September 24, 2023

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“Paul Moder” My complaint to Victoria Police

flags of Australia and China painted on cracked wall

Paul Moder

My complaint to Victoria Police

To Whom It May Concern,

I am, and have always been a supporter of police in our state and nation. Having police in my family and in my general dealings, I always applaud the actions of our hardworking men and women in blue, who undertake their jobs, often at great risk to their well being and often with inadequate support and resourcing by their higher ups.

I am, as many other Australians are, including Chinese citizens, appalled by the decision to raise the communist red flag above the Box Hill Police Station earlier this week.

If you are not aware of the historical brutality and oppression directly caused by this regime, you should educate yourself post haste.

To date, some 54 million people have been murdered by the instigation of communist leader, Mao Tse Tung’s, Great Leap Forward.

Human rights in communist China are amongst the worst in the world and even today, protesters are being fired upon with live rounds by police, and are losing eyes and limbs in a brutal repression ordained by Communist China.

The fact that barely one kilometre from the Box Hill station is the local RSL, whose member boards contain the names of Australian soldiers who died fighting communists in Vietnam and Korea
, adds further insult to injury.

It is no secret that the Chinese are being permitted to purchase vast tracts of Australian land (some 45 million hectares to date) along with once Australian owned, city real estate and business.

Aspects of our government have been caught acting against Australian interests and behaving in a corrupt manner for monetary gain and power provided, in part, by Chinese agents and officials.

Given, various factions of the political parties and some of our local councils are openly Socialist (Stephen Jolly of Yarra City Council for example) It is of great concern to myself and many others, that there are sanctioned moves to turn Victoria and other states, into socialist regimes underscored by foreign, communist influence. If this occurs, the charter of Victoria Police, To Serve and Protect, will be exploited to serve and protect only our enemies and the force will be militarised (as it already has been to a significant extent) to turn against the very people, it is sworn to protect.

In answer to my complaint, I do not desire a stock standard response designed to ameliorate blame or the severity of this gross act of political recklessness, I want a direct response from the member responsible for making this decision and detailed reason as to why this dangerous political regime was made part and parcel of what is meant to be, an impartial, non political entity – Our Victoria Police.

Never forget, you work for US, the Australian people, not the other way around. The same goes for our police ministers and the Andrew’s government, who, in my opinion, are welcoming socialist and communist agenda into our state.

I NEVER want to see such a monstrous transgression such as this initiated by a local police station again. If it does occur again, rest assured, their will be further action taken.

As an Australian citizen and your duly appointed constituent, I hereby formally demand an apology from the person responsible for this act and call for that person to be removed from office.

I am available for further comment if required and I request a sincere response to my complaint.

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