December 5, 2023

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“HOWDY MEMBERS” On tonight;s podcast 22/06/21 i am joined by AVN president Meryl Dorey to discuss her incredible work and the COVID-19 PSYOP.

We chat about the COVID jab rollout in Australia, military involvement and Meryl’s critical letter to health minister Hunt. The AVN puts Minister Hunt and the Australian Government on notice of potential legal action

We cover never ending lock downs, mask mandates, fear-mongering and the incredible need for Australian’s to stay the hell away from the experimental COVID jabs.

Important show links below.

AVN: Advocates for vaccine safety and informed choice since 1994 

Don’t sacrifice your life for the jab 

Under The Wire Bitchute Channel 

VAERS COVID Vaccine Data

Victoria Declaration

Great Barrington Declaration

Book to tell your story or see the Vaxxed Bus

Australian Vaxxed bus

To book a time to tell your story (Vaccine-injury, unvaccinated or a combination of both) or just to see the bus, please click here.

AVN: Advocates for vaccine safety and informed choice since 1994


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