December 5, 2023

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PM flags overhaul of terrorism laws, plan to use drivers’ licences for facial recognition

Note: PROBLEM REACTION SOLUTION: More false flag terror events just bring us closer to a new global open-air prison where the individual will become the total property of the state. There is nowhere to run or hide as we all get sucked into the machine of absolute control. Hang onto your souls & refuse to comply because they can never defeat an individual who recognizes the power of love & knows who they really are.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will ask the states to hand over licence photos for a national biometrics scheme and will also pressure them to adopt laws to detain terror suspects for 14 days without charge.

The Turnbull government will push state and territories to adopt a law that allows terror suspects to be detained for two weeks before they are charged.

The announcement comes ahead of a national security COAG meeting on Thursday.

As it stands, only police in NSW have the power to detain a person for questioning for up to 14 days, with most states allowing only a maximum of seven.

NSW is set to further strengthen its counter-terrorism measures with Premier Gladys Berejiklian announcing on Wednesday that terrorist-related offenders will find it hard to get parole.

Ms Berejiklian made no apology about the tougher bail laws, as she made the announcement alongside Attorney General Mark Speakman, Police Commissioner Mick Fuller and Corrective Services Minister Peter Severin on Wednesday.

“We know these are tough laws, but unfortunately these circumstances are here because of what we see around the world and around Australia.

“We want to make sure that our citizens are protected in every way and unfortunately we know it only takes one person to cause and inflict harm on so many others,” Ms Berejiklian told reporters in Sydney.

The government also wants to establish a national facial recognition system by asking the states to provide drivers’ licences.

Currently the federal government only has access to passport photos, which only covers half the population.

“We believe if we bring together drivers’ licences, then we can start to build up a national system that will enable us then more quickly to  identify people, particularly to be able to identify people that are suspected of, or involved in, terrorist activities,” Mr Turnbull told ABC Radio on Wednesday morning.

He said the facial recognition system could be used in airports and shopping centres.

The prime minister also flagged new criminal offences for possessing terrorism instruction manuals, including bomb recipes and other how-to guides.

“If you go up and ask somebody in the street, you know, do you think it should be lawful to carry around instructions to build bombs and chemical disposal devices and techniques for blowing up aeroplanes, I don’t think anyone would agree that there is,” Mr Turnbull said.

There will also be new, clearer laws against terrorism hoaxes like fake bomb threats, Mr Turnbull said.

Federal Shadow Defence Minister Richard Marles expressed bipartisan support.

In an interview with Sky News on Wednesday, Mr Marles said, “Our laws need to be continually updated to meet the challenges that are posed by terrorism and by the events that we have seen in the United States.”

He was referring to former accountant Stephen Paddock, 64, who killed 59 people and injured 527 as he rained down rapid fire on thousands of concertgoers at the country music Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on Sunday.

Mr Marles said while the Opposition was yet to look closely at the proposed laws, “We’ve worked hard with the government to be on the same page on a whole raft of laws that have made Australia a safer place.”

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3 thoughts on “PM flags overhaul of terrorism laws, plan to use drivers’ licences for facial recognition

  1. The Global Overlords have lost, their financial system does not work, they have rendered themselves bankrupt beyond any kind of comprehension – to INFINITY is the correct financial term – the global debt has been taken to INFINITY.

    The US alone owe’s $21 TRILLION plus a hefty interest rate on that amount & no means to pay.
    On top of that massive debt.
    President Trump has borrowed $700 BILLION to spend on defense.
    There is no customer base.
    Every nations leaders “simply loves the warring goodies, Darling !” – but have not got the money to pay for them.
    So who will carry the loan – ?
    Why, America of course – the arms are needed to take over control of the world.

    The “US RECORD ARMS DEAL WITH SAUDI ARABIA” announced on global mainstream media was a big fat lie from Donald Trump & his administration.

    The global resources are fast running out, just imagine the mayhem to come. all these security restrictions & safe guards are in preparation, we the people of planet earth are being eased into, what they fondly call ‘the reality of tomorrow’ where we are all safely held behind barbed wire & concrete & our Overlords will get away Scot-Free.

    It would be most prudent that we politely inquire of our Overlords – “mate, can ya give us some idea as to roughly how many trillions of $$$$$ Australia owes ?”
    But ……… would the likes of –
    His Excellency. The Prime Minister of Australia The Honorable Malcolm Turnbull
    ……… tell us ?

    1. I wonder if the new terrorist laws – where children as young as 10 – can be snatched from their beds in the dead of night & held without any legitimate charge – are not the beginning of a future plane to separate parents from the children – so as to re-educate the kids to new doctrines.
      Infertility has created a shortage of children to feed to world markets desire’s.

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