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Scientists call for mass vaccination of poultry birds to ‘stop H5N1’



Scientists say they want to roll out a new pultry vaccine for the bird flu amidst ‘concerns’ over H5N1.

H5N1 is reported to be spreading across every continent, except for Australia and Antarctica so far, sparking calls for birds to be vaccinated amid ‘fears it could soon find a way to jump to humans‘.

Ian Barr, the Deputy Director of the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) ‘Collaborating Centre for Reference and Research on Influenza’, which has sounded the alarm on the extent of the virus’ reach.

“We know the virus is extremely widespread in the Northern Hemisphere and is now starting to move into South America, which it’s never done before,” the centre says.

The European Union and the Biden regime in the U.S. to consider implementing new avian vaccines.

‘Experts’ say that, based on the current ‘spread’, Australia could be next in the firing line.

And if it does, we now know our authorities would follow suit.

According to the Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry:

“We encourage countries currently experiencing significant losses of poultry due to HPAI outbreaks to take up vaccination.”

Now, immediately you may not see a problem with this.

Many animals are routinely vaccinated in Australia.

However, one vaccination that is not allowed in Australia at present are poultry bird flu jabs:

This is due to fears it may impact trade with ‘further passing on of the virus unwittingly’.

The “tide is turning”?

Why all of a sudden the recent ‘change in perspective’?

Remember, vaccines are designed to inject the subject with a mimic virus, officially.

Even at that base level, could any potential problems begin to arise if Australia was to start mass vaccination of poultry?

Call me crazy, but something seems pretty fishy here.

Perhaps I would have more faith if the ‘health authorities’ weren’t so hell-bent on a total transformation of our food systems.


There have been many ‘strange things’ occurring in our food supply chains for a while now.

Firstly, let’s not forget what happened in Victoria in 2020.

During our lockdown period, Australia’s largest ‘outbreak’ of HPAI virus occurred.

Control and eradication responses were deemed ‘successful’ by February 2021, but it involved considerable cost and losses to the Victorian poultry industry.

This situation involved six farms in three regions across Victoria ‘testing positive’ between 31 July and 25 August, “affecting three species with three different strains of the avian virus”.

Furthermore, let’s also not forget other ‘outbreaks’ that have recently occurred, including in New South Wales where tens of millions of bees have been euthanised in an attempt to control the varroa mite:

Is this all just a ‘coincidence’?

Organisations like the United Nations called for an “overhaul” of world trade systems just months before the ‘pandemic’ was declared.

They have also held meetings throughout the pandemic period on the security of our international food systems, including The Rockefeller Foundation’s ‘Future Reset Forum‘ with the Washington Post.


Could these new ‘viruses’, and the culling and/or vaccination that follows, all be a part of the Great Reset agenda?

You certainly wouldn’t put it past this group of psychopaths.

Our fine poultry can then be replaced with ‘premium’ bug products for all, without the worry.

Problem, reaction, solution.

What do you think?



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