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Sacrificial Virgins Tour Australia

I am proud to be a part of the upcoming Sacrificial Virgins tour in August along with the AVN. Sacrificial Virgins is a mini-documentary discussing issues and injuries from the controversial HPV vaccine. A must come to the event!

2nd August Sunshine Coast

5th August South Sydney

6th August North Sydney

7th August Melbourne

9th August Northern Rivers

11th August Gold Coast

12th August Brisbane

After the documentary there is a Q & A where a number of worldwide experts have been to attend via Skype and in person. As we get closer to the time of the actual film, we will be able to confirm who will be attending each screening, but the list of those invited is below:

Joan Shenton, Producer of Sacrificial Virgins, BBC Journalist and founder of Meditel Productions.
Dr Christian Fiala – Founder and Medical Director of the Gynmed Clinic, Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Professor Christopher Exley, Specialist in Inorganic Chemistry – Keele University
Professor Chris Shaw – Graduate Program of Neuroscience, University of British Columbia
Freda Birrell – AHVID – Association of HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters
Steve Hinks – AHVID – Association of HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters
Norma Erickson – President of SaneVax Inc
Helen Lobato – Author of Gardasil – fast-tracked and flawed
Elizabeth Hart –
Stephen Tunley – Director Sanevax, Australia
Miss Masumi Minaguchi – Medwatcher, Japan regarding the current class action against Gardasil in Japan
Monica Leon del Rio – regarding the current class action against Gardasil in Columbia

See you there!

7 thoughts on “Sacrificial Virgins Tour Australia

  1. East West Link vs North East Link.
    New schools promised.
    New tram route for South East.
    More Judges for clogged courts in Victoria.
    & a rumor that St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne site earmarked for redevelopment ??

    1. Maps – satellite view of REAL ESTATE held by St Vincent’s Hospital = cnr Nicholson St & Victoria Pde, all the way down to Napier St to Gertrude St.
      A hotchpotch of facilities all old & past their used by date – sitting on the ultimate of prime real estate, in the very heart of the city, that should house multi story buildings.
      As is, St Vincent’s Hospital is a waste of valuable & much sought after space.
      Going, going, gone.

      1. Money Lending is a most wonderous caper – it is said that ‘even’ St Paul’s Cathedral, cnr Flinders St & Swanson St is not owned by the church anymore – ??

        1. We have no idea who owns all this real estate – the private hospitals in East Melbourne = St Vincents & Mercy Grey St – St Francis around the next corner.
          The Mercy that was in Clarendon St – what is it now – derelict ??

  2. Can you please send me deets of sac virgins Melbourne. I dont use facebook. And I’m surprised you guys rely on it so heavily. Cheers

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