RED ALERT! The Tyranny is Ramping Up in Australia


Hey guys! MillennialMikey here and….We Need 2 Talk!

This is a call-to-action to not only Australians, but to ALL freedom-loving people.

There has been a bill that has unanimously passed Australia’s House that allows force to be used on the Australian citizens by the Australian military with no restrictions.

You can view the original video below and you can click HERE to read the protest letter to the Australian Senate as well as what is included in this tyrannical bill:

2 thoughts on “RED ALERT! The Tyranny is Ramping Up in Australia

  1. More and more it is becoming very obvious that our Government and Mainstream Media are Australia’s enemy number one behind our gates!
    Thank the heavens for people like MillenialMikey who do the hard research on these treasonous criminals.

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