October 2, 2023

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1 thought on “NSW Police: Utterly Compromised

  1. The police were never set up to protect the people; they were set up to protect the interests of Government and it’s affiliated Corporations and supporters.
    The design and implementation of the Law is to protect Government not the people.
    The Police assist in the control of the people within the constricts laid down by Government to secure power over all actions of the people.
    This Government power is important for control as the masses far exceed any government or police force so must be controlled; a constant problem of Governments.
    Today, in Australia, we are witnessing a shift in Government distribution of it’s power whilst it is promoting and forcing medical issues to a low key acceptability by the people.
    The Morrison Government is pursuing Communist type policies to force people to heel to its medical Law that conflicts with human rights, dignity and freedom of choice.

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