November 30, 2023

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Howdy members, join Adam 01/01/20 for the crazz files podcast to break down all the latest news and events. 

On tonights show i cover the engineered catastrophic fires around Australia & why this might be taking place. The war on Australia and a manufactured climate crisis is in full swing with the Australian way of life about to change drastically. 

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Some show notes are below:


  1. I listened to your recent podcast The Deliberate Burning of Australia and what you say is 100% correct. Your analysis re the jewish Bolshevicks is correct too. Try saying something on twitter not much of a reaction.. Australia is too dumbed down.. smh… your figures re population shrinkage is frightening. LOL!@theCrowHouse People its time to wake up and realize that both sides of the Australian govt want you whitey DEAD. Deliberately witholding water farmers having to walk away from their land b/c of absurd water regulations and now the burning of Australia all strategically planned.

    1. Thanks so much and the podcasts do give me a chance to go over all the info I am seeing and break things down in my own way. Thanks for your support and it really helps me to continue and keep the website up & running. I simply do not know how most Australians are feeling right now but if they feel like they are under attack then they would be correct.

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