December 8, 2023

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PEDOPHILE SIGNALING at the Golden Globes: HOLLYWOOD Doubles Down

The Phoenix Enigma

The vaccination skit at the Golden Globes may have been just a ruse. A flare sent up to distract the profane from a much darker and sinister message conveyed to those within the inner circles of the Hollywood pedophile networks. The true meaning of the vaccination skit is darker than one would imagine. It alludes to the ritualistic abuse and sacrifice of children.

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3 thoughts on “PEDOPHILE SIGNALING at the Golden Globes: HOLLYWOOD Doubles Down

  1. God is all knowing – all seeing.
    “Put a napkin over your head to shield yourself from God’s eyes”
    Is ridiculous – only an ignorant person would not know this – so they must be taking the piss … making fun of God.

    I think this stunt is yet another sign of desperation on the part of BigPharma – for them it is a lose, lose situation.

    This little bird – you also eat the feathers & the shit in its bowels ??
    Why darling, how extravagantly courageous of you.


    Q: Who killed the Lindbergh baby ??
    I have watched & read & thought about this case for several years now.
    Now let me see, who was said to be in the house that night ??
    Mommy / Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Daddy / Charles Lindbergh & Betty Gow the Lindbergh family nurse.
    Betty Gow In a very attractive & sophisticated woman, even more so than Mrs. Anne Lindbergh.
    The three of them make a nice couple.
    And of course there was the green eyed monster & the 21 month old baby / a terrible 2’s baby – or maybe the sacrificial lamb.
    They found a makeshift ladder dumped near by.
    They found the baby dead – only a few miles away.
    Surely the police searched the whole area ??
    A few miles radius from the house where the baby was taken is not that large an area to search.
    And a VITAL NECESSITY … don’t you think … just in case they dropped something.
    The baby was dead & the body was dumped that evening – where it was found ??
    Are There Alarm Bells Ringing In You Head Yet ??
    It had been there from the first instance.
    Is it possible that the child was killed some time before the police were alerted so as to set the scene ??
    Therefore who was paid the ransom money / hush money ??
    And the house was give away to a charity.
    It was too much of a sloppy job for my liking – things left around in close proximity.
    This is a story of love gone wrong.

    1. The ladder said to be used was a makeshift ladder.
      The man accused & found guilt of the crime was a carpenter.
      He would know that the ladder was not sufficient to do the job.

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