October 2, 2023

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Privacy Will Be Eliminated By Augmented Reality Within 10 Years

By Joe Joseph

Augmented reality will soon hit the streets. When it does, it will change the way we live forever.

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Source: In 10 Years, Your iPhone Won’t Be a Phone Anymore

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Source: https://www.activistpost.com/2017/06/privacy-eliminated-10-years-augmented-reality.html

3 thoughts on “Privacy Will Be Eliminated By Augmented Reality Within 10 Years

  1. Tshirts that change color – wow!

    Q:- but how much will it cost to buy 1 Tshirt ……. ’cause we only will be able to buy 1 Chameleon Tshirt – “Just the one please” – “how much was that?” – “your kidding” – “it’s stitched with golden thread then”

    We of the Western world are – for the most part UN-EMPLOYED – therefore we are screwed.

    The governments of all Western nations: –
    Germany … in fact the 28 member nations of the European Union
    Our beloved nation Australia

    GAVE AWAY OUR MANUFACTURING JOBS TO …….. the Asia Pacific Region.
    Tshirts made for $1 per thousand lots.
    Cheap & Nasty
    Brands like BONDS went offshore to make more money.

    I have authentic Australian Made – men’s BONDS Tshirts which I wore with my denim overalls – they’ll be worth a fortune some day.

    We do not have the money to buy such fancy goodies.

    1. It will be a freebie:
      Crickey! …. that day will never come.
      Come pay day & they’re all over us like a chronic rash.

      Rule of Thumb –
      The Political Arena.
      Our overlords are loathed to spend monies on infrastructure .. mate.

      p.s. shit! – it looks like Our Malcolm will bite the dust at the next federal election – hey!
      What did he do wrong!

  2. Discrimination against older workers will cut economic growth & strain resources, institute warns.

    The nation is at risk of a pension crisis unless employers stop their \”discrimination\” against older workers, advocated of regional Australia have warned.
    The Regional Australian Institute (RAI) has warned the Federal Government\’s pension bill will rise from $45 billion to $51 billion within 3 years ………..
    ABCNEWS: 17 / 10 / 2017.

    * Election 2016 ad track: How much are the party\’s spending.
    Liberal party – $6.078556
    Labor party – $4.715.817
    Greens party – $492.304
    * Federal government spends record amount on digital advertising.
    Figures published by the Department of Finance in December showed total government advertising spending for major campaigns cost TAXPAYERS
    – $174.700.000 in 2015-2016 – the highest level since 2007-2008 & up nearly – $70.00.000 – from the previous year.
    Election 2016: Turnbull government spends $5.000.000 on new advertising campaign targeting travelers……. for what it\’s calling \”Phase IV\”of Smartraveller.
    * Turnbull government to spend $28 to advertise it\’s innovation agenda.
    The Turnbull government has revealed it has earmarked $28.000.000 to advertise it\’s innovation agenda, after confirming it is planning an $18.000.000 campaign to promote it\’s infrastructure spending.
    * Will Turnbull stop spending?
    This kind of reckless spending must stop.
    # December 1 2015.
    Malcolm Turnbull has promised to spend at least $ helping vulnerable nations cope with climate change …
    # December 8.
    Federal government will spend $ in the next 4 years to promote business-based research, development & innovation.
    # December 20.
    The Turnbull government will invest more than $ to give all Australians with Hepatitis C breakthrough cure ….
    # January 6, 2016.
    The Turnbull government will spend $28.000.000 on a tax-payer funded advertising blitz to spruik it\’s innovation agenda & trigger a \”cultural shift\” in the economy.
    # March 23.
    Malcolm Turnbull has announced a $ clean energy fund, saying it is a vital part of his plan to boost innovation & create jobs beyond the mining boom.
    # April 1.
    Mr. Turnbull offered the states & territories an extra $2.900.000.000 for health over the next 3 years to June 2020.
    You realize this is all borrowed money, don\’t you? …. To be repayed with interest.
    The budget is expected to post a $ deficit & isn\’t scheduled to return to surplus until at least 2021.

    * Public-service pension blows out to $ August 26, 2016.
    Large pay rises given to senior bureaucrats have seen the cost of public-service pension schemes blow out by $
    Newscorp reports the nation\’s superannuation liability has now reached under $
    This comes at a time when the Turnbull government is looking to impose new tax\’s on ordinary Australian\’s.

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