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You are the most vaccinated generation yet.
Your food is
toxic so your bodies are ill.
Your economic prospects are
You are college educated but
weren’t taught critical thinking.
minimum wage jobs just won’t you let leave home.

Your DNA is being modified.

You’re being gamed


 We are concerned about you. You are the future of humanity and your future is being taken from you… you are being screwed, blued and tattooed by the political elite.

.You are the most vaccinated generation yet. You grew up with fluoridated water as your normal drink along with mercury, aluminum and a witch’s brew of horrors injected directly into you.

..Your food is toxic so your bodies are ill. You are on medications for asthma, ADD/ADHD, depression, insomnia and a host of other things that you have come to regard as normal.

.Your economic prospects are dismal but you are supposed to pay off the debts of your parents, grandparents, and the politicians and the banksters who are robbing you.

.About half of you still live at home with your parents although you – and they – might like you out of the house and making your way in the world.

.But your minimum wage jobs just won’t let that happen.

.You are college educated but your education has not taught you critical thinking – by design – because then you might be critical of the system that tells you not to think at all.

.You’re being gamed, but do you know how you are being gamed by a system that wants you drugged, amused and bemused?

93 Matrix G

.Have you read the labels on the “food” you think is normal? Do you understand that your fertility has been stolen from you and if you ever do get out of your parent’s home you may be unable to procreate – by design?

.Have you looked up from your screens long enough to notice that you virtually never see real weather in unmodified skies and that the stuff being released in those plumes is designed to kill you?

.Are you OK with the fact that your DNA is being modified to someone else’s designer standard just as your news and information is modified to their standard?

.Are you really fine with having no choice but to live a modified life with modified genes and modified reality for someone else’s purposes without ever really knowing what they are?

.Is it all too much for you so you let them think it out for you and tell you that thinking it out for yourself makes you a “conspiracy nut” when the conspiracy is real, and it’s all on their side?

.With the presidency of the first non-Baby Boomer president, GenXer Barrack Obama, about to end, and the two “major” parties reaching back a generation to nominate very unpopular Baby Boomers (while the Libertarian “third” Party nominated two GenXer former governors, Johnson and Weld) — why have you Millennials let the two political parties “drop a cloak of invisibility” over you?

.Is Baby Boomer Socialist Sanders the voice of the Millennial Generation? Will deep AI automation make you unnecessary? Will the Millennials be the generation that is exterminated through rapid population decline? Can that be managed without catastrophic “unintended consequences” to the infrastructure of civilization?

You Millennials are now being called upon by the Governing Elite to shoulder its burden of fighting its wars, manning its police forces, and stagger under its debts

.Are you willing to be digital “cannon fodder” for the system of control?

.Maybe not. There’s a solution? And it’s in you Millennials. Your skill in social media can save us all — by helping us generate shared wisdom — Millennial Wisdom.
Come share your thoughts, hopes, fears and wisdom with us at the First Millennial Roundtable.


You Are Invited
Wednesday, August 3, 2016, 6 to 8 PM Eastern

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.There’s a reason that your generation is fascinated by zombies: that is what the folks who have engineered these factors into your life (and not one of them is an accident, by the way) want you to become: the functioning, walking empty-minded, medicated, sedated, distracted dead.

.Not for you? Good.

.I have an invitation for you. Mark your calendar: Join me and Counsel Ralph Fucetola, JD, for a special live stream Millennial Roundtable on exactly these issues Wednesday, August 3 6-8 PM Eastern, Click on the YouTube link there and you’ll join the live stream with live chat.

.Our guests are Millennials ranging in age from 26 through 32. They include a veteran and an annonymous “white hat” hacker.

.Be there to join our Millennial guests.

.Yours in health and freedom,

.Dr. Rima and General Bert




  1. “are you angry yet”

    what good is it to get angry ?
    how can getting angry help ?

    “you are the most vaccinated generation yet”

    funny you should say this. of my 5 kids, 2 are scathing of The Establiahment & vaccination.
    I conversation with my sister, so are her 2 kids
    then I asked my friends who’s kids are between 25-35 years old like my sisters kids
    9 out of 10 of the kids from this age bracket are scathing & extremely suspicious of The Establishment & vaccination & the ulteria motives for vaccinations. many of these kids have asked thier parents in an accusing of negligence manner “why exactly did you have me vacinated” & “did you think at any time that it might not be good for me, or did you not care”
    These kids were brought up on & fed by the internet & social media & they are the next generation.

    1. Getting angry means nothing unless it is a spur to meaningful corrective action. That’s why we created the Round Table – so we could listen and formulate meaningful corrective actions.
      I want to congratulate you on having scathingly critical Millennials around you! Excellent job despite corporate mind washing.
      Please invite all of them to
      1. Attend the Round Table or, if that is not convenient, to
      2. Sign up for our news letter at and
      3. Email me directly from that site so we can interact with them for the purposes detailed above!
      Getting angry means nothing if it is a dead end. Mobilized, it is the beginning of a new day, a new way!
      Yours in health and freedom,
      Dr. Rima
      Rima E. Laibow, MD
      Medical Director
      Natural Solutions Foundation
      @DrRimaLaibow @HealthFreedomUS

  2. Kids still live at home because there is no real estate to buy
    It is all owned by property investment
    Who list their properties for sale on a regular basis
    Sell them to their own companies
    So as to increase the value of the property
    So as to enable themselves to borrow more interest free money from foreign banks
    IMPORTANT QUESTION HERE – are these property investment companies paying SALES TAX or COUNCIL RATES ?
    Most likely not & what is more they have no intention of repaying any of the borrowed monies.
    The will declare Insolvency & bankruptcy & regroup under a different IDENTITY
    When the real estate goes to FIRE SALE they will re-purchase said properties for a song & start al over again.
    BAIL-IN will be introduced into the banking system at which point The Establishment will immediately snatch 95 of all savings from THE AUSTRALIAN POPULATION.
    And all the while the Australian people are helping to make loan repayments for all this real estate VIA … CAPITAL GAINS CONSESSIONS OF 50% & NEGATIVE GEARING.
    Rentals are high based on the FALSE sales price achieved of the FAKE real estate sales.
    All this activity is massive fraud.


    1. Well, yes and no. I left my parent’s home when I was 17 years old. I did not own any real estate until I was more than twice that age, but I was able to afford first to live in pretty dismal poverty but support myself and then afford my own rent and expenses.
      There was a market that would employ me at a wage that I could manage to live on AND I was determined that, come Hell or high water, I WAS going to be independent, live on my own and make my own way.
      So the real estate market might have been good or it might have been bad: my issue was not investment, it was independence.
      Yours in health and freedom,
      Dr. Rima
      Rima E. Laibow, MD
      Medical Director
      Natural Solutions Foundation
      @DrRimaLaibow @HealthFreedomUS

      1. The Old Commission Flats lay in waste – when they could be realising BOLLIONS of dollars in rental monies for both the Federal & State Coffers.
        We are talking about the OLD HIGH RISE APPARTMENTS THAT SIT ON PRIME REAL ESTATE, WHICH STILL BELONG TO THE government body of Australia.
        Go sit outside one of these /each one of these highrise buildings & count the few appartments that light up when it gets dark.
        In the mean time MOODYS laments the fact that the Australian Coalition government was elected in so close a call … so as to not allow the coalition party to exact & extract the necessary budgerty cuts from Australia.
        In the European Union they call them Austerity Measures.
        In Australia we are begining to understand their true nature.
        In fact they are really ASSET STRIPPING AUSTRALIA & IT”S PEOPLE.

  3. BIL-IN = 9% of Australian Savings…. Mark Carney of the UK Bank is mad keen on BAIL-IN = HIM STEALING OUR MONEY

  4. 2 1/2 year now, I have been looking to buy a house in one of the worst suburbs in Victoria.
    I saw the house listed real – on Thursday night –
    I rang the agent Friday, no answer
    Saturday no answer … there was no viewing time advertised
    Rang Sunday, no answer
    Monday, a public holiday, no answer
    Tuesday afternoon – at last the agent answers their tax deductable, business, mobile phone.
    I am told – Saturday, over 26 people went through the house, 7 written bids were made & house was sold .. it must have been a private sale, hey.

    Same agency – huse was listed Friday night – open for inspection advertised – I rang & rang & rang agent – finally Monday afternoon the agent picks up –
    The story is – over 30 people went through the house on Saturday – 9 written bids were made & the house ws sold.
    Both stories lies.
    Also houses/dumps are photo shopped to look renovated/cosmetic makeover style – but when you actually go & look at the property is is really a dump.
    None of these properties are for sale to the public.

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