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Real News Australia was founded in 2012 and is Australia’s leading alternative news site featuring; open source journalism, current news articles that actually matter, opinionated editorials, shared news items from Australia and around the world, documentary films & video clips. We are dedicated to talking about real issues, health news, world events, political events and deciphering the main stream media garbage in order to break the cycle of propaganda. Remember: “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations.” – George Orwell. Please share anything you feel is worth sharing and subscribe to our emails.

This site is dedicated to:

  • Sharing content from other news sites
  • Sharing content from alternative news sites
  • Sharing YouTube clips/Documentaries
  • Personal experiences
  • Australian news
  • International news
  • Health news
  • Weather news
  • My own written articles
  • Analysis & commentary of mainstream media “news”.
  • Most importantly getting people to challenge and question what they see on TV, read in newspapers & listen to on the radio and offering an alternative view on how things are portrayed to us.

Please feel free to comment and share widely. Much love.

If you have news tips or news items you feel must be covered please contact me at:

Lee ‘General’ Maddox

2 thoughts on “Real News Australia With Lee Maddox

  1. Thanks Adam. Your work is greatly appreciated and one of the few sites I now regularly view, as I believe 90 – 95% of so called alt-news are limited hangouts or mind manipulation intentionally or unintentionally, the result is the same. I believe it is a spiritual war and has been for eternity. By the way, spiritualism and religion are not related other than religion destroys spirituality.
    Fear based mind control which defies logical thought. Thanks again.
    “Your thoughts are not your own”, if they were would we be where we are? The spirit needs to be called upon to clear and guide the mind.

    1. Thanks so much for checking in & really happy to know you enjoy the content. I am on a learning journey so just trying to figure out what the hell is going on but always great to have like minded people plugged in as we need to stick together through all of this.

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