September 25, 2023

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“HOWDY MEMBERS” I plug in with Rob D 26/01/21 as we continue to break down the matrix system that’s being built around us and cover all the latest news.

On tonight’s podcast show we Centre around the the COVID mRNA vaccine rollout and break down all the damage and death being caused by this insidious poison. 

We chat about the US elections, Q PSYOP and the destructive propaganda agenda designed to keep humanity in a constant state of fear.

NOTE; Some more interference at the start of the show but clears away after a few minutes.  

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  1. Hello:

    I found your website about 12 years ago and I have had several hackins, problems with Ontario Human rights for even the smallest of complaints. For one complaint I only got 2028.00 and only a place for the hacking to be completed?
    The diet supplement was given back which was sealed in the deal by Dalton McGuinty and also he gave it permanently. I got tagged with an ordinance that was on the time and repealed in 2012. The other thing is that I took in an old friend and worked with the homeless to present to city hall 20 depositions that were paid out by the City Of Ottawa. The action was called the Homeless action strike in which the homeless took back their own worked etc. we coordinated the newspaper The Dominion Newspaper. The biggest drop for panhandling which is still on is called The Panhandlers Union. Andrew Nellis and Proshanto nailed it too the wall. The tents were erected at City Hall adjacent to the Human Rights Monument. We managed to salvage one CPS parent file for 5 people and we did rescue one file from another city. The city of London Ontario and that was for Dee Montague, and Laura Lee Doepee. The CAS file was removed after she moved to London, Ontario. Laura Lee had a baby and was violently arrested by two officers who were later split up. One officer did own some type of Business I believe Painting and renovation and the other officer did have to move on Corporal and Sargeant . There was a half hour of ordinance written up and the file rescued in London Ontario as I mentioned. The writer was Jane Scarf a political activist that resides in Ottawa. She can be reached online on facebook and also her number is 613 884 9065. The online activist will answer humane calls and is still active in her political regime. Take Back City Hall. I made my complaint but when accosted here in Belleville Ontario. I was still in difficulty although I applied for a public place (fora) and got it. The city staff is now hacking away with their law s asking for an eviction because my friend whom used to live here was smoking a cigarette when the cleaning agent opened the door for difficulty and it was taken over by Eric a hospital worker(I have nothing to do with patients admin and also perhaps thinking I do not know the rental agreement is paid by the canadian gov and the hydro Moritorim 100,00 and 40.00 honorarium. I did as I said take the pictures of the police while on my way to the salvation army charity and was unable to do anything with it? and also the sound weapon has played away and been active for 12 years as I applied only or tried to reestablish a bond with the homeless for action as we did have to team up for any supplemental or advocate position.
    New friends of mine were pulled over by the police as I said an one ticketed and as I was on August 15, 2015. The wire was never pulled and the police did have several lockdowns for the homeless and constantly monitor the files?
    I did become overrun after the 15th and was simply put out of business as I threatened to tape the head honcho at OW. or Housing at which time a woman by the name or so she says teamed up with the city staff to remove and they are constantly at the door? The other poignant tremor is I have contacted COPD and I would like that kept quiet to receive no service. The Ontario human rights complaint was in my books a good complaint as I said and can still be fought. I picked it up by a poverty activist group by the name of John Clark OCAP. The other name is raging grannies who did get to present to city hall and to fight their obstruction. The homeless action strike was defineately a good action and some of the city members did become activist against stigma and One was a city Councillor who spent time in the CAS. The CUPE and CUPW and PSAC(all ready there) did a march on CIA out of Canada now. We gathered our arts and technology in confederacy park and the first nations showed up and we did a march as I said for as the original 15 unfolded in the newspaper to work with the Police in front of the world (the dominion newspaper who gave us a section for street activism as I mentioned is still printing away and I do have special thoughts to put toward the media imbalance. It was not until 2 years later there . The Ontario works did arrest the 4 that I am sure of and one of the homeless was ticketed Katie whom is Native American had to return to the shelter pregnant without the love of her life. Mike was diagnosed with Cancer(types) and is homeless on and off. We did manage the Homeless Action strike very well and As I said the security privation, the ordinance the newspaper coordination was done. The news security team is here (do not know what to think). The van was set up 4 years ago hiring yet more police and security?
    The CPS is working heavily in the street paper) against ordinance because to arrest the homeless is arrogant, and selfish.


    Karen J. Dawe

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