November 30, 2023

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Raw And Uncut: Inside Australia’s live, Long-Haul Animal Exports

Days after a whistleblower exposed the extreme suffering of sheep on-board live export ships … new footage reveals what happens to the animals who survive. ACT NOW:
 This footage exposes an industry acting unlawfully. It reveals what millions of gentle animals have endured for decades, in secret.
And with it — a chance to end the cruelty.



3 thoughts on “Raw And Uncut: Inside Australia’s live, Long-Haul Animal Exports

  1. Video No:1 – It is unfortunate that there is no time & date attached to this video to document the deterioration of these sheep.
    We see animals dying & dead, fecal material, all of which cause disease, but have no idea of the timeline – which is important – this did not happen within the 6.22 minutes of the film footage.
    If you kept a dog or cat in these conditions you would be prosecuted for animal cruelty.

    Then divide it by the sheep that arrive at their destination alive.
    To know exactly how much each sheep actually costs.

    Who is paying the transport costs.
    Are the costs for transporting live sheep paid for by the companies that are involved.
    Or are the transport costs TAX DEDUCTIBLE.
    In which countries are the transport costs TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

    In Australia I Bet.

  3. We are the CHUMPS picking up the TAB for the Live Sheep Transport Industry.
    Australian Politicians see The Public Purse as their own personal vault of FREE MONEY.
    To Splurge As They Wish.
    And We The People of Australia Let Them.

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