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Hi Members, On tonight’s podcast show 05/04/22 i am joined by researcher and author John Hamer to discuss his incredible work and books.

John Hamer jumps on the podcast with me tonight to chat about all the latest and give us a breakdown of what to expect from his new book, Welcome to the Masquerade. 

We discuss how the COVID circus is slowly being pulled down while constant media distractions are confusing people and keeping them in a fear state.

We chat about the PSYOP in Europe and possible incoming food and fuel price increases along with supply chain problems and what their next move could be. 

Find out more about John by clicking on the links below and you can also order signed copies of Johns’s books so mention the crazz files. 

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Hi.  My name is John Hamer and I have been a full-time geo-political researcher and author for around fifteen years.  In fact ever since the events of 9/11 which really awakened me to the realities of what was happening in the world at large.

My first book, ‘The Falsification of History’ was published in early 2012 following several years of intense research and this was followed in 2013 by my two ‘sister’ works on the Titanic disaster of 1912, the non-fiction ‘RMS Olympic’ and its companion, the novel ‘Titanic’s Last Secret.’

In early 2016 after more than two years of writing, I completed my latest offering ‘Behind the Curtain’- an expose of the fraudulent bank and world monetary systems.

My next work will be a companion book to ‘The Falsification of History,’ ‘The Falsification of Science,’ which is my humble attempt to demonstrate how it is not only past events that have been faked and distorted but also that the discipline of science has been similarly, fraudulently manipulated to benefit the Elite few, atop the pyramids of society.,p_82:B00B8X4CB6&sort=author-pages-popularity-rank

Unlike the subject of this book’s predecessor and sister volume, The Falsification of History, science is usually systematically falsified for two quite distinct reasons…

Firstly, as with history, it may be falsified for political expediency, that is for the purpose of maintaining and propounding a false paradigm that supports the ongoing political agenda, but secondly and most commonly, science is often falsified for financial gain, usually directly benefitting the ruling Elite corporatocracy in some way.

But how can this possibly be true? Surely there would be a huge number of people ‘whistle-blowing’ and exposing these perpetrators as the criminals and frauds they surely are?’

There ARE indeed a huge number of people aware of and attempting to expose the perpetrators, but as with anything else that contradicts an ‘official diktat,’ the overwhelming power and influence of those in whose best interests it is to deceive us, and who control most of the world, including the media in all its forms, ensures that only small snippets of information escape into the mainstream. However, this is more than enough to ‘paint a picture of reality for those of us who are broadly aware of the ongoing deceit, and this allows us to expose the sordid truth embedded in all the many establishments lies we are able to dissect.

There is FAR MORE to discover about our universe if we only would set ourselves free from the mental shackles of dogmatic, vested interest ‘science’ as practiced today in our Westernised, wholly materialistic culture.

The mega-wealthy, all-powerful corporations with their sun cult logos and ultra-slick marketing hype sell us idols and celebrities to worship instead, and slowly but surely bring the entire world under their influence whilst we tacitly believe their false science and not-so-subtle propaganda. We vote for their controlled politicians, read, watch, and listen to the lies and garbage emanating from their controlled media 24/7, buy their heavily promoted, often useless products, gizmos, and gadgets, listen to their dreary, repetitive, propaganda-filled, satanic ‘music’ and watch their sick, dysfunctional TV and movies and generally sacrifice our own souls upon the altar of materialism.

And that is precisely the kind of world that suits their insidious agenda and why and how they are able to maintain control over all of our minds and spirits.


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  1. About 10 years ago, the Federal Labor Government introduced a bill (when Stephen Conroy was Communications Minister). It wanted those with a Facebook page, or those in charge of a media spot with over a thousand followers to devote half their page to the official propaganda. So, if you had an anti-climate change page, you had to show the government’s position on the subject. That was voted down by Liberal, etc, and defeated. But now they are bringing it back (and worse) with bi-partisan support, plus they want to track and trace everything we do. People are shuffling their feet to protest against this, but I can guarantee most people don’t want it. George Christensen said no one has come up to him to say they want this (meaning it is not the people pushing it, but the globalists.)

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