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Remember who voted for your rights today… and who did not.


One Nation’s vaccine mandate bill has just been rejected by the Senate, despite five government senators crossing the floor.

Liberals Alex AnticGerard Rennick and Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, National Matt Canavan, and Country Liberal Sam McMahon voted for the One Nation bill, while the rest of the government, Labor, Greens and crossbench voted against.

In one final twist – Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts were unable to vote for their own bill, because they are still in Queensland, attending parliament remotely.

Hanson asked for leave to be granted to record that they were in support – and president Slade Brockman denied her that leave.

Government leader in the Senate, Simon Birmingham, then explained that during remote participation senators can state their voting intention so it is recorded in Hansard but “it doesn’t change the tally … there is no process to change the tally of votes”.

So in the end all Hanson got was a line or two in Hansard.

Award for most unhinged goes to Jacquie Lambie

“Having the freedom to choose isn’t the same as having the freedom to avoid the consequences of that choice.

You have freedom to make a choice. But if you make a choice, those choices have consequences”

Jacqui Lambie voted for the segregation and discrimination of Australians who want freedom of choice.

Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie made a series of bizarre threats toward unvaccinated Australians during a recent interview on Sky News Australia.

You put others before ourselves. You can decide not to choose those checks, no one is forcing you, but if you don’t do them, you can’t work where you want to work, it is as simple as that. That is the way it is.

If you want to work as a cabbie, you need to licence to drive a cab, people without a licence are not being discriminated against.

If you want to work in aged care, you need to have a flu vaccine, that has always been in place since before Covid-19 was even a twinkle in a Chinese bat’s eye for goodness sake, that is the way it is.

People have a right to choose, but you don’t have right to put vulnerable people’s lives at risk.”She also accuses One Nation of using the bill as a “fundraising exercise”.

The problem is politicians like senator Hanson and senator Roberts are using people’s fear to boost their own election campaigns, and they are using fear to make money and that’s what this is about from One Nation.

It’s all about cash, it’s all about power, it’s all about One Nation seats, and that is all this is”

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2 thoughts on “Remember who voted for your rights today… and who did not.

  1. Senator Jacquie Lambie Launches shocking attack against Unvaccinated Australians – why did she change into a VICIOUS VACCINE EXTREMIST NOW ?
    How dare Senator Jacquie Lambie et al destroy our civil rights, medical rights, human rights and our rights to choose what is or is not put or injected into our bodies (the Government has policies to educate people that you need permission from a partner for kissing or sex etc., and the Australian Government TV advertisement UNMUTE TO STOP BULLYING, WELL WE THE AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE ARE TELLING YOU THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT AND ALL YOUR TYRANTS TO CEASE AND DESIST ALL BULLYING/COERCION/FORCING/MANDATING AND END ALL MANDATES NOW !) yet here you are taking total control of our bodies — you’ve got the wrong end of the stick twisted sister – your ignorance is simply dangerous to humanity and your behaviour is utterly atrocious and disturbing like all the Australian Political Tyrants. I think you had best leave politics now ditto to all the rest of the putrid tyrants – their political days are numbered – by destroying our civil rights, medical rights and human rights i.e. the total annihilation of our democracies, you have awoken a sleeping beast who will not tolerate your bloody governMENTAL and medical et al tyrants controlling every aspect of our lives and even our bodies – you all must be bloody insane !!
    I remember some years ago seeing Miss Lambie on the TV once where she was being interviewed about dating and I remember cringing with embarrassment when she as a Politician representing the people of Australia said on national television about the bloke she wants ‘needs to have a good package between his legs’.
    Well Jacquie Lambie we wish you all the best for that and good luck to you, but you stay the hell away from all Australians who refuse to be forcibly injected with a proven damaging and dangerous experimental ‘vaccine’ with extremely dangerous nano material – and you can you bet your life that all hell is going to break loose.
    Australian Politics leads the way into the depths of political sewerage pits.

    WHO got to Jacquie Lambie? She has lost the plot – why did the ‘worm turn’ into a vicious vaccine extremist ?
    SEP 15, 2021
    Posted by Editor,
    Threatening > Australian/Tasmanian Senator Jacquie Lambie outlines the concept of freedom of choice in a democratic nation – she says to the unvaccinated we’re going to be coming at you lock stock and barrel – we’re going to get more agitated and more hard core – you anti-vaxxers out there are really going to feel the heat.
    Listen to this Australian Politician disgusting – but see posting hereunder – why did the worm turn against the people?
    Did you know our Commonwealth Constitution of Australia which to the disappointment of the multitude of political quislings is still in force? This prevents forced vaccination.
    You have placed yourself into the echelon of elites of the NWO that Dr Kerry Chant and others refer to and we can no longer help you.
    Source >

    Dr Brendan Murphy tells Senator Jacquie Lambie not to warn the public about the adverse effects of Covid vax
    JUN 30, 2021
    Posted by Editor,
    Letter to the Editor
    Former Chief Medical Officer, Dr Brendan Murphy, tells super star Senator Jacquie Lambie to keep quiet about vaccine effects (he picked on the wrong girl). (this was before the worm turned into a vicious vaccination extremist)
    The video link below of a senate committee hearing with the recently appointed Secretary of the Department of Health, Dr Brendan Murphy, warning senators to not tell the public about their own vaccine adverse effects cover-up and that the vaccine kills people and they have no recourse from it because the government granted big pharma immunity from prosecution and compensation payouts!
    June 20, 2021:
    Australia’s medicine regulator TGA has never seen Pfizer Covid Vaccine study data despite deeming it safe for Australians.
    A freedom of information request made to Australia’s drug regulator has revealed they have never seen the extremely limited study data for the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine despite giving it emergency approval and deeming it safe to be injected into the bodies of Australians.
    Do you want to line up like ducks at a shooting gallery for your Covid shot?

    In this video Senator Jacquie Lambie says she won’t lie to the people

    BOOM !! SAS Lieutenant Colonel Riccardo Bosi Demonstrating Leadership Australia – Morrison Look And Weep!!
    November 21, 2021

    Senate Speech: Pauline Hanson Calls for an End to Mandatory Jabs

    ALL AUSTRALIAN AND GLOBAL GOVERNMENTS/MEDICAL/PHARMA/MAINSTREAM MEDIA COVID et al DICTATORS/TYRANTS BE WARNED – You would be most wise to abandon NOW all these heinous crimes against humanity globally.
    DAVID COLE Australian aboriginal elder = global plea for help

    This attorney got a response from US Government saying nobody who is unvaccinated and had Covid > recovered > has spread Covid after recovery.

    Freedom of Information Requests: Health/ Science Institutions Worldwide “Have No Record” of SARS-COV-2 Isolation/Purification

    Humanity held hostage by the New World Order – some of the dangerous and deadly effects of the vaccines


    Here’s How They Rolled Out The Covid Tyranny Nation By Nation So Quickly

    FAUCI’S MAIN WEAPON TO COERCE TAKING THE DEADLY COVID JABS GLOBAL PSYOP: Here’s the crux of the “COVID CON” stealthily carried out to lock down planet Earth FOREVER!
    Open Letter to All County Sheriffs >
    Watch video >

    From 2014 Warning on Graphene Oxide ( WHICH IS IN THE COVID mRNA VACCINES)
    Wonder-material graphene could be dangerous to humans and the environment

    Health Minister Hunt’s family involvement in graphene and vaccines
    The Crazz Files August 19, 2021

    Black sheep Mesiti exposes the woke Rev. Costello’s “social justice by vaccination” crusade (Peter Costello’s Brother)

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