Polish MPs Blast Australian Governments for Breaches of Human Rights

“But,” he added, “the level of disgust these Polish MPs share for the totalitarian bastardry being shown by the Victorian police, in particular, is crystal clear.”


A 14-minute video circulating on social media shows Polish MPs protesting outside the Australian embassy in Warsaw, labelling COVID-19 Australia a quasi-Democratic nation.

Lead protester and former president of Classical Liberal group, KoLiber, MP Jakub Kulesza stated: “What is happening in Australia cannot be called democratic. Australia has contracted COVID madness. Australian police oppress, harass and attack peaceful citizens depriving them of their fundamental freedoms.”

He asserted that “continued heavy lockdowns were totalitarianism,” arguing that “these drastic measures have led to record increases in infections, showing that drastic restrictions do not make sense.”

2 thoughts on “Polish MPs Blast Australian Governments for Breaches of Human Rights

  1. Great action 😎

    BREAKING – Pfizer stand accused of experimenting on orphan babies to test their #COVID19 vaccine
    Pfizer seems to be operating outside legal boundaries.🤔

    USA – “Go for the Whites first and blow dart the African-Americans later!”
    FDA Official “We need a Nazi Germany registration for unvaccinated people!”
    Project Veritas exposing #COVID19 #vaccination
    https://t.co/KJfjSz1KXz video 😱 https://t.co/xEbHUmRoEM

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