Outspoken former cop to headline next #ReclaimTheLine rally

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The battle against mandates continues.
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Industry workers are set to unite once again to say ‘no’ to vaccination mandates in the second round of #ReclaimTheLine events this weekend.


Police speaking out against the COVID narrative will be among the headline speakers in the second round of unite-in-white #ReclaimTheLine rallies, opposing state government vaccination mandates for workers.

The event is being held on Sunday, November 7, in more than 22 locations across Australia.

The inaugural #ReclaimTheLine event (October 1), was attended by thousands of workers and community members.

Alex Cooney, the former Grafton police officer best known for inspiring the movement Cops for COVID Truth, will headline the event. He will be one of several police officers speaking on the day.

After questioning the enforcement of “unlawful, unjustifiable and disproportionate” pandemic restrictions in a letter to the NSW Police Commissioner which went viral, he chose to resign to give police a voice.

“Public trust in the force is now seriously eroded because cops are being used as a tool for the pharmaceutical industry and politics to further a broader COVID agenda that’s about control, not health,” Alex said.

“I know many cops who are frustrated and stressed because they are aware that what they are enforcing is impinging on the rights and freedoms of individuals and the community.
It’s time to have the courage to speak out, or speak up from within by asking questions with integrity and respect. The community is waiting for police to stand with them and rebuild the trust that has been broken.”

The collective strike is organised by National Education United (NEU), a newly created and fast-growing alliance of more than 25,000 individuals from multiple industries.

#ReclaimTheLine spokesman Christian Marchegiani (aka Mack), from National Education United, said the mandates were profoundly affecting the lives of workers across multiple industries, including teachers whose vaccine deadline was looming on November 8. Others are already in place.

“It is appalling that Australians who are choosing not to receive a vaccination for a multitude of reasons are being punished for their choices,” Mack said.

“This is a peaceful rally for all workers across every industry to stand with their family and friends to show the so-called leaders of this country that we are united no matter how much they try and divide us.
Since the first event was held in October, we’ve gained a lot more support from politicians and industry leaders who want to be on the right side of history because they know Australians are suffering as a result of these unlawful mandates.”

#ReclaimTheLine supports workers including teachers, police, paramedics, aged care workers, health care workers, firefighters, construction workers, airline staff, miners and truck drivers.

Thousands of workers have resigned since government vaccination mandates were announced, creating chaos across industries.

November 7 #ReclaimTheLine locations include:

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Wollongong, Newcastle, Port Macquarie, Tweed Heads/Coolangatta Border, Coffs Harbour, Hobart, Darwin, Bendigo and a range of regional centres.

Locations announced so far this afternoon:

Albury – Australia Park
Alice Springs – Court House Lawn
Armidale – Central Park
Bendigo – Memorial Park

More to be announced here:

All events look to begin at 10am.

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The inaugural event on October 1 was attended by thousands of workers and community members. Footage of the October 1 #ReclaimTheLine event: https://vimeo.com/639516687

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