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Please Support Jason Woodforth Senate Candidate For Health Australia Party


In the lead up to the Federal Election, Jason Woodforth will be running for a Senate Seat with so please support his efforts & the party as we need change.

Jason Woodforth Facebook

Our main political parties, including the Greens are, Opposames & large sections of the Australian population have simply had enough of them. Health Australia Party will represent a new & exciting change within the stagnant & outdated political system in this country. Lets help Jason grab a senate seat so he can keep the bastards honest & embed a party that is truly for the people.

Read Health Australia Party Policies Here:

Listen To My Interview With Jason Here:

Health Australia Party:


2 thoughts on “Please Support Jason Woodforth Senate Candidate For Health Australia Party

  1. The CEC Report 13th May 2016 ………. have you listened to the program ?
    The CEC Party is warnings of a corrupt banking system & how well it will bring down the Australian Economy.
    What will happen when the Property Bubble Bursts.
    Who is talking about Glass-Steagall & some form of Banking Regulation …. NO ONE
    ABC 4 CORNERS – Home Truth’s Monday 2 May 2016.
    These properties are not worth a fraction of their stated worth – & most certainly they are not for sale to the public – so who ownes them & are recipiants of Negative Gearing & Capitol Gains Tax Concessions to the tune of 50%
    In total this welfare to the Rich & Supe Rich could be worth 100 of BILIONS of Dollars – all from the public purse.
    The Establishment has got one hell of a nerve.

    All I hear from Mr. Healthy Nice Guy is warm & fuzzy stuff – a bit like Cow Dung.
    Who will fund the Health Party’s EXISTENCE – the bloody Tax Payer I bet.
    What an easy life these scavenging ding dongs have – hey !

  2. Mark Carney (alias Robin Hood) – govenor of the Bank of England – is mad keen on BAIL-IN – he has been sprinting about insisting it upon GLOBAL BANKING since way back when.
    In Cyprus it tranpired as 9% of everyones savings
    Are you going to be happy when Glen Stevens & his mob grab your hard earned cash from your savings account ?

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