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PRESSTITUTE ALERT: Just when you thought anti-vaxxers couldn’t get more stupid


Anti-vaxxers have a special seat reserved for them at hell’s dinner table, right next to Holocaust deniers and those who think 9/11 was an inside job.

Note: More ridiculous nonsense & insults from the Murdoch Media Presstitutes, how low can these columnists go? As usual, not one shred of credible information or common sense on offer here.

It’s January 2016 and the Federal Government’s No Jab No Pay legislation, designed to hit loonies in the hippy pocket where it hurts, is now in effect.

The law strips rebates, childcare benefits and a handful of tax supplements from parents who refuse to immunise their kids.

But incredibly those “parents” who — in the face of all proven science refuse to vaccinate their own flesh and blood — have developed a sinister new tactic to push their farcical agenda.

In their day-to-day dealings, their innocent but unvaccinated kids are mixing with ours.

And we are none the wiser because a growing number of deluded vaccine haters in this country are keeping their fanaticism a secret.

New research by Western Australian Edith Cowan University reveals that these anti-vaxxers who once defaced posters in doctor’s surgeries and publicly hounded us “brainwashed” mums and dads are, in fact, wounded by the criticism.

Poor lambs. So rather than boasting, some are fuelling a public health risk by lying or refusing to comment when asked if their children have been inoculated against measles, mumps, rubella, polio and whooping cough — all of which are meant to be eradicated from Australian society.

In other words, vaccine-preventable.

So much so that Dr Bronwyn Harman, university lead researcher, says: “It really does frighten me a lot of people coming into contact with those women and children aren’t disclosing their status out of fear of being perceived as bad parents.”

And our Australian Medical Association VP Dr Stephen Parnis who told journalists: “These groups are resistant to science and think they know better than the medical and scientific communities.

“There is a risk irrespective of whether they disclose it or not. But that risk could be amplified if they gain access to places where they shouldn’t on the basis of not telling the truth.”

Like a school or day care centre.

 d9da23e34e3d3b65c6e3c40f6c26646dThe anti-vaxxers preach that if their kids eat right, their healthy bodies will fight off any disease. In other words, to hell with everyone else’s children and the risks they will be exposed to.

The anti-vaxxers preach that they deserve the right to decide, as long as all parents make the decision the anti-vaxxers want. They are our contemporary medical terrorists.

To refuse to vaccinate, they preach, is to err on the side of caution. Absolute rubbish — you are erring on the side of caution if you do allow a nurse or doctor to put the needle in your son or daughter’s arm, considering how many deaths this prevents.

There is no logic — what parent would refuse to protect their child from a disease that could kill them?

It’s not even a debate although zealots keep it on the boil because the rest of us are obviously complicit in a plan to make pharma giants richer.

And there’s no proven link between vaccines and autism. No researcher has found it.

The World Health Organisation, Centre for Disease Control and many others say no. UK “expert” Dr Andrew Wakefield was globally discredited for casually connecting the dots in 1998 between the standard MMR vaccine and the neurobehavioral disorder.

In 2010 his work was retracted, in part because it was funded by parents taking legal action against vaccine manufacturers but also because he fabricated huge chunks of research.

Since then Hollywood actress Jenny McCarthy (dumb) and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (dumber) have jumped on the bandwagon, the latter spectacularly because he needs controversy and airtime to stay relevant.

God help you if you speak up in favour of vaccines. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg did and now he’s in the firing line.

Zuckerberg — whose wife, Priscilla Chan, is a doctor — had the anti-vaxxers foaming at the mouth a few days ago after posting a photo of himself with daughter Max and the tagline: “Doctor’s visit — time for vaccines!”

But the anti-vaxxers are on a road to nowhere. They’re doomed. It’s time to wave white flag.

For anti-vaxxers, it’s now ego as well as stupidity in an ideological battle, which is an utter travesty to the whole ethos of being a parent. And being a new, silent risk to us and our children is their greatest crime of all.

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1 thought on “PRESSTITUTE ALERT: Just when you thought anti-vaxxers couldn’t get more stupid

  1. “Anti-vaxxers have a special seat reserved for them at hell’s dinner table, right next to Holocaust deniers”
    Straight outa the Talmud!……. the Jew-boys luv to promote this crap!
    Did you know that your judiciary is controlled by Talmudic Law…… yes, it’s noted as ‘The Law’.
    What ever happened to our ‘Common Law’ the law of nature?……. Gus

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