September 22, 2023

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Online Free Speech is Under Attack in Queensland!

URGENT ALERT: Freedom of Speech Under Attack in Queensland! Sign The Petition Now!! 

A dark cloud looms over Australia as the Queensland Labor Government pushes for the Criminal Code (Serious Vilification and Hate Crimes) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2023.

This proposed law is a clear threat to our fundamental right to express our opinions freely, and could put an end to free speech as we know it.

If this bill passes, Australians could face up to three years in jail for posting anything deemed “offensive” on social media.

Even legitimate political statements made online, including on social media and blogs, could be criminalised.

You could be arrested and imprisoned for posting a comment on Facebook about men not being able to be women, or tweeting that we shouldn’t have to be welcomed into our country. And edgy political jokes could land you in deep, deep trouble.

This Orwellian draft law covers online commentary, which means that this rule could apply to anyone in Australia, not just Queensland!

Political discussion could become a legal minefield that we simply will not be able to navigate.

The government effectively wants to stop any dissent via the threat of ‘thought crimes’.

Australia is not immune to the suppression of free speech.

In England, the home of parliamentary democracy, police can and often do arrest people for ‘politically incorrect’ statements they make online. We must act now to prevent this from happening in Australia.

This proposed anti-free speech law will be debated and voted on in the next sitting of the Queensland Parliament.

Time is running out! We cannot afford to sit back and watch this happen.

Sign the petition now and join CitizenGO team in the fight to protect our fundamental right to express our opinions freely.

URGENT ALERT: Freedom of Speech Under Attack in Queensland! Sign The Petition Now!! 


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