophobia as well. To promote the illusion of balance, each episode features faux-men, squaw-men, pretend men, call them what you will; who in acts of degrading sycophancy to radical feminism, condemn their fellow men for their endemically malevolent maleness.

Being truly ancient, I well recall how this insanity began:

My very first sample survey took place in the late 1960s when I gauged the male response to then-emergent feminism. Out of 100 participants I encountered only one man who opposed the women’s demands. Unsurprising I suppose, because equal rights, and equal pay for equal work were eminently reasonable asks.

But in 1973, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp began embracing a new and virulent form of feminism which made no pretence of securing male support and instead launched into male hate and male domination; which struck me as pretty stupid if one really wanted positive change. Alienating half the population was transparently bad tactics.

Decades later, I realised that social division was Murdoch’s objective, not improving the lot of women workers. For the feminists, hating men was purpose enough.

Leap back to more recent times and guided by a decade of engagement in family welfare, child protection and domestic violence, I wondered about the impact on young boys bereft of fathers, of decades of unremitting feminist propaganda about the intrinsic brutality of being male.

Also noting the self-appointed entitlement of feminists to belittle, bait, berate, and even bash hapless males caught in their power-traps, I wondered if this was the reason why so many boys grow up to resent women. And when, as is their wont, these women indulge in sadistic emotional or social provocations which drive some of these men to lash out… is this really so surprising?

Compounding this folly, feminists have recently inflicted a new round of public condemnations of MEN, veering close to demanding all men be drafted into re-education camps which will teach them proper subservience to all women.

When these rabid misanthropes learned that a union secretary had been reported (apparently misreported) as disparaging media celebrity Rosie Batty, there were demands for his resignation; and even an act of excommunication by fundamentalist ALP pope Anthony Albanese.

Disregarding the accuracy or otherwise of the report, Rosie Batty’s only media qualification is to have married a man who killed her son and , frankly, I have yet to hear her contribute anything sensible to the violence mitigation conversation. Why she should be regarded as a sacred cow escapes me and if anybody concludes similarly that is their inalienable right in a democracy.

To suggest that free speech in Australia is now under threat of extinction is a muted understatement. What is even worse is that launching a normal marriage and raising a family will soon be impossible.

But by now I am finally beginning to understand that this is the objective.


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