September 29, 2023

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Exposing the Dark Truth of Our World

Shocking video exposes the pornographic content being pushed on Australian school children.


lesbian activist Dr Kerryn Phelps: Masturbation is a completely normal activity, even for babies as they explore their bodies & discover that touching their genitals feels nice.

“Let me control the textbooks and I will control the state.” This quote has often been attributed to Adolf Hitler. Whether or not he said it is beside the point. As sinister as it sounds, it’s widely held that, “he alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.”

Educating children is an investment, and there are many fighting to invest in your children today in order to further their causes tomorrow. So, what are we allowing them to put into their textbooks? What sort of state, what sort of future, are we allowing them to create? And what are we going to do about it?

The following video reveals just some of the sexually explicit content being pushed on young Australian school children today, courtesy of Australia’s newest politician lesbian activist Dr Kerryn Phelps.

WARNING: Some coarse language.


10 thoughts on “Shocking video exposes the pornographic content being pushed on Australian school children.

  1. “Hi honey, I’m home,”
    “How was your day, did you get the Dodson contract sewn up?”
    “Yes & no, they are a bit finicky about the little extras.”
    “Where’s the little guy?”
    “Hey champ, daddy’s home, you wanna throw a few balls before dinner?”
    “Shhhhh, he’s in his room, didn’t you notice the Do Not Disturb sign on the door.”
    “No what’s going on?”
    “The school put on a How To Enjoy Your Body demonstration class at school – he’s practicing.”
    “You mean he’s practicing masturbation?”
    “Shhhhh, not so loud & don’t let on we know, okay, the school sent a note home to say it might destroy his confidence if we make a fuss.”
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    Exactly where did Kerryn Phelps come from – ??
    That she is now a prominent leader in child psychology & development.
    Michael Wooldridge publically claims that she had no specialist medical qualifications & later apologized.
    But as I read about her Professional Life on Wikipedia – it seems that her specialist expertise comes from he training as a GP & the active roles she played in bringing community health to Australians via media outlets.

    1. I went to a sex lecture years ago. Most informative. Up on stage the lecturer started ‘ There are exactly one hundred positions for having intercourse.’ FROM UP THE BACK ROW, A VOICE ‘One hundred and one.’ The lecturer ignores this. First there is the position where the woman lays on her back, spreads her legs and the man mounts her’. From the back row ‘One hundred and two’.

  2. I was wondering what Matthew Guy & his mob were thinking about the GenderBender scenario.

    Interesting Article:
    The Age – 14 April 2018 – Guy under pressure to allow gay conversion therapy for kids.

    I cannot see Daniel Andrews as Premier after the next State election.
    And not because of the GenderBender issue.
    1st there is his disturbing – greater than anything love affair with TRANSURBAN.
    Then there is the law & order & failure to support POLICE.

    1. I’ll be surprised if he is too….I really hope he isn’t as he is a supporter of Killary Clinton. We need him OUT!!

  3. In watching the video again –
    Regarding the article by Dowsett – Boiled Lollies & Bandaids – Gay Men & Kids.

    Parents who – SECRETLY – include their children in their sexual practice at home have a lot to worry about with the Safe Schools program.
    There is nothing to stop a child – made confident by this program – to say in class in front of everyone –
    \”My mother & father both include me in their sexual love making.
    Mummy puts my willy in her mouth as daddy puts something in my bottom.\”
    I wonder parents who share their sexual pleasure with their kids will be happy to have their child say something like this in PUBLIC ??
    Because that is were we are headed.

    1. Shouldn’t we want a child to speak out about these things? Involving a child in sexual relationships is hardly an appropriate parental behaviour

  4. To say … let us hope … is not necessary.
    The questionnaire asking young teen about their sexual experiences WILL give confidence to many children … because that is what they are … CHILDREN … to “tell”.
    Children who are sexually abused by & even parents (I have a book somewhere – about incest in the UK – I will find it & put up some data – I had no idea this happened to the extent that it does) are told things like “mummy & daddy will die if you tell” “the police will take you away” & worse.
    But with a new found confidence that this ‘program’ will bring – perpetrators should be terrified.

  5. This is a joke on Australian’s. On our children & there future.
    WTF is the world becoming ??
    These barstards need eradicating.
    There are people whom aren’t afraid to tear you & your text books up & burn what’s left. There’s a change within the world of how people think & feel. The shift in the realisation of a consciousness that’s way higher than you would like us to know will rid the world of these evil barstards.
    Innocent children lives are at risk. This brainwashing idea of education is coming to an end. Pedophiles in charge of the safe schools program. I will warn every child I can. Kids need to learn how to listen to there intuition. How to be kind and how to say no to teachers adults and alike. Authority is just a form of control. There is no power without that control. To all the children everywhere, stand up & fight for your right to tell these idiots to f*#k off.

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