“Open For All” business directory helps Australians support businesses that allow unvaccinated customers


As concerns grow about the strict limits being placed on the movement of unvaccinated people in Australia, a new online directory has been launched listing businesses that are willing to open their doors to all customers regardless of their vaccination status.

The Open For All initiative, which is being run by volunteers, reports that hundreds of businesses have already signed up to be featured on their site, particularly customer-facing businesses such as those in the beauty and fitness industries.

The launch came not long after the government of NSW became the country’s first jurisdiction to create a roadmap for the state to move away from lockdowns. Their solution involves preventing people who are not vaccinated from entering indoor establishments.

For example, the NSW Government Freedoms For Fully Vaccinated People webpagesays that the area will begin to reopen when they have reached their target of 70 percent of residents being fully vaccinated. At this time, only people who are fully vaccinated will “have access to the freedoms allowed under the reopening NSW roadmap.”

This means that only those who have gotten the vaccine will be allowed to participate in gatherings in homes, which will be capped at five visitors, as well as weddings, funerals and a broad range of venues including retail stores, gyms and hospitality. Masks will remain mandatory in all indoor spaces, so it is not clear why people who are unvaccinated will not be allowed to enter. It appears that those who have not gotten the vaccine will be effectively confined to their homes indefinitely – with no visitors, of course.

While not all jurisdictions have adopted the same stance, many Australians fear similar roadmaps are in the works for their area. A volunteer for Open for All said that it is not surprising so many businesses are taking a stand because vaccine passports create a host of business challenges. The group points out that in order for the country to recover from the pandemic economically, it is essential that all Australians are included in its reopening.

Anyone can visit the Open for All website and search for businesses that are welcoming everyone. A pull-down menu at the top of the page allows people to select the type of business they are looking for, whether it is a bank, pet store, beauty store or any other type of venue. A second pull-down menu allows them to refine by location before being presented with a list of matching businesses. This is useful not only for those who are not willing to take on the vaccine’s risks and still wish to participate in society but also those who may already be vaccinated but resist the idea of vaccine passports and want to support businesses that are taking a more inclusive approach.

Another step closer to a CCP-style social credit system

The CEO of Australian storage giant Kennards Storage, Sam Kennard, is one of the businesses that is being listed on the site. Kennard told The Epoch Times: “Vaccine passports will put the population on a slippery slope of ever-increasing government oversight, intrusion, and surveillance of our lives. Why not facial recognition check-ins? Geo-tracking? And eventually social credit scores?”

It isn’t hard to imagine that all this is just bringing us one step closer to the social credit system being used by the Chinese Communist Party to control the population of China by ranking citizens and punishing them for things like buying too many video games and posting on social media, with penalties ranging from slower internet to being banned from accessing better hotels and higher education. What once seemed unimaginable to most of us living in free nations is starting to look frighteningly possible.

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