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RAW CACAO TERROR IN OZ: Sydney Council Ban Raw Cacao Dance Party

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 Nothing Is More Dangerous To The Health Of Our Children & The Community Than A Raw Cacao Party. Shoving Hundreds of Toxic & Potentially Lethal Vaccines Into Children Is Fine But A Raw Cacao Party? That’s Terrorism In Australia. I Really Do Hope That This Disgusting & Pathetic Attack On Freedom Of Speech In Australia Makes It’s Way To The Rest Of The World To Show How Bad Things Really Are In This Country.

The Cowardly Troll Army Have Suffocated Free Speech Again With The Full Support Of Their Media & Government Buddies. What a Sad Display This Is & It Seems As a Nation We Are Heading Back Into The Dark Ages With Most Of The Zombie Public being Happy & Content In Doing So. 

 it’s in your face Tyranny & what are we, North Korea? There may have been the slightest risk that vaccines were going to be mentioned & the Mafia council who think they are above the law step in. When did Sydney council get these kinds of powers to simply shut down freedom of speech & A Cacao dance party, it’s crazy. This very clearly shows how desperate the system is in stopping any or all negative talk about vaccines as the truth in regards to vaccines is nothing short of shocking.

If Wolfe has upset Big Pharma then that’s going straight through to the media, council & even government so who really governs us? It will not be long before we are living in a country with absolutely no rights over our bodies or our children’s & will simply be the property of bIg pharma. What’s even more frightening is this is exactly what most Australian’s want.

Inner West Council smashes weekend event hosted by anti-childhood vaccination advocate David “Avocado” Wolfe

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