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Senator Raff Ciccone Compares COVID Deaths To A Good Hollywood Blockbuster

By Gus
Hullo Senator Ciccone,
I refer to your article in the Age dated June 16-20. entitles, New COVID-19 restrictions will be needed for anti-vaxxers
Your analogy of current events to a Hollywood movie allow me to suggest that the current events may have been created/directed but acted out by the unwilling. As this would be considered conspiracy theory I will leave it there.
You stated that you are not advocating vaccinating people against their will but for the greater good or safety of Australians you offered this…… “To anti-vaxxers, I have one message: our tolerance for your willful ignorance is over.
We cannot afford, morally or economically, to give any ground to those who choose not to be vaccinated against COVID-19.”
Coming from a government official I object to this type of stand over rhetoric against peoples right to free speech in, what you claim, is a democracy; the greater good for all.
Please inform me Mr Ciccone what gives you the right, as a layperson, to promote a science that has been proven doubtful and not the settled science as claimed by the pharmaceutical corporations aided by the media.
I enter now into the fact that The Pharmaceutical industry donates millions to Australian governments (The Guardian Sept 2018) and I must ask if this liaison has instructed your attack on people who do not wish to be vaccinated.
You are suggesting that people who do not wish to be vaccinated are uninformed rabble who need to be controlled and opinions changed to suit your own.
This fails in my democracy test and suggests Communism which has attached its ideology to the Labor Party. I refer to a book written by a great labor party leader Jack Lang.
Regards….. Gus

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