December 8, 2023

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People Are Merging With Their Smartphones


By TruthstreamMedia

Have you looked around lately? The zombie apocalypse is already here. It’s as if people have merged with their smartphones, as if the device is now a part of their bodies like another hand or another foot.

Reality is becoming a little less real by the day. Can you even imagine what it will be like when virtual reality hits the mainstream?

3 thoughts on “People Are Merging With Their Smartphones

  1. “he is saying that the internet is going to become a part of you”
    * is it that we will all be hooked up to the information center .. great & at last .. but who is actually behind all of this – Nanny HAL 9000 trying to fix that which is broke ?

    IT IS END TIME … & for a 1000 years we will live in peace .. Amen.

    # what is it with this woman & he attitude to the younger generation – maybe her wrinkles are showing – maybe her boyfriend dumped her for a younger model ?

    * “we’re being engineered”

    And maybe being tuned in YES .. & it’s about time .. the last generations & passed generations bullshit has gone on for long enough.

    * “all tables around us – everysingle table – every person at the table was on the phone – I feel like I’m sitting amongst tables full of ZOMBIES”

    This woman is lost in the woods – she has not got a clue – look around stupid & think.

    If anyones mobile phone fell into the toilet bowl they would immediately shove their hand in & pull it out – STUPID
    Plumbing cost a small fortune, you do not want to have to call the plumber to dig up under the house or yard to retrieve you mobile phone & the mobile phone also costs to replace.

    * “44% of infants are learning to use the technology”

    While our politicians & even Hot Shot Maverick GUNS in Wall Street are still afraid of their computers.
    We are becoming biological androids – yes – we are being groomed for our new role in the world – artificial intellegence.

    EVERY THING COULD ALWAYS BE HACKED – If somone relly want to steal from you there is little you can do to stop them.

    “when did we in society get to a point” – where has this female been all her life.
    “what happened to us”
    “I would tell people to wake up – but I don’t think they ever realize thet are asleep” – Oh boy !

  2. I spent the day with my 2 grand children Luke & Laura, we travelled the world on our laptops, we also had 3 Paddle Pops each, Luke, not quite 9, said “I can show you how to do it if you like grandma,” we were talking about hooking me up to something on the internet.
    I am so proud of these two little people.

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