November 30, 2023

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School children to undergo secret sex education lessons: “bootie calls”, “friends with benefits”, and “one night stands.”

Crazz Files Note: Unfortunately, the Australian public were duped by the yes vote & in reality this is what they voted yes for. The yes vote was never about gay couples in love who wish to marry & iv alway’s said that this was simply used as a front to con uneducated & gullible people. We as a society have unlocked our children’s windows to extremely perverted & monstrous entities who have been dwelling in the shadows of our lives.


Western Australia imports extreme anti-masculinity ‘Respectful Relationships’ material from Victoria.

The $1-million program teaches kids to reject gender roles in fairy tales, embrace same-sex parenting, and reject ‘gender bias’ phrases such as “good morning, princess”, “boys don’t cry” and “girls can’t play with trucks”.

The deceptively named ‘Respectful Relationships‘ program was announced during the holidays to keep parents unaware of plans to sexualise and degender OUR kids.

The Labor spokesman was unwilling to reveal the exact content, nor which content providers were getting the $1-million in funding, nor which schools would even use the program.

This is NOT in the domain of principals and teachers to SECRETLY decide in place of parents on the sexual moral values of OUR children.

According to Perth Now: “One of the online lesson plans, aimed at Year 3 children, requires teachers to provide pupils with a range of dress-up clothes and toys to allow them to ‘explore different roles and ethnic dress’.

“A Year 9 resource suggests teachers asks groups of students to decide whether they regard various activities — including sexting, rubbing nipples, touching genitals and anal sex – as ‘sex’ or ‘not sex’.”

Furthermore, teachers will discuss with Year 9 students “the different types of sexual relationships, such as ‘going out together’, ‘hooking up’, ‘bootie call’, ‘friends with benefits’ and ‘one night stand’.” And, “have students write down an estimate of what percentage of their peer group they think have experienced some form of sex.”

So, what will kids learn and when will the lessons be given?

Here is the Victorian program in 20161 on which the WA program is being modeled2 by WA education chiefs and Our Watch, a feminist organisation that claims domestic violence is only the fault of men.


  • Challenging male and female labels by saying that girls can be firefighters and boys receptionists
  • Reading materials to reflect diverse families, including And Tango Makes Three about two gay penguins who adopt a baby penguin

Years 1-2

  • Games to teach that some kids have two mums or dads
  • Encourage children that whether male or female, you can play football, be a doctor or stay home to look after kids

Years 3-4

  • Understanding the difference between sex and gender
  • Looking at gender norms and stereotypes
  • Examining the effects of gender-based violence

Years 5-6

  • Gender identity and whether gender is “born or made”
  • Learning the difference between same-sex attracted, heterosexual and transgender
  • Taught about power and division between men and women, including unequal pay

Years 7-8

  • Class videos giving sexual advice, including when is the right time for sex
  • Dangers of porn and sexting

Years 9-10

  • Learning about gender, power, violence and respect

Years 11-12

  • Introduced to terms such as gender fluid, pansexual, cisgender and transsexual



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