December 5, 2023

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2 thoughts on “Rob D’s World View 3/6/18

  1. Scary stuff when Man plays God.
    The problem now is that Mans ego has evolved at a far greater than his brain.
    He has now replaced God, or Nature, and is in D.I.Y mode.
    Another of his visions is population reduction and it seems that he, Madman, would be happy at around 500 million bums on seats.
    That’s some haircut with a reduction of, approximately, 93 percent.
    What do you feel about that percentage. Are you in the 7 percent allowed to live? The odds are not for a betting man!
    How do you reckon Madman can achieve this massive population reduction?
    Well, as he has taken Gods seat it seems quaint that he should bring forth this culling from the heavens. The almighty has done that himself once or twice already.
    You decide if your brain has evolved?

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